Thursday, September 28, 2017

Will Love Prevail - Chapter 31

Chapter 31

The following days were slow and Chiara and Mark didn’t do much, they didn’t really leave the house unless when they had to.

Chiara had convinced Mark to drive again though and they made it to the grocery store and also made it out to eat a few times. When he was driving, he seemed tense and nervous and Chiara had to motivate him and encourage him to relax. He didn’t have any more episodes during driving though, which was a good thing.

Chiara had to go by the Department of Motor Vehicles and get a copy of her driver’s license. She told them that she had lost her license but really, she had no idea where her license was last.

Trey had kept all those things away from her and that was also a reason why she had not driven in such a long time. Trey had always made sure she was depending on him twenty-four seven. He had kept her bound to him in every way possible. Chiara had eaten only when Trey let her and only what Trey let her eat, he had never let her drive anymore, he had kept all her official papers hidden away from her, he had bought the clothes he wanted her to wear, he had kept track of her time, he had even kept track of her menstrual periods and usually was angry when that happened because then he couldn’t send her out to the streets. Chiara had been without any rights for so long, it was still strange to her to have control of certain things in her life.

Even if she wanted to start driving though, she couldn’t start practicing before her cast would come off.

That’s why Mark really didn’t have a choice than to drive. Chiara was relieved when he drove and it all was going well; she didn’t like the idea that Mark would give up this very important part of his independence and she hoped that maybe he would change his mind and keep driving. She was fully willing to be his passenger at all times and make sure nothing would happen.

One of the days they made it to the T-Mobile store and Mark bought Chiara a cell phone. She had somewhat fought him on it, because it seemed such a big purchase and she felt like it wasn’t right to make him buy this for her. She didn’t have any income though and with that was depending on Mark’s generosity. He assured her over and over that it was okay but it was still difficult for her to accept this from him. Mark was even a bit frustrated letting her know to not worry about it but that he wanted her to have a cellphone and that was that. When she realized his annoyance with her arguing on it, she dropped the subject.

It was the end of April on a Friday when Chiara finally sat in the doctor’s office and was waiting to get her cast removed. Mark was parked with his TiLite next to her as she sat on the chair waiting for an orthopedic technician to come in and saw the cast off her leg.

Mark looked at her, “Are you excited?”
“I am excited and can’t wait to wear jeans and leggings and not only shorts and skirts.”
She knocked on the cast, “It’s been long enough.”

Just then it knocked on the door and the technician came in, “Hi there Chiara. My name is Amy and I’ll be getting you rid off this cast today. It shouldn’t take too long.”

Chiara nodded with a smile.
Amy helped Chiara onto the exam table and she prepped everything to saw the cast off. Mark watched and he saw that Chiara was nervous.

He pushed his wheelchair closer to the table and took her hand while Amy explained, “It’ll be a little bit loud with the saw running.”
She set up her equipment next to the table, prepped Chiara’s legs on a pad, and then added, “Don’t be alarmed when you see a difference in size between your legs. You’ve been off this leg for a long time and the cast has been on for what…”
Chiara finished the sentence, “For eight weeks.”
Amy nodded, “Yeah, so you’ll see that the muscles have become weak and you’ll see a difference. I know we fitted you for a brace and you’ll have Physical Therapy starting next week, right?”
“Yes, twice a week.” 
Amy nodded again and handed Chiara and Mark safety goggles, put on goggles herself, slipped into Latex gloves, and grabbed the cast saw, “Okay, so I’ll start now.”

The saw was very loud and it became even louder when it touched the cast and Amy started sawing taking turns on both sides of Chiara’s leg. Mark and Chiara watched interestedly and Amy was focused on the task at hand.

It took a few minutes for the cast to be cut on both sides the full length of Chiara’s leg.

Amy turned the saw off and set it aside, “There we go.”

She then started taking the cast apart, pulling the top from the bottom part. The foam padding was slightly stuck to the cloth sleeve Chiara had over her leg to protect her skin.

Soon she sat there with her naked leg and she did see a big difference right away, her casted leg had become skinny and weak compared to the other leg. It felt a lot lighter though and seeing her leg was strange.

Mark glanced at her naked leg and when Chiara looked at him, he smiled, “Looks almost skinny like both of my legs.”

Amy glanced at him for a second and couldn’t help a smile at Mark’s comment. The skin on Chiara’s leg had red blotches and spots.

