Monday, October 2, 2017

Will Love Prevail - Chapter 27

Chapter 27

It had been somewhat stressful for Mark to come home to the new apartment and have all the people there. 
His thoughts had been all over the place and as he sat there on the couch with Chiara he now looked over to the kitchen and said, “I wonder if there is actually any food?”
“I can check.” Chiara was about to get up on her crutches but Mark held her back.
“I’ll go and check.”
Before Chiara could get off the couch, Mark had already pulled his TiLite closer and was just getting ready to transfer.

She watched him as he sat there on the couch and moved up to the edge, then pushed himself over onto the seat of his wheelchair.

During the time in the hospital when Mark had still been recovering, she had pushed all her thoughts about his being in the wheelchair aside. She had been dealing with her own healing process and so the thoughts of intimacy with Mark had been in the very back of her mind for a long time.

But still when she looked at him now and how he was, her heart was beating fast. And still she felt the same way about him. She was worried about their future together, but she knew she wanted to spend it with Mark either way. She would be by his side in any way, and if it meant that there would be times where being intimate wouldn’t be on the front page she would wait.

They were both going to be dealing with the aftermath of traumatic events for a long time, if not forever, but the only way they would be dealing with it, would be together.

She now watched him get into his TiLite and how he pulled his legs up and placed his feet onto the foot rest of the wheelchair, then put his hands to the push rims and spun his chair to roll into the kitchen. She followed him with her eyes and saw how Mark opened the refrigerator and from her position in the living room she could see some items in the refrigerator.

Mark now said while looking into the refrigerator, “There’s actually stuff in here. Someone must have bought things.”
Chiara replied, “That’s good! That way we don’t have to go anywhere to get groceries just yet.”
She now saw Mark hold up a beer, smiling at her from the kitchen, “There is even beer in here.”
She laughed and he stated, “I think I’ll have one.”
Chiara was a bit worried, “Do you think it’s a good idea?”
She was just happy to see Mark smile.
“Probably not a good idea but I don’t care. Do you want one?”

She agreed and shortly thereafter Mark rolled back into the living room with two bottles of beer in between his thighs.

He parked in front of Chiara by the couch, and before he handed her the bottle, he twisted off the cap. She took it and thanked him and watched as he twisted the lid of his own bottle. She had her casted leg propped up on the couch next to her and they both looked at each other.
Mark was serious now and he held his bottle out to her.

Chiara lifted her bottle and they tapped their bottles, saying “Cheers”.
Mark took a big sip from his beer and afterwards took a deep breath and smiled at Chiara, “Damn, that goes down good.”
He wiped over his mouth and Chiara smiled, “We probably shouldn’t be drinking.”

Mark was leaning forward in his wheelchair and held the bottle in both his hands with his elbows resting on his thighs, looking at Chiara from under his bangs, and smiling at her, “Probably not with all the freaking medication.”
She laughed softly and kept her eyes on him, “I’m so happy to see you smile though so if the beer does that to you, then whatever.”
Mark now lowered his eyes like he was caught in the act of something he shouldn’t be doing, then he looked up at her, “Just one beer won’t hurt, right?”
Chiara shrugged her shoulders and smiled, “I don’t know.”

He then glanced at her leg propped up on the couch, the green cast reaching from her foot to her thigh with a very slight angle in the crease of her knee, and only her painted toes sticking out.

He asked, “How is your leg anyways?”
Chiara looked at her leg for a moment and then back at Mark, “A lot better than three months ago.”
She sighed and added, “I can’t wait to be able to walk normal again.”

The moment she had said it she realized her wording and glanced at Mark.
He laughed softly and said, “Yeah, I’ve been waiting for that for a while.”
Chiara lowered her eyes and then looked back over at him.
Mark tried to loosen the moment, “I mean for you to walk normal again.”
She laughed and took another deep breath, “Oh Mark.”

Mark just kept his eyes on her, “I don’t want to walk normal again.”
Chiara didn’t say anything but looked down onto the beer bottle in her hand now.
Mark then added seriously, “Because I know you don’t want me to.”

Chiara swallowed and when she looked at him again his blue eyes were fixed on her and he said softly, “At least I remember you saying some stuff along those lines, right?”
“You remember right.”
He pressed his lips together and nodded, then said, “Good. My head is not all the way messed up.”

