Friday, December 29, 2017

TD Fetish Fantasy

Hi friends,
I miss coming here regularly and posting stuff.
So today I decided to take a plunge and give this little short story a try on here. I hope it's still Free Friday.
I want to give you heads up, it's NOT a devotee romance. It's a one part fetish story revolving around casting. Among other fetishes, this is also one of my fetish interests. This story is EXPLICIT and sexually focused. If you don't want to read about sex, I don't recommend reading it.
This is a short inspired by interactions with a like minded friend of mine, I guess I could say my muse :-) 
I hope it's not too much of a shocker but I do write stuff like that as well. Not only romance.
Since I haven't found my romance Mojo lately, here is a little something different. I didn't edit it much and so this is pretty much raw material as it was written by me initially.
Let me know if you like it. Thanks for reading. Enjoy!
Yours truly, Dani
PS: Lee, please let me know if this is not appropriate to post here, I will then delete it again.

It wasn’t going to be easy to take a shower with the long leg cast on but he had to manage somehow. He could sit on the edge of the tub and maybe leave his casted leg out of the tub and then try to wash the rest of his body somehow.

She was still sleeping in the Queen Size bed, her hair covering her face buried in the pillow. It had gotten late the night before as they had been to their friend’s house to get the cast put on his leg. After the casting session they had drank and hung out some more indulging in their casting fun and talking about all kind of things.

He had some forearm crutches because that’s the kind she liked. Underarm crutches would possibly be easier to get around with but he wanted to adhere to her wishes and so they had brought the forearm crutches to their friend’s house and he had tested it out at the house already, crutching around with his new long leg cast, almost falling over a few times.

She enjoyed very much watching him move around with the crutches and his leg in the cast. Only his toes were sticking out some and other than that his leg was encased in the rigid cast. He loved the feeling and he loved even more that she was completely crazy for him in that way.

All night she had glanced over at his leg and lusted over it.

Almost the whole time since the cast had hardened on his leg he had had a hard on of another kind but he couldn’t do anything about it, not at the friend’s house, not in the car back to the hotel and not when they got back to the room. And even then she had made him wait, he almost wanted to touch himself because his cock was craving for the release.

He felt somewhat helpless having to use the crutches to get around then. His leg was slightly bent at the knee, the cast keeping it rigid though, not even a twitch possible. His leg was fully enclosed in the soft but merciless grip of the cast. She wanted green, so now his leg was shining brightly in a green cast from his toes to his upper thigh.

It was a beautiful clean cast, their friend had done a great job and he was going to be in this cast for at least two weeks.

It would be two weeks of struggling to walk, of being exhausted from using only his arms and one leg to move his body, of frustration with the itching inside the cast, or frustration with tasks like using the toilet or taking a shower but it would also be two weeks of another type.

It would also be two weeks of absolute passion and of having a lot of sex because that’s exactly what they liked to do. They liked to have sex and they liked it even more when somehow one of them was restricted in their mobility. It was his turn to be in the cast and even though he wanted to see her in a cast so very badly, preferably double long leg casts with a spreader bar, they had decided this time would only be him in a single long leg cast because they wanted to do some sightseeing and have fun outside their hotel room.

His ultimate fantasy of being in a full body cast was always in his head but of course in reality this would be an endeavor of a whole other dimension. It would have to be planned out very well and it would take a lot from both of them if it would ever come to that. So for now the full body cast had to stay a fantasy they liked to indulge in by making up stories sometimes.

The night before they had come back to the hotel room and he had to admit he had been exhausted and tired of having to be in the cast now. At the same time he had been utterly turned on but instead of letting him have his release she had left him stranded and they hadn’t had sex.

It really was no surprise when he woke up in moist boxers that morning and as quiet as possible he had gotten up not to wake her because he didn’t want her to know.

The squeaking of the crutches moving on the hotel room floor were not too loud and she only moaned softly and turned her body over in the bed. He glanced over at her and her naked ass stuck out from under the blanket and he imagined all kinds of things he would like to do to her ass.