Mark now grinned, “Even looks hairy like my legs.”
Chiara now shot her eyes at him and punched him jokingly on his upper arm, “Hey you.”
Amy smiled, “Well, that’s a good reason to give your girlfriend a gift card for a pedi spa day.”
Mark smiled, “I’ll think about it.”

Dr. Miller, the orthopedic came in and talked to Chiara about the brace she was wearing now and how she would still keep the crutches for support but she could put full weight on her foot from now on. Physical Therapy would start the following week on Mondays and Thursdays and she was already shown some exercises she could do at home before then.

Chiara had slipped into some Yoga pants she had brought with her and she was now wearing her Nike running shoes.

When she first stood up, she felt dizzy for a moment and Amy assisted Chiara. Mark looked on with a worried expression. He didn’t like seeing Chiara in this way.

He watched as Amy helped steady Chiara and asked, “Are you okay Chiara?’

Chiara was insecure and felt unsteady with her leg like this.

Amy reminded her, “Use your crutches for support, your leg can’t do it by itself yet.”
Chiara held on to her crutches tightly and her foot was not all the way on the ground, but Amy instructed, “Put your foot all the way down.”
Amy added, “Also remember that your leg is not broken anymore, the bones are healed and fused together again and they are strong even though it doesn’t seem like it right now. But you can put the weight on your leg.”

Mark watched as Chiara struggled to put her foot all the way down. She was breathing somewhat quickly, nervous and anxious at the situation. She had her eyes down on her feet and was trying to get a secure stance.

Mark looked at her and said encouragingly, “You got this Chiara.”
She looked at him from behind her hair falling into her face. Mark was worried as she was swaying slightly but he saw that Amy was on guard and encouraged Chiara again, “All the way Chiara, put your foot down all the way.”
Chiara put her foot all the way down and even though for a moment she still kept her heel up, she then put it down all the way and Amy repeated, “All the way, whole foot on the ground honey.”
When Chiara stood there Amy said, “Now I want you to take some steps. Slow and easy, okay.”

Chiara was breathing quickly now and felt embarrassed at having such a difficult time with this. She glanced at Mark again who sat there with his hands on his push rims, watching every move she made.

Seeing Chiara like this brought back memories for him. It brought back memories of his own situation three years earlier at the VA where he was in Physical Therapy, and he remembered all the moments of despair and wanting to give up because his body just didn’t do anymore what he wanted it to do. He remembered having to do various exercises and sometimes out of frustration throwing himself down or just letting himself fall to the ground, hitting the mats with his fists, cursing, and throwing items around.

He didn’t understand then why he had to learn to sit on a ball or on a chair without anything and why it was so difficult for him to even keep his back straight and balance his position. He didn’t understand what difference it would make if he would stretch his dead legs or how he would have to stand in braces and feel like a complete idiot holding on to the parallel bars but literally not being able to even take one step. And how he would usually leave Physical Therapy frustrated and angry until the very end when it was almost time for him to go home and he realized how far he had actually come from the very first session.

He then realized how much it meant to actually have enough strength to transfer from the ground into his wheelchair or any transfers really. He then realized how important it was for him to try to keep upright somewhat and keep his back straight as good as he could so it wouldn’t curve anymore than what it already did. He realized that having good upper body strength would make his life so much easier because from then on, he could never again rely on his lower body and his legs to help him. He needed all the strength he could get in his arms, shoulders, and chest.

And now he watched Chiara carefully not lifting but merely sliding her feet over the floor. He watched how she swayed and it scared him but Amy was right there behind her. And it also deep inside hurt him because it reminded him of his own disability and he wanted nothing more at that moment than for Chiara to be okay again, to be walking, running, sitting and doing all of it without crutches or anything else. He wanted his girlfriend to be healthy and he wanted her to be confident and stand tall because that was the only way she should be living the rest of her life.

She deserved to walk through life strong and confident because too long she had been held back and imprisoned by people who didn’t care about her.
Mark sat there and watched as she took cautious steps and at the door she turned around and she met his eyes and smiled at him shyly.

He smiled, “You’re doing good Chiara.”
Amy chimed in, “She’s doing great. I know it’s strange to walk without a cast and it takes some getting used to but you’re getting it Chiara. Once you start PT next week, it’ll get so much easier.”
Chiara nodded and nervously replied, “Yeah, I hope so.”

