Monday, October 2, 2017

Devo Diary is Back!!

Hey everyone, Devo Girl here, and I'm back with new chapters of Devo Diary! Sorry for the long wait, but I wanted to get some chapters written before I started posting again. The good news is that I will now be posting weekly, at least for a while. I'm going to claim Mondays, since it seems no one has that day for now.

So if you are new to Devo Diary, or if you read it a long time ago and stopped, now is a great time to jump onboard. Devo Diary is the 100% true story of my dating life, in all its embarrassing absurdity. I changed the names and a few identifying details to protect the guilty, but other than that it's all real.

You've probably forgotten some of the details so here's a quick refresher:
At this point in the story, I'm thirty years old but still living like a student as I make my way though a seemingly interminable graduate program in a big West Coast city. After wasting two years of my life in a dead-end relationship with a quad, I tried online dating and met a dreamy new guy named Skip, who was also into BDSM. This is the start of my major involvement in the SM scene. Even though he's an AB guy, my dev desires still played a big part in our relationship.
Here is the first chapter of the Skip relationship story arc. Start here if you are new or need a reminder:
Devo Diary Chapter 26: Skippy Boy Genius part 1

And here is the new chapter:
Devo Diary Chapter 27: Skippy Boy Genius part 2
Including some devvy role play and more reflection on what it means for me to be a dev. I promise there are still more hot disabled guys coming up in future chapters--I'm still far from the end.

If you want to read the whole thing from the beginning, here is the Table of Contents.

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