But he had to be good and just get into the bathroom now and somehow try to take a shower to clean himself up.

He used the toilet standing up and supporting himself on the wall behind the toilet he peed and just waited. He looked down to his leg and he loved the sight of the cast on his leg. It had been long overdue to get that cast. Finally he was able to enjoy it. He wriggled his toes and felt good.

He did sit on the edge of the bath tub and lifted his naked leg into the tub and left his casted leg outside the tub. He draped a towel over the casted leg so it wouldn’t get wet.

He turned on the water faucet and waited for the water to get warm. The day before he had been in the shower with her in the morning, standing on his two legs and they had fucked standing under the shower stream and now he just sat there trying to figure out how to wash himself.

He took the shower soap and wash cloth and managed okay washing the most important parts of his body. For a few minutes he was busy getting this done when all the sudden the door opened and she stood in the door frame.

He was caught off guard somewhat and now looked over at her and she just stood there and gazed at him. She was bare naked, not one piece of clothing on her body. He loved her naked body, her curves, the dimples in the right places, her beautiful pussy and her nice size tight round ass.

Her red hair hung tousled on her head, she looked sleepy but happy, “Morning hot stuff in a leg cast!”
He felt vulnerable sitting there naked on the tub edge with the wash cloth in his hand, his casted leg stretched out in front of him.
She looked at him for a moment and he tried to focus back on washing himself but he couldn’t because she stared at him.
He brought a low, “Morning”, over his lips as he rinsed out the washcloth and draped it over the faucet.
Now she walked over to him and she stood behind him and leaned down with her face next to his and her hands running down his chest and looking at his casted leg.
Next to his ear she hushed, “It’s beautiful and you’re so fucking hot right now.”

Her hands ran over his chest, she felt the light fluff of hair and brought her hands up to his neck. Softly she then kissed his naked shoulder and he just sat there and took it all in, feeling the chills run over his arm as he felt her hot kisses on his shoulder.

She hushed into his ear, “Did you sleep well?”
“Yeah, I did.”
“You were tired my hot stuff, weren’t you?”

He just nodded, because even though he was tired he would have not been too tired to actually fuck her the night before or just get fucked by her. He had been horny all night after the cast had dried on his leg and he had then felt the rigidness enclose it. His cock had been throbbing all night and when she didn’t let him have it as they had come back to the hotel he had been somewhat disappointed but he hadn’t complained. Instead they had cuddled in bed and had fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

Now she blew hot kisses onto his naked shoulders and he grabbed her one hand from his chest and kissed her fingers one by one.
She asked softly, “Did you have a wet dream?”

He contemplated for a moment if he should tell her or not and he decided to not say anything.

She added with a soft voice, “I know you wanted to fuck last night but I wanted to make you wait. If you’re going to be good today and make it through the day okay I may let you do me tonight.”
Just hearing her say those things he almost felt his cock expand again but he kept himself in check and just smiled.
She kissed him again on his shoulder and mumbled, “I’ve to pee.”
And she did just that, right behind him she sat on the toilet and peed and yawned.

He turned around to look at her when she stood at the sink brushing her teeth. Her ass was nicely shaped and still tight, perfect ass cheeks to be slapped or bitten. Her legs were soft and fit and her long hair hung down to in between her shoulder blades. She stood up and looked in the mirror and met his eyes and they smiled at each other.

He was done and he used a towel to dry himself while sitting there and she stood and watched and she had his crutches ready for him.

She put her arms into the crutches for a moment and he liked the look of it. Yeah, he wanted to see her get around on crutches very soon. She played around with the crutches for a moment and when she realized he was about to get up she came closer and handed the crutches to him so he could slip his arms into them.

He clumsily stood there and tried his best to get a good stance. She watched the whole thing and he was nervous. Once he stood she moved up to him and let her hands run down his sides and to his waist. He rested his casted foot on the floor.