When they finally sat in the car Mark turned to look at her.
Chiara was still slightly embarrassed and Mark assured her, “You did good back there.”
“Yeah right. I know I sucked.”
Mark shrugged his shoulders, “Well, you’ll get a hang of it again. It’s probably weird.”

He tried to think of other encouraging words for her but he really didn’t know what to say.

Instead he looked out front and said, “I’m not really good when it comes to being encouraging about leg stuff. I know for sure my legs suck.”
Chiara looked over at him and she asked softly, “How do you do it really?”
Mark turned and looked at her, “What do you mean?”
Chiara’s eyes were shiny, “Not being able to walk.”
Mark bit his lips and lowered his eyes, then shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know. I don’t have a choice, do I?”

Chiara swallowed and Mark didn’t want to talk about this any further but took her hand, “You got this and you’ll be all right, okay.”
She nodded and remarked softly, “I feel selfish and dumb, making a scene back there and being all scared to move my feet.”
“You’re not selfish or dumb. It’s probably weird when you have been in a cast for so long and then have to walk without it.”
Mark thought about this some more, “When I had a cast, I didn’t feel my legs anymore. Before my injury I never had a cast, so I can’t really imagine what it feels like. But I had some broken bones on top of the SCI, so I did have a cast on my leg for a few weeks but I didn’t feel it.”

Chiara kept her eyes down and Mark said, “Look at me Chiara.”
She slowly moved her eyes up and Mark added, “You got this. You’ll be all right and I’ll be there to support you. Soon you’ll be walking and running like nothing ever happened.”

He now leaned over some more and Chiara leaned over and they kissed.

Chiara was able to take a shower when they got home and at the same time shave her legs and even though it was still strange to see her two different sized legs in front of her in the shower tub she still felt a surge of relief and a lot better after the shower. She didn't put the brace back on at that time but just made her way carefully around the apartment with her crutches and didn't plan on moving a whole lot anymore. 

That night Mark’s friends came over and everyone was happy for Chiara to have her cast off. They ordered Pizza and everyone had a good time. Mark had been feeling okay all day and he was glad about that. It was a rare thing nowadays that he actually made it through a day without a headache. Usually a slight headache always lingered but he tried to take as little pain medication as possible. And only with full blown Migraines he took his prescription medications.

It was difficult for him most days, and the moments when he was pain free for a few hours were rare and sparse. He spent lots of time lying down or even sleeping. He still had problems remembering things but driving had been okay. He used the map app on his phone most times even if he knew how to get to a place. Chiara made sure he was alert and focused when he was driving, but he still talked about her driving his car once her leg was all the way good again.

He didn’t seem to enjoy driving as much anymore. It had become more of an annoying task to get Chiara to where she needed to go or if they had to get things done.

It was difficult for his friends to see him fragile and still sick lots of times. He turned down any invitations to do something with them outside of his home or anyone’s home. He didn’t want to go to bars or the things he used to do with them.

They didn’t push it too much and that night they just enjoyed the company and were catching up on everyone’s news. Mark had one beer but stopped then, he didn’t drink much anymore nowadays. Chiara had a bit more and was feeling good laughing about the guy’s jokes and chatting happily with Jess and also a girl Mitch had brought with him.

Finally, everyone was gone and the apartment was quiet again. Jessica and the other girl had helped clean up before they had left.

Now Chiara was slouching on the couch and smiled contently at Mark.

He pushed his rims and wheeled over to her, smiling at her, “How are you feeling?”
She kept the smile on her face and said dreamily, “I’m feeling awesome when I look at you.”
He laughed softly and she asked, “How are you feeling?”
He nodded, “I actually felt pretty good today. My head didn’t really hurt too much. But who were all those people here tonight?”
Chiara’s smile faded and she sat up alert, “Mark…they were your friends.”
He laughed now and lowered his eyes, “I know that. Did I get you?”
When he looked up Chiara smiled wearily, “You…you shouldn’t joke about that. You scared me.”
“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.”
Chiara smiled now but then said seriously, “You know I always worry about you. Don’t joke about these things.”
Mark’s expression turned serious and he took a breath, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I know you worry but sometimes I just want…I want us to be carefree and not…not worry about stuff. I know most days are kind of bleak, especially when I have bad days.”
He swallowed and added, “I love you Chiara.”