Chiara felt her heart beat fast at the exchange and she took another sip from her bottle, then looked at Mark who was still looking at her.

She tilted her head, “Because I like you that way – not walking.”

He smiled and took another sip from is beer.
Chiara didn’t say anything and Mark realized how she seemed slightly nervous now.
He pushed his wheelchair closer to the couch and was able to touch her leg now.

Chiara was wearing shorts and Mark now ran his hand over her knee, “I’m really glad we’re home now."
Chiara looked from his hand to him, “Me too.”
“I love you Chiara and I’m glad you like me this way.”
“I love you too.”

They were quiet again and drank from their beers.

Mark looked around the living room and scanned the TV and the couch set and coffee tables, “Did you know about all this new stuff?”
“No, I didn’t. Do you like it though?”
“Yeah, it looks like my old stuff, just new.”
He smiled and remarked, “I guess my living room was pretty messed up.”

Chiara actually didn’t know how Mark’s living room had looked after the shoot-out. She looked around and her eyes ended on the wall display with Mark’s military awards.

She stated, “At least this didn’t get damaged.”

Mark followed her eyes and turned his chair slightly to see what she was looking at. His eyes stayed on the framed display and he then wheeled over to it and looked up at it.
Chiara watched him and grabbed her crutches to pull herself up from the couch and made her way over to Mark.

She positioned herself behind him and looked at the display with him, asking softly, “Do you remember your time in the Military?”
He shook his head, “Not really.”
They stayed there and Mark kept looking at the frame on the wall with all his medals in it, the purple heart right in the middle, “Well, I know that it was the reason I’m in a wheelchair.”
“You don’t remember the way you got injured?”
“Only what you told me.”
Chiara then said, “And I could only tell you what you told me.”
Mark took a deep breath, “Oh well, it is what it is, right?”

Chiara could hear in his words the pain about not remembering but he now put his bottle between his thighs, put his hands to his push rims, and wheeled through the hallway into his bedroom.
She followed him, and in the bedroom, she now spotted the little stuffed animal cat on the bed, somewhat hidden behind a pillow.

She made her way straight over to the bed and sat down, grabbing the cat and turning to Mark, “Look at this.”
Mark pushed over to her and took the cat from her hand, “Maddy?”
Chiara now smiled, “Yes, you remember where we got her?”
Chiara had tears in her eyes and Mark kept looking at the stuffed animal, “Ranger’s girlfriend. You got her at the mall.”
“I did, it was at the Chuck E Cheese’s.”
Mark nodded and lowered his eyes, then said, “We had fun there, didn’t we?”
Chiara nodded again, “Yes, we did.”

Mark handed Chiara the stuffed animal again and instead of saying anything he pushed his rims and wheeled away from Chiara, then just sat in the bedroom and looked around it. He just sat there, hunched over in his wheelchair and taking some deep, audible breaths. He also looked over at the bathroom door, the bedroom and bathroom were set up just like his old place.

Chiara was worried about Mark now and thought of something to say to distract him but she didn’t know what to say and just kept her eyes on him.

Mark then stated almost inaudible, “In my bedroom was where he went off on me and in my bathroom, I thought I was going to die. Ranger was next to me and I actually put my hand on him and felt his fur and his body, it wasn’t warm anymore then. In those moments, Ranger’s dead body was the only comfort I had though.”

Chiara swallowed and felt her vision get blurry. She once again thought about that it maybe had been a bad idea to take this apartment but the VA hadn’t given Mark lots of options. They didn’t want to pay for a big move further away and when this apartment came available under the VA contract, unless Mark would have had to pay out of pocket expenses, it had basically been the only option they had given him.

Mark slowly pushed his rims toward the bathroom and hesitantly he pushed the door open and looked into the dark bathroom. He switched on the light almost expecting to see a blood bath and a dead cat and his barely alive body in the tub. But he didn’t see anything like that. The bathroom was clean and tidy and all his things were in it.

Chiara was over on the bed still and softly asked, “Mark, are you all right?”
He spun his wheelchair around and looked at her, nodding.
Chiara then said, “Please come over here.”

Mark looked into the bathroom once again and then pushed his rims and wheeled over to where Chiara was on the bed. They looked at each other.