She let her hands run over his chest and looked at him, “You’re so hot.”
He smiled, “And you’re amazing and even hotter.”
She moved even closer, “We’re going to have a fun day today and you will be out there for everyone to see and people may ask you what happened.”
As much as he liked the thought of being seen out and about he also dreaded it a little. At least he was far away from where people knew him and he could just be the way he really liked to be.

She moved in on him and he pushed his lips onto her mouth. He couldn’t pull her to him because he was occupied holding himself up on the crutches but she held on to him and she slid her leg around his casted leg, almost making him lose his balance. When he swayed a little their lips unlatched and they laughed as he got his balance back.
“I’m going to get dressed now.”
“And I’m going to take a shower.”

At around ten they sat in the hotel breakfast room and ate. It was a little nerve wrecking because they had arrived two days earlier with him on his two legs and now he was in a cast. As they sat over breakfast the girl who brought more coffee glanced at his leg sticking out from under the table. She was the same girl that had been working in the breakfast room the prior morning and they both figured she had many questions but she didn’t ask.

She looked over at him and a wicked grin was on her face, “You know this girl is totally into you now. I can literally see her drool over you in your cast. She’s probably wondering what happened. She probably imagines fucking you just like this.”
“Maybe. Oh well, I guess she can keep wondering.”

Then she took her naked foot out of her sandal and let it run up his casted leg all the way to his crotch.
He glanced under the table for a moment and then back to her, “What are you doing?”
“Marking my territory.”
Now they laughed again and he shook his head out of bewilderment in the words she had said.
Her toes wriggled in his crotch and he grabbed her foot hard and held it, looking at her with flickering dark eyes but smirking. He let go off her naked foot and she moved it away from him.

Around noon they were on their way out with an Uber taking them down to the waterfront and downtown. She couldn’t keep her eyes off his casted leg. He wore khaki shorts and the green cast was sticking out and running all the way down. Everyone saw it, it was obvious and bulky and it couldn’t be missed.

And the casted leg belonged to an attractive guy who belonged to her. They paid the Uber and got out at the market. It was a very warm, clear day and he would have to make it around on the crutches all day.

He did as best as he could. Fortunately he had some upper body strength and it definitely helped with getting around with the cast and on crutches.
She was utterly turned on all day just watching him and looking at him. Her pussy was moist and a few times she would hush into his ear how turned on she was.
“You’re doing so good. You can do this.”

He felt the same way and only by focusing on the ground in front of him, dodging people, or concentrating on his surroundings was he able to keep himself in check and not get an obvious hard on in his shorts.

They strolled through the market and took the elevators to the different levels. Eventually they found themselves sitting on a bench and taking a break because he had needed one. The walking was exhausting and strenuous.

He had the crutches leaning next to him on the bench and she came back with some cold drinks from a nearby vendor.
She came walking up and she smiled at him. He looked a little flushed under his cap.
She sat down next to him and handed him his drink, then said softly, “Are you all right?”
He nodded, “Yeah, just warm and my arms hurt a little.”

She let her hand run over his back, up and down and it felt good to him. He felt how his body wasn’t used to move around in this way and the leg that was not in a cast cramped up some of having to do all the work.
She asked, “Can you make it still or do we need to go back to the hotel already?”
“I can make it still.”
She then quickly put her hand into his crotch without anyone seeing, “And how are things down there?”
He looked down and smiled, “All good.”
She kissed him on the cheek and said softly, “Later today we will have a lot of fun.”
He nodded.

They drank and they rested and eventually he felt like he had enough strength to make it again. So they made their way to the pier and again they sat down again on a bench away from all the bustle and they looked out over the water.
He felt exhausted and hot and she rubbed her hand over his back and neck and she took his hand and looked at it, “Are you getting blisters?”
He shook his head, “I don’t think so.”
She massaged the inside of his hand with her fingers and it felt amazing.
He stated, “That feels really good.”
“Do you think you can do this for two weeks?”
He laughed lowly and shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know. I would like to make it and be in it as long as I can and as long as you let me. But maybe I need gloves or something.”
“We can get some fingerless gloves so your hands will be protected.”