Chiara sat up and now walked over to him and let herself down on his lap, her legs over the side of his wheelchair. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist and they looked at each other.

“I love you Mark.”
Mark smelled the wine on her breath and she now leaned her head on his shoulder and he said softly with his hands on his push rims, “I think we need some carefree time in the bedroom.”
Chiara nodded next to him and while he pushed through the apartment and to the bedroom Chiara kept whispering, “I love you Mark, I love you Mark, I love you Mark.”

She did this all the way to the bedroom.

In the bedroom Mark said softly, “I’ve to use the bathroom.”
Chiara shifted, “So is that my cue to get off your lap?”
He smiled, “Well, you can come with.”

Chiara stayed on his lap and Mark kept on wheeling into the bathroom.

“Well, now you do have to get off.”

Chiara scrambled off his lap. She was feeling the few glasses of wine she had drunk with the women throughout the evening. Her vision was off a bit and she sat on the stool in the bathroom. Mark was by the sink and washed his hands and Chiara wondered when he would tell her to leave out of the bathroom.

He did no such thing and instead pushed his wheelchair right next to the toilet and now pulled out a catheter package and Chiara watched him curiously. He now looked at her and she was expecting he would tell her to give him some privacy but he still didn’t.

Instead he unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans and Chiara sat there and felt her hands tremble. His black boxers became visible and he sat there slightly hunched over looking down to his crotch and pulling open the fly of his jeans some more. Now he glanced up from under his bangs and met Chiara’s nervous eyes. She had not witnessed the whole process like this from the beginning before. Mark now unwrapped the outer foil of the catheter and then slightly bent the catheter and activated the lubrication inside the inner wrap.

He looked over at her, “Wash your hands really good.”

Chiara was surprised at the command because she didn’t know what was going to happen but she obeyed because all the sudden she felt very excited.
She came back to the stool and sat down. Mark was moving the catheter inside the wrapping and the lubrication saturated the tubing.

He handed Chiara the package, “Here you go, hold it.”

She held it with trembling hands and Mark shifted some in his wheelchair and now fiddled with his boxers and was able to pull out his penis. Chiara looked away momentarily but then he looked at her and his eyes flickered and he had a mischievous smile on his face.

“Do you want to do it?”

She didn’t know right away what Mark was talking about and her brain was working a little slower than usually, the wine having affected it.

She asked softly, “Do what?”
Mark looked from the catheter package to his privates, “This!”

Chiara felt her heart beat come quicker and her hands felt sweaty all the sudden.

Mark instructed her, “Just tear it open but don’t touch the tubing with your fingers.”

Chiara swallowed and did as he had asked, the package was open on one end now.

Mark met her eyes again, “Do you want to insert it?”
She nodded and swallowed again and her voice trembled, “Yes, I want to.”
Mark smiled and his voice was gentle, “Come a little closer so you can reach it, but be careful not to touch the tubing.”

Chiara felt like she was part of a secret and very precious process, something very intimate and she felt her heart race and she tried to hold her hand steady.

As she had moved closer, Mark gripped her wrist gently, “Your hand is shaking a lot.”
She could only nod as he guided her hand further down, “Push the end of it out of the package without touching it still. You’re going to insert while I hold it down there.”

Chiara nodded like a little kid.

Carefully she pushed the tubing out some and Mark instructed her some more, “Hold it right there with the paper around it still so you have a good grip pushing it in.”

With shaky hands she held the tip of the tubing and leaned down. Mark held his penis and Chiara found the opening and touched the tip of the tubing with it. She was nervous but she was incredibly excited doing this with Mark.

He guided her hand and then said assuring, “It’s okay…you can just push it in and it shouldn’t have resistance inside there.”

Chiara’s mouth was open and she was fully concentrating on this and Mark watched her face and saw her amazement as she pushed the tubing in.

He touched her wrist softly, “Now just push it in from the wrapper, it’ll slide out of the wrapper and into my…into it. Then let the other end hang over the toilet seat but don’t let it fall into the water.”

She felt like she was adhering to a very delicate task and she didn’t want to do anything wrong.

She swallowed again, “I don’t want to hurt you.”
Mark laughed softly and pushed her hair over her shoulder, “You’re not hurting me but next time I make you wear a hair net because I don’t want your hair hanging into the toilet.”
She slid the tubing all the way in until it didn’t go anymore and Mark said, “That’s as far as it goes.”