She had tears in her eyes, “I’m so sorry Mark, about everything.”
He shook his head, “It wasn’t your fault. Remember what I told you back when you first came to Swedish hospital and I saw you there.”

Chiara did remember Mark telling her that sometimes things just happen and that no one is at fault.

Now he looked at her and said, “Chiara, I also told you then that I’m really glad we met even under the circumstances because that’s how it was meant to be and no other way. I still feel the same way and none of this was your fault or anyone’s fault, it was just the way it was supposed to happen. Now we’re here and we’re moving on and Trey can fuck himself where ever he is because we won. He’s the one dead but I did give him a piece of my cripple mind before he was able to beat the shit out of me.”

Chiara listened and sniffled her nose.
She was curious at what this meant, “What did you say to him?”
Mark lowered his eyes and thought for a moment, “I just told him the truth how you felt about me and how I am and basically that he was shit and could never compare to what I am to you.”

Mark now licked his lips and looked at Chiara with flickering eyes, “He didn’t like hearing that stuff. I pissed him off pretty good with it but that’s also why I’m now dealing with Jell-O in my brain. Me saying this stuff to him pushed him over and he let it all out on me then. That’s when I thought I was going to die.”

Chiara really was curious at what Mark had told Trey that night.
He was right in front of her and still had the beer in between his thighs.

He now took it and set it on the bedside table next to him, then turned to Chiara again, “Maybe you can refresh my memory about the stuff I had told him and show me that it’s true.”
Chiara tilted her head and looked at Mark questioning, “I don’t know what you said to him.”

Mark sat somewhat hunched over in front of Chiara and just as he was about to speak his leg starting twitching some. He looked down at his leg and then back up at Chiara. Her eyes were focused on his leg hopping slightly on the foot rest.

Mark said softly, “Like for example how you feel about my paralyzed legs and messed-up body.”
Chiara felt her heart beat quicker and she asked softly, “What did you say to him Mark?”
Mark looked down at his twitching leg and back up at Chiara with a serious expression, “I just told him that he never was what you really wanted, none of the men you were with were what you really wanted.”

Chiara looked at him and hearing him say those things made her wonder what Mark had really said that night to Trey.

Her expression was filled with curiosity and Mark added seriously, “Fucker didn’t really like hearing that. At that moment my words were my only defense though and if he was going to kill me, I wanted to make sure that he knew he was a walking piece of shit. It pissed him off big time and I felt how weak he really was.”

Mark’s eyes flickered nervously and Chiara was somewhat surprised at his explanation. She felt the hate Mark had for Trey. She let her eyes travel over his face and he didn’t smile and he didn’t look away from her. She knew he was reading her expression on how he had told her about the things he had said to Trey.

Just then his leg was twitching again and his foot came off the foot rest. Mark moved his eyes away from her and looked down to his leg. He grabbed his leg under the knee and pulled his foot up onto the foot rest and then held his hand on his thigh, holding his leg down and his eyes moved up to Chiara again. She looked away nervously.

Mark then took her hand from her lap and put it on his spastic leg and he held her hand pressed on his leg. Right away she could feel the vibrations racing through his leg in short intervals and just then his other leg also slightly twitched. They both looked at each other at the same time and she then put her other hand on his other leg and held it down as well.

Mark tilted his head some and said softly, “Thank you.”
Chiara then confirmed in a tense but determined tone, “He was a weak, walking piece of shit.”
Now Mark’s face turned into a grin and he said, “I think I need to get on the bed and lay down.”

She moved her hands away from his legs and she pushed herself onto the bed all the way with Mark watching. It was slightly difficult for her with the leg in the cast, making it heavy and rigid. As she was somewhat on the bed Mark looked at her legs. She still had her slippers on and now pushed them off her feet and they fell to the floor. She pushed herself further up on the bed and finally lay on her side and she held her head up on her hand watching as Mark angled his wheelchair next to the bed.

He pulled his T-Shirt over his head and let it drop next to him on the floor. Chiara scanned over his chest and arms and even though he had become skinny over the past weeks she could still see the remnants of his muscles and she knew he would gain more strength again with time.

And she felt her heart beat fast as she saw his legs twitching and he adjusted them so he could transfer over onto the bed.