Now she moved her body over and sat on his lap with her legs up on the bench next to him. He let his hands run over her naked legs and they looked at each other for a moment. She felt the upper part of the cast on her ass cheek, it was hard and rigid and she pushed herself onto it some more.

He put his hands around her back and let them run down to her ass and grabbed it, then asked her with a grin, “How do you feel seeing me like this?”
She smiled, “Put your hand there and you will see.”

He laughed and brought his hand around to her front. She wore a skirt and he pushed it up and his hand ran up on the inside of her thigh and up to her crotch. She didn’t wear panties.
He felt the heat radiate from her pussy and left his hand there for a moment, “It’s warm down there.”
She only nodded, “Not just warm, it’s hot as hell.”
He laughed, “Oh okay, let me see.”

He now pushed his hand further up and right away he felt hot moisture escape from her pussy.
She leaned down to him and said, “You turn me on so much in that fucking cast and on crutches. I don’t know what to do with myself.”

He now pulled her head to his face and he kissed her hard. He brought his hand out again from her loins and let it run through her long hair, holding her to him.
They kissed for a few moments and he eventually hushed into her ear, “I don’t know if I can wait until later. I’m so hot for you right now. And this cast does it for sure. All day in that thing, getting around on the crutches, and people looking at me. And then you with your eyes constantly on me and watching every move I make.”

She smiled next to his face and she looked around.
There were in a quiet area and she hushed into his ear, “Maybe we just need to do it right here.”

The thought was very exciting but also terrifying. The bench was located in a park area but the nearest people were far away enough they wouldn’t see anything. She wore a long skirt.

She then said, “Yeah, I love looking at you like this. I want you in a cast all the time, like always. You make me so fucking hot for you like this.”

They kissed again, hard and demanding his lips were on hers. His tongue pushed into her mouth and she let her tongue circle his. He brought his hand down again under her skirt and up to her pussy. She pushed herself closer to him.

He felt his cock throb in his boxers and shorts and he felt his leg encased in its hard shell of a cast and her sitting on him and the thoughts of the cast, seeing the crutches next to him made things happen quickly.

He felt the moisture on her pussy and he rubbed his hand over it, back and forth and at the same time his boxers were getting filled out with his expanding cock.
Their lips unlatched again and he rubbed her pussy as his cock wanted to be let out.
He hushed into her ear, “I want to get fucked while in a cast all the time. And I want you to be the one.”

She smiled next to his face as she let her mouth come down to his neck and latched on suckling on it and making her way to his earlobe where she suckled and licked his ear and whispered, “I will gladly fuck you anytime while you are in any cast and I want you to fuck me while I’m casted as well or maybe sometimes in my braces.”

He nodded slightly while he focused on her pussy again and now pushed in two fingers and letting them come in and out slowly. Her pussy was soaking wet and he felt the moisture run down his fingers. She nibbled on his ear and suckled on his neck and he felt chills run down his arms.
He then said softly, “I’m about to explode in my boxers if he can’t come out.”

She moved her hand down to his crotch and felt the bulge inside. It was hard and rigid just like the cast that touched her naked thigh. He kept working her pussy and was breathing quickly as she unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. He wore boxers and she felt the heat.

She pushed her hand in and his cock was happy to feel her hand around it. It was big and warm and wanted to push out. She wrapped her hand around it, clasping it and pumping it some.

He kissed her neck and he opened his eyes and looked around the area. There was no one close by and he focused on kissing her neck again. She pushed closer to him.

She wanted to touch the cast for a moment and leaned back some and a shiver ran through her hand up her arm.

They kissed again, their tongues entwined and wild inside each other’s mouths.
He had full access to her girl parts with his hand under her skirt and he worked her pussy just right, flicking her clit, pushing his fingers in and out.

He hushed into her hair, “Let me go inside. I can’t wait much longer.”
She came next to his ear again, “Will I be the one to always fuck you when you are in a cast?”
He nodded and she demanded, “Tell me.”
He was breathing quickly now and he managed, “I want you to be the one who will fuck me when I am in a cast because I like it that way and I know you do too.”
She smiled next to him and added, “And when I’m in a cast you get to do the same to me if I let you.”