The other end was already over the side of the toilet and now the yellow liquid started making its way through the tubing and into the toilet.
Chiara hadn’t looked at him but watched for a moment as the tubing filled with urine and emptied now into the toilet. Mark held his penis in place and kept watching Chiara’s face. She seemed completely mesmerized and he had to smile.

He then said softly in a robotic voice, “Mark to Chiara…are you there?”

Chiara snapped out of her fascination and now she could feel the heat between her thighs and she looked at Mark. Their eyes stayed on each other and he pushed her hair over her shoulder again, it had fallen back over to the front.

He smiled at her and she smiled at him and she swallowed again and said with a scratchy voice, “Mark, thanks…thanks for letting me help you with this.”
He nodded, still smiling, “I thought you would maybe like to do this.”
He saw her chest rise up and down quickly as she was taking deep breaths and she nodded.
“I hope I was right with my assumption.”
And she nodded again, “You were right with your assumption.”
He laughed again, “You actually like this?”
“I love it.”
Mark lowered his eyes and Chiara then said, “I’m so turned on right now.”

He quickly moved his eyes up and for a moment he didn’t know what to say.
Chiara then slid from the stool and was on her knees next to him and she looked up at him and Mark looked down to her. She held herself steady on his leg.

All the sudden Mark was reminded of a moment seemingly ages ago when Chiara was on her knees in front of him and looked up at him as she stroked her hands over his thighs asking him what she could do for him to make his birthday special. 
Chiara’s green eyes were on him longingly, her straight red hair hung down almost to the floor, her soft red lips were full and her mouth was slightly open as she just looked at him from the position below him.
He kept his eyes on her thinking about the night he first met Chiara and how they were outside the bar and how she was on the ground in front of him then, looking up at him with those same longing green eyes.

She now asked softly, “What are you thinking about?”
“Of another time when you were in exactly that same position and I looked into your green eyes for the very first time really.”
Chiara now lowered her eyes and said, “I asked how I can make your birthday special.”
Mark nodded, “Yes, and I was angry because I didn’t understand.”
“And I was dumb because I didn’t know anything about you.”

Mark nodded again and the urine stream finished flowing, leaving the tubing empty.

He now looked from the catheter to Chiara and she smiled, “And look at us now. I know so much more about you now and I’m a complete horny mess for you right now.
Mark laughed softly and he pulled the catheter out, dabbed the tip of his penis but just as he was going to stuff it back into his boxers Chiara stopped his hand, “Let me do it.”

He took a deep breath and let Chiara put his penis back into his underwear.

She then said softly, “You don’t have to zip up anymore.”

Mark didn’t say anything but also didn’t zip up his fly. He turned to wash his hands again.

Chiara flushed the toilet now and then said, “Why don’t you go out to the bed and I’ll be right out.”

Mark nodded and spun his wheelchair around and made his way out of the bathroom. He didn’t close the door and shortly after, he heard Chiara pee and he heard the faucet run in the sink.
He was by the bed now and pulled his shirt over his head.

He sat there for a moment, just thinking about the prior moments. He didn’t even hear Chiara come out of the bathroom and he was startled when all the sudden she kissed his naked shoulder and leaned down from behind him wrapping her arms around him. Only the light from the bathroom shone into the bedroom, casting the frame of the door onto the floor.
Mark touched Chiara’s arm on his chest and she kissed his shoulder again.

She then softly hushed into his ear, “Helping you with peeing turned me on so much.”

Mark smiled quietly as her words. In a way he couldn’t really grasp it but he enjoyed hearing how she felt about this.

She softly let her lips come down on his upper back and Mark felt the hair on his arms stand up at the gentle touch of her lips on his collar bone and shoulder blade. He felt his breathing quicken as she did it again, letting her tongue touch his naked shoulders and then to the back of his neck.

He let his head hang some so she could reach his neck better. He had to swallow at the sensation of her tongue and lips on his shoulder blades and neck, then behind his ear. It sent a thousand small vibrations through his head, down his arms, and down his spine where it faded into nothing somewhere by his T-4 vertebra.

He closed his eyes and Chiara hushed between the gentle touches of her lips on his upper back, “You’re the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. And letting me be part of this a while ago has been one of my fantasies forever. I love you so much Mark and I can’t get enough of you. I love watching you and everything you do.”