Mark set the break on his TiLite, and he scooted his butt forward. He sat there for a moment and focused but then glanced up at Chiara once more and she saw the smirk on his face.

She smiled at him and felt how dry her lips were. She licked her lips and watched as he placed his fist on the bed and with the other fist, he pushed his body over, his legs moving along with it and jumping up and down wildly. He landed on the bed somewhat clumsy but his butt was on the bed. Chiara was looking at his back for a moment and the scars along his spine didn’t escape her glances. Her heart was beating fast in her chest cavity and she felt warm.

All the times he had transferred from his hospital bed into his wheelchair or the other way around she had not felt this way in a long time.

But she had felt something come alive in him moments earlier, a determination and a spirit of something he felt about strongly, even if it was just the lingering hatred for Trey.

And it made her tremble and her heart and mind race, and she felt all the barriers come down, the barriers she had kept up while they had been in the hospital. She had not wanted to feel a certain way about Mark and with what he had been dealing with, it had felt wrong to her to lust over him in this way. But now they were finally home and they were alone and they could let their guards down again and they could be together the way they were meant to be together.

Mark pulled himself up on the bed and Chiara saw how the weakened muscles in his arms worked to pull his body up. His legs dragged up on the bed with every pull.

He finally fell down next to Chiara with a breath of relieve and looked at her, “There, I’m here.”
She smiled at him, “You sure are.”
His legs were still jerking wildly on the bed and Mark looked down and smiled, “They’re trying to impress you with their dumb little dance.”
Chiara laughed softly, “It’s actually working.”

Mark now laughed too and she leaned over him some more. They looked into each other’s eyes and he then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer.
For a moment they scanned each other and then Mark pulled her all the way to him and kissed her hard and long.

Their kiss lasted for a few minutes. Chiara felt her body tremble against Mark’s body and she moved her free leg over to his legs and felt the twitches and spasms against her leg.
She then felt Mark’s hands on her back under her T-Shirt. His hands were warm on her already warm body.

Their lips unlatched and Mark asked, “May I take your shirt off?”

Chiara only nodded and right away he was in the process of pulling her T-Shirt over her head, exposing her plain, white bra on her pale skin. He scanned her with his eyes and his fingers traced over her naked shoulders. His eyes glanced over her tattoo of an angel on her chest peeking out from under her bra and the group of butterflies on her flat belly.

His fingers now traced over her skin and he said softly, “I almost forgot you had these, it seems so long since I actually looked at you in this way.”  
Chiara hushed, “It has been way too long.”

She was breathing quickly as she felt his leg twitching against her leg and for a moment she looked down to his legs.

Mark saw this and asked, “Do you like this?”
She nodded and he grinned, “I can always rely on them to not let me down when I need them.”

Chiara looked at Mark again and they broke into a soft laughter. She scanned over his chest and looked at his tattoos running over his arms and over onto his chest. She let her hand run over the side of his face and she slid herself onto him more.

They kept looking at each other and Mark let his fingers run through the curtain of her long red hair next to him.

“I love you Chiara.”
She smiled, “I love you too.”
Mark swallowed, “I’m so happy to have you with me.”
“I’m happy too.”

They fell into another long kiss and Chiara pushed her body onto Mark some. She felt his hip bones on her loins and she felt his legs jerk next to her legs.

She eventually let her lips come off his and she flicked her tongue over to his ear and his neck where she softly suckled his skin. Mark’s breathing became audible and quick. His hands were on her back as she gently flicked his ear lobe and latched onto his neck.

With both hands he then unhooked her bra and she let him slide the straps over her shoulders quickly. Her perky, white breasts were exposed and he took each one in his hand and caressed it gently, then let his mouth come to her nipple. Chiara was taking quick breaths as he softly pulled on her nipples with his teeth, making them hard and stand up.

She kissed his neck and let her tongue slither over his shoulder and to his pectorals. Mark had let go off her nipple and now focused on Chiara flicking her tongue around his nipple. His breathing quickened and his heart was beating faster. It was a sensation travelling from his nipples seemingly right into his belly where the sensation disappeared into nothing but increased his longing for her to keep doing this over and over.

