Sunday, October 1, 2017

Update to The Girl I Didn't Kill For

Hi all!

Time for your weekly update to The Girl I Didn't Kill For! This is a slightly shorter chapter, but that's good because you can read it while you're waiting for the subway to come in the morning. It's also pretty devvy, IMHO.

Chapter 8

Table of Contents

Also, I'm trying to get some new reviews on Amazon for The Girl I Didn't Marry, which is part 1 of this story.  If you enjoyed the book and wrote a review, link to it on Amazon, send me an email at, and I'll gift you a totally free copy of the pre-released version of The Girl I Didn't Kill For (which you can redeem and read in early December).  Already bought the book?  No problem--I'll gift you a free copy of any of my other books (your choice).  Hope to hear from you! 

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