She flicked her tongue on his shoulders over and over, letting it send small shocks over his skin and he could barely stand it anymore. His breathing came quicker and he felt his heart beat fast in his chest. He squeezed his eyes shut taking in sensations he had not felt in so long, and so much he wished the tremors would make it all the way down, but they didn’t, and he stayed still in the position with his hands between his thighs, taking in every flick of Chiara’s tongue. Her long hair fell over his arms and tickled his arms in another way, adding to the chills he already had.

Chiara kept on because she could feel his breathing get quicker, she could feel how his body tensed up and released at every flick of her tongue and she now let her hands run over the front of his chest and her fingers gently trace over his pecs as she caressed the back of his shoulders with her soft kisses and tongue flicks.

Mark now hushed from his hunched over position, “Chiara, my God, what are you doing to me?”

She kept on and she felt her loins ache for him and she wanted to feel his excitement and thinking about the fact that even as she gave him incredible feelings, her caress didn’t reach below his T-4 vertebra drove her crazy and she wanted even more to make him happy.

Now Mark swallowed and even though he wanted her to keep going he remained in an unfulfilled state, a constant tension in his body that made him squeeze his eyes shut and bite his lips of pleasure but also undeniable pain.

Chiara now let her kisses fade and Mark sat up and he spun his wheelchair around and she stood there in front of him and she was completely naked already. He scanned the tattoo of butterflies on her flat stomach and between her breasts the angel with the wings reaching halfway over her breasts and he just sat there and was lost gazing at her body.

His eyes focused in on her pubes and he then reached his hand over and let it run over her stomach and hip bones, then over her thighs and the whole time his eyes stayed on her lower body. Her skin was warm and she just stood there letting him explore her with his hands and eyes.

Chiara now got back down on her knees and she again had to look somewhat up at him and he touched his hand to the side of her face and let his fingers run through her hair, “You’re so beautiful.”

She smiled shyly and then said, “How can I make your night special?”

Mark smiled at the question because it was the exact same question, she had asked a long time ago.

He now said while he let his hand run over her breast, “I want to taste you.”
Chiara seemed to be slightly surprised but her smile was angelic, “It would be a privilege to let you taste my sweetness.”
Mark lowered his eyes smiling at her wording and she laughed softly, “Did that sound too cheesy?”
He met her eyes again with a smile, “No, it sounds actually very hot.”
Chiara ran her hands over his legs in the jeans and she then laid her head on his legs and said with a trembling voice, “Mark, I love you so much.”
He let his hand run over her head right there in his lap, “I love you more than anything.”

He sat there for a moment and Chiara then mumbled, “Have I ever told you how much I love your legs?”
He nodded to himself and answered with a smile in his voice, “You’ve mentioned it before I think, but I can never hear it enough.”
Chiara still felt the wine in her veins but she also felt an overflowing love and admiration for Mark.

Mark then suggested softly, “Maybe we should move this to the bed?”

She sat up and nodded obediently and got up and made her way to the bed. Mark scanned her back and her perfect round behind as she climbed into the bed. She laid there like she was from another planet and he quickly now took off his sneakers and socks which he had still been wearing the whole time. Chiara pulled her phone over and just as Mark was wriggling his jeans over his butt and legs, she had music playing form her phone.

He pushed his wheelchair next to the bed and she watched with full focus how he transferred onto the bed and fell down next to her. He was still wearing his boxers and Chiara didn’t even let him position himself yet but right away pulled his boxers over his legs and dropped them next to the bed on the floor.

Mark assertively pulled her to him and kissed her hard and passionately.

Chiara slid her naked body over his and she felt her girl parts ache for him and she wanted to rub herself to him but Mark hushed in between kisses, “Let me taste you Chiara. Please!”

The last time she had ever done oral had been with Aaron a long time ago and at the outlook of Mark doing this to her she felt her heart race in her chest.

The men she had served over all this time had never been allowed to even come close to her most intimate space with their mouths and even when they penetrated her, she always made them wear condoms. Trey had always insisted on Chiara keeping herself clean and healthy. If there had been clients who would have refused to use condoms, he would have hurt them.  

Mark kept kissing her and next to her ear he whispered, “Please Chiara, let me taste you. Come up to my face or turn around so I can reach her.”