She softly attached her teeth to his nipple and Mark could barely stand it but didn’t want her to stop. He looked at the ceiling above him and was trying to breathe normal as she worked his nipples with her mouth and her teeth.
He swallowed and tried to keep control of his breathing, letting out a soft moan as she stayed latched on to his nipples.

He now whispered under quick breaths, “What are you doing to me, Chiara?”

While she paid his nipples all her attention, she pressed her body to him, and created a gentle friction between her loins and Mark’s hips.

Mark was so absorbed in the sensation Chiara created on him, that he didn’t really know how she was rubbing against him with her lower body.

Every time she softly bit his nipple a sting raced through his chest and down to his belly where it faded into nothing but leaving him breathless and grabbing Chiara’s ass tightly, holding her close to him, making sure she felt that she was his.

Mark glanced down and saw her lower body glued to his and he said, “Take your shorts off.”

Chiara paused in her attention to Mark’s nipples and sat up pulling her shorts and her panties over her legs, which proved a bit a hassle with her cast but soon she was naked.
And Mark held his head up trying to see and he also saw his legs were still spastic.

Chiara then looked up at him and said softly, “If I have to be naked, you also have to be naked.”
He bit his lips and nodded slightly hesitant but she said, “Please Mark.”

And he nodded, giving her permission to take his lounge pants off.
Mark still had his sneakers on and Chiara quickly untied the laces and pulled the shoes off his flaccid feet. Right away without the support of the shoes his feet just fell forward and lay limp and only the twitching of his legs moved them.

Chiara put her hands to the waistband of his pants and pulled them over his spastic legs. Her hands were trembling as she felt the involuntary jerks of his legs under her hands. It felt like an electrical surge was constantly running through his legs. Once she had the pants off, she just admired his broken body for a moment, his skinny and scarred legs with a light fluff of hair over his thighs and down his shins; legs without life but she liked them so much.

Mark was holding himself up on his elbows watching her scan over his body. He was still worried that she really didn’t enjoy seeing his paralyzed legs. Since they really had not been that intimate and close in a long time while recovering in the hospital, Mark was slightly anxious if Chiara actually still liked his body in the way she claimed.

Chiara sat on the bed next to his legs and she then let her hands softly run up and down his shins and over his knees. His legs were still twitching and her caress turned into more of a gentle massage and Mark kept watching her.

He was still wearing boxers and there was no sign of life in his boxers and for a moment he felt insecurity push through about his broken body and manhood and his inability to function in certain matters.

But Chiara quietly and focused kept running her hands up and down his legs, and the spasms seemed to fade some.

She then glanced up at him and he almost wanted to look away but she said, “Mark, I love you so much and I love your body and the way it is.”
Mark swallowed and took a deep breath, “I love you too.”

She then put her hands to the waistband of his boxer briefs and Mark lowered his eyes. Chiara now pulled his boxers over his sleeping penis and his legs.

He didn’t want to meet her eyes but she looked up at him and said his name, “Mark.”

He looked up and swallowed and she then smiled at him and while he watched, she leaned down and kissed his penis gently and then let her tongue run over his hips and up over his belly until she came back up to his nipples. He lay back again and let his hands run over her back and her hair.

Soon he felt her tongue on his nipples again and the lingering excitement from a moment ago rose again from the depths of his belly and he then told her, “This feels so good for me Chiara.”

She didn’t speak but kept on and Mark tried to relax into her attention to his chest. He closed his eyes and took in the feelings he had and the sensations he felt.
She moved her mouth over to his arms and kissed his biceps and down to his forearm. He swallowed and felt his excitement increase again.

Chiara saw his belly move up and down in unison with his chest as he was taking quick breaths. And she pressed her loins to his lower body and felt Mark’s soft and warm penis on her clitoris. She pressed down on it and started moving in a slow rhythm while Mark’s spastic legs were sending vibrations into her with every jerk and unsuccessful attempts of his leg muscles trying to spring back to life.

And she caressed his nipples with her lips and mouth and stayed as close as possible to him. Mark’s hands ran over her back and down to her ass, grabbing it and feeling the softness of her skin. He then opened his eyes and glanced down at her where her face was hidden behind the curtain of her hair.