She felt his hot breath, audible and quick, on her ear and now she wanted his hot lips on her pussy.
She sat up some and Mark looked at her from his position lying on the bed waiting for a response from her.

When he didn’t say anything right away, he said, “Only if you’re okay with it.”
She nodded and answered, “I want you to taste me.”

He now held himself up on his elbows and slid up some on the bed. Chiara watched and once Mark had his head on the pillow, she moved over him and sat on his chest first.
With his hands gently on her waist he let his eyes travel over her body. And even though her skin was pale and from a distance looked soft and smooth, at closer inspection Mark didn’t miss the dark spots scattered randomly over her body.

It stirred feelings of utter rage in him because he knew how Trey had treated her all those years. His hands felt over some of the scars on her belly hidden among the butterflies etched into her skin and when he stayed there too long with his hands, she pushed his hand away to other areas of her body, trying to distract him.

Mark then focused in on her pubes right there on his chest and when she sat up on her knees, he saw all of it. There was only a thin layer of pubic hair and her thighs were soft but also strong. His hands now moved to her full and tight ass cheeks sitting right on his belly.  

He focused back on her pussy again and Chiara now moved up some more with his pulling her closer and her pussy was now almost right above his face. She put her hands to the headboard of the bed and shifted her knees up some more, placing them beside Mark’s head.

He looked up from under her, “You’re so beautiful Chiara.”

With his hands he caressed her thighs and held on to her and then let his fingers run over her belly. He kept seeing the scars but he didn’t want to focus on them at the moment. Instead it made him want to make her feel better even more and he wanted to be gentle and loving. He turned his attention to her female parts again and he caught the distant scent of a girl excited, something his nose had not sensed in a long time.

He was still taking it slow because he wanted to make sure Chiara was okay with his advancing on her in that way but now with her scent surrounding his face, he felt his head spin and his heart was racing at the outlook of tasting her soon. He still explored with his hands on her thighs and then came around to the front where he was exploring on the inside of her thighs. He looked up at Chiara and she had her head hanging back and he didn’t have any idea that her long red hair was touching his belly. He didn’t even remember when the last time was that he had given a girl oral pleasure but with Chiara it was all he wanted at this very moment. He wanted to be as close as possible to her.  

He demanded softly, “Come down a bit. Right to my face.”

Chiara did as he asked, and now she was right there above him and he was surrounded by her scent. He longed so much for release but all he could do now is let his lips touch her pussy lips and it sent a shiver through him as he felt the moist softness on his lips. He flicked his tongue around her hot opening. Chiara held on with her hands on the head board of the bed and was sitting on her knees, which were right next to his head, holding him captive and his mouth had no other place to go than on an exploration of her most sacred parts. And he explored and he held on to her ass cheeks pulling her to him because he couldn’t get enough of her, he wanted to taste her and he longed for so much more.

He remembered back when he was still able to penetrate a pussy with his cock and he pushed his tongue into her wet opening, a cave of warmth and excitement. And she tasted so good and he dug his fingers into her ass cheeks and he imagined how he was back in the day and he felt the urge to move his legs, to move his lower body but he couldn’t. He would have loved to be able to just throw her on her back and get on top of her but instead he was under her and he had to be happy with that.

And he was, he was once again the happiest he had been in a long time, maybe in forever because feeling Chiara so close to him was everything he had longed for all this time since he had first seen her at the bar.

Ever since he had convinced her to get into his car his heart had been beating faster every time, he had been around her and he had wanted nothing else but to have her in his life for a long time. He wanted her body and he wanted her by his side at all times. And his mouth was exploring, his lips were touching and his tongue was pushing in and pulling out and the moisture surrounded him and his mouth produced even more saliva to make sure there was enough wetness and he wanted to drink her and eat her out.

And it all ran through his nerves, sent shivers down his arms and made him feel nauseated in a good way and it wanted to go further but it couldn’t and mixed with the passion he felt was frustration of the loss of sensation below his T-4 vertebra and not going any further than his mid chest. He was sucking her out and Chiara moaned over him. She threw her head back and her hair draped over his belly and her legs were weak and trembled as he worked her clit and her pussy just right. His tongue flicked her clit and his mouth suckled on it softly, pulling it out and making it extra sensitive, then moving his tongue to push into her again and using his thumb to flick her clit instead.

Chiara had not felt like this since Aaron and when she had explored their sexuality back then. Mark was doing everything right and in between breathing she thought about the man under her and how he was and how much she was drawn to his broken body. Mark was everything she had always imagined and dreamt of and as he worked her pussy and clit just right, bringing her closer to climax with every flick and every tongue thrust and sucking of her pussy lips, her heart hurt so much and tears shot into her eyes again and wanted to push out again. And she tried to keep her emotions in check but she couldn’t and tears started streaming again and she felt them run over her hot face and she hoped for a moment they would evaporate on her hot skin before they could reach Mark, but they didn’t and they dripped down onto her chest and they ran down her belly and then mixed in with the juices of her pussy excited and Mark didn’t even realize that he brought her to climax by drinking her tears the same time he sucked her very arousal out of her and made her come hard and intense. Chiara wanted to scream but instead she took gasping breaths and her legs hurt and she almost let go off the headboard but held on for life as she felt her orgasm race through her body and every far corner of it.

Mark had brought her over the edge once again and he was under her tasting and eating her and his head was pounding from his thoughts racing and his heart beat like a drum under her ass cheeks. He was gasping for air as she sat on his chest keeping him from taking deep breaths. He tasted the surge of her juices and he drank it and he wanted all of it. He couldn’t help groan into Chiara’s nether region as she tensed up on him, her legs holding his head right there and he felt her body tense up as she let her orgasm subside.

His face was wet with sweat and moisture from the work he had done and his hands were glued to her ass cheeks. Chiara cried above him but he didn’t know and she didn’t look at him yet. Her eyes were closed.

Her orgasm subsided and Mark was breathing slower again. His release was unfulfilled but having witnessed Chiara’s excitement and arousal had been enough for his head to spin like he was drunk and dizzy.

Her breath came slower now and he looked up at her from underneath, “Chiara?”
She swallowed and quickly wiped over her face, then looked down to him, “Yes?”
He smiled at her, “Do you want to come down here next to me?”

She detached herself from him. She felt the cool breeze on her skin now with cooling off from the excitement.

Mark felt the goose bumps on her arms and he said softly, “Come here next to me under the blanket.”

And she scrambled off him and before she laid next to him, she pulled the blanket out from under him and glanced at his legs which still lay lifeless and his cock still sleeping. Mark tried to assist some with getting the blanket out from under him and he was happy when she finally lay next to him in his arms and they were under the blanket. 

Chiara snuggled herself right next to him and she felt so safe and so happy. Mark had done everything right.
They didn’t say anything for a moment.

Mark kissed Chiara’s head and then asked softly, “Why did you cry a while ago?”

Chiara didn’t think that Mark had realized that she had been crying and now was somewhat embarrassed.

His fingers ran over her shoulders and when she didn’t say anything he said, “You know I don’t like seeing you cry.”
Chiara moved even closer to him and she now explained, “I don’t know why I cried Mark. I am sorry but I was…you make me so happy and you are so wonderful and…and I just felt this liberation a while…a while ago. It’s like so much is inside of me…all those years with him and how everything was. With you I feel so much love and so much gentleness, it’s…it’s something I haven’t been allowed to experience in so long. I love you so much that it hurts I guess.”

Mark was listening to her, looking up at the ceiling and letting his fingers slowly run over her shoulders in small circles.

Chiara now said softly, “I can’t live without you anymore. I love and need you so much.”
Mark nodded and then replied, “I feel the same way about you. I never want to be without you ever again. I need you too, we need each other really because of all the things that have happened in our lives before. And we were always meant to be together just like this before we even knew about it. I love you more than my own life and we will always be together.”

Chiara now sat up and she looked at Mark, his eyes were shiny and blue and his dark blonde bangs were moist from the earlier expedition into her sweetest hidden regions and she just looked at him. He smiled at her and the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were showing and he was so beautiful. A thin layer of facial hair was visible and she smiled at him with tears in her eyes.

He then said softly, while running his hand through her hair and over her cheek, “I only want you to cry when you’re happy. It’s hard for me to see you cry because I don’t want to be the reason for that. I want to make you happy.”
“You do make me happy. You really make me the happiest woman in the world and a while ago, it was so…it was…amazing. You are amazing.”
He smiled again, “I love you so much Chiara.”
“And I love you my sweet Mark.”

And they fell into a long kiss and held each other for a long time.


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