With his hands he grabbed her ass again and he felt the soft up and down and side to side motion she initiated on him. His cock stayed asleep and silent and for a moment he hated it but at the same time Chiara gave him sensations of another kind, sensations that left him gasping for air as he felt his nerves vibrate with every bite or suckling of his nipple. The sensations seemed to race straight downward trying to reach his manhood but couldn’t get all the way through, leaving him with a thirst for more of the caressing she showered him with.

Chiara moved softly on him and she felt her arousal increase as she felt his naked legs on her leg and her clitoris rubbing up against his soft cock. Her breathing came quicker but she kept showering Mark with attention to his chest and nipples because she felt his body tense up and she realized it was a good tension for him.

He had his eyes squeezed shut, letting his hands run over her back and feeling how her ass moved on him and deep inside he imagined how he would have been before his injury and how he would have been hard and how he would have been able to go inside her, but the knowledge of this not happening now made him want her to give all her attention to his nipples even more.

He moaned over her and hissed, “Chiara, you’re making me crazy right now.”

He pressed his lips together and was breathing quickly through his nose as she let her teeth enclose his nipple again, driving him crazy.

And she kept her motion going on his hips and she felt the friction of her clit on his soft cock. It was just enough to get her excited and she felt how her body trembled against Mark’s body and she let her hands run up to his face while she was latched on to his nipple, and she felt with her hands around his neck and Mark was moaning and breathing quickly.

His hands were glued to her ass still and he felt how she pushed against him and he demandingly dug his fingers into her ass cheeks, “Chiara, my Gosh…”

The quick bouts of vibrations raced from his nipples into his belly and every time he had to gasp for air and eventually Chiara moved her mouth away from his nipple and gently bit his pectoral as she pushed against his cock with her pussy and she felt her orgasm come on and breathless she hushed into Mark’s skin, “I’m about to come Mark. You’re so…”

She couldn’t finish the sentence as she felt all the nerve endings in her body vibrate with her orgasm, pressed against Mark’s lifeless cock and feeling the twitching of his legs, the tremble of his body, and hearing him moan over her while he deeply dug his fingers into her ass cheeks.    

And under quick gasps he hushed, “Fuck!”

He held Chiara against him and he felt the shaking of her leg travel up to her ass cheek where he had his hand buried into her skin.

He was taking quick breaths in unison with her and felt her body’s tension finally ebb and Chiara basically collapsing on his chest restricting his breaths somewhat but making him feel the sexual tension of arousal and excitement.

His hands now gently traced along her spine and over the small of her back.

Chiara was still on his chest and she finally looked up at him and he looked down to her and they smiled at each other.
She then moved herself up to Mark and they looked at each other.

Chiara was exhausted and Mark still felt how the vibrations in his body tried to find exits and release but his body stayed charged without the full release, though exhausted from a type of tension he had not felt in a long time.

He now whispered as he looked at Chiara and tugged her hair behind her ear, “What did you want to say a while ago?”
Chiara looked at him questioning and he explained, “After you said you were about to come.”
Chiara laughed softly and embarrassed, “I don’t know.”
Mark let his hand run through her hair, “Come on, tell me please.”
She looked into his eyes and said, “I wanted to say “you’re so paralyzed and turn me on so much”.”
Mark now grinned, “Thank you, you know that’s music to my ears.”

Chiara smiled shyly and then asked softly, “Mark, how did it feel for you?”
He licked his lips, “It felt amazing. When you…when you were latched onto my nipples…it felt really good.”
Chiara wanted to ask him more and stuttered, “Did it feel…like…you know…like you could come?”
He nodded, “It actually did feel like it…it made me crazy and it was a good crazy. I enjoyed it very much and…”
He moistened his lips again, “I mean…I’ve read that some paraplegic dudes get a good feeling out of having their nipples worked on. I guess it’s true.”
He paused, then finished, “I also really liked how you kissed my neck and my arms and shoulders. I can’t wait to taste you and lick your body all over.”
Chiara nodded and smiled, “We’ll have the rest of our life for more explorations. I enjoyed this very much. Starting out easy…”
Mark smiled at her, “I guess we shouldn’t overdo it just yet. I love you so much Chiara.”
“I love you.”

And they kissed another long kiss, laying in an embrace, their bodies entwined, and Mark’s legs still softly twitching under Chiara.


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    1. Thank you so much, means a lot to me. I was worried a bit since I didn't have any other comments.

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