He could only nod because really he just wanted to get inside her now. His cock was throbbing with her hand around it and she managed to pull it out.

He lifted his butt up some and she quickly pulled his shorts down some to get better access to his cock.
Then she pushed herself further onto him, her skirt covering their lower regions and she lifted herself up and found his erection and let it slide into her soaked pussy. She slowly moved up and down and he held her to him with his hands around her backside.

He was breathing quickly and it was getting even warmer around them. Not only the heat of the warm summer day but also the heat between them making them sweat.

She leaned down some, “Tell me what you like about the cast on your leg.”
He tried to catch his breath because he really didn’t think he could talk at the moment but she insisted, “Tell me what you like about casts.”
He tried to think clear for a second but he felt his cock thrust into her over and over and the tension was building.
She hushed, “Tell me sweetie.”

Her breaths came quick, her hands were around his neck and he felt like he was getting smothered and he wanted to move his casted leg but he couldn’t. His leg was imprisoned for the next two weeks by the green, rigid and heavy cast.

“I like how it feels and how I can’t move very good with it on my leg. I like how soft the inside is and how hard the outside. I like how people look at me when I’m in a cast.”
He was breathing quickly, he held on to her tightly as she moved on him, letting his hard cock slide in and out of her pussy, stopping just short so it wouldn’t come out.
She hushed, “Tell me more.”
He didn’t think he could say more but he tried because it turned him on, “I just love to be in a cast all the time and I want you to enjoy…”

He couldn’t finish as his oncoming orgasm took his breath away and he buried his head into her chest as she sat on him and rode him hard, the skirt muffling the noises of total wetness and a very soaked pussy now getting flooded by his cum. She threw her head back and she was moaning softly as she held on to his neck still, “Oh gosh, yes. Fucking you in the cast….is…”
She could barely talk too, “Is so hot.”

He felt her pussy tighten around his cock and they both felt their orgasms race through their bodies into all the far corners. Even his toes sticking out of his cast were wriggling wildly because he wanted the feeling of the hard cast on his foot and he wanted to always have that feeling.

They rode out their climaxes as long as they could and sweat beads were building on their foreheads.

She looked around quickly, still no one was around and they were together as one for a few more moments, letting their orgasms subside and relaxing into the aftermath of an explosion of tension and passion.

She leaned down to him now and buried her face next to his neck and he softly let his hand run over her back and down to her ass. He felt her still, slightly moving on him, still enjoying the waves of arousal.

She cuddled closer to him and he just held her.
Exhaustion had definitely happened now and she whispered into his ear, “That was awesome.”
He had barely any strength left to talk, “Yeah.”
He kissed her neck and added, “You’re awesome.”
She then smiled at him, “No, you’re awesome.”
He laughed weakly, “We’re both awesome.”
She sat up and turned around looking at his leg, “That thing right there is making us crazy.”
He nodded, “Yeah, and it’s good.”
“It is very good.”

They fell into a soft, gentle kiss and held their hug for a little while longer.

As they disconnected their bodies under her skirt they waited to let the warm air dry their skin and she pulled out her phone to order an Uber.

He was exhausted and he knew he couldn’t walk around much anymore. All his strength was gone and he wanted to rest. He wanted to be in the hotel room now and enjoy the afternoon and evening with her by his side and his casted leg resting on a pillow. She felt the same way but they knew their fun would be continued later on. They couldn’t get enough of each other and even when they pushed it off to fuck they knew sooner or later the longing for each other would come back even more intense and they would be all over each other with their crazy fantasies and fetishes. It’s was the way they were wired and it was all perfectly good and perfectly fun. And it was to happen for a very long time.


  1. Wow Wow Wow! Very well done!
    I got so wet reading this.
    Lots of new fantasy material ideas...
    Thank you!

  2. Lovely. Thank you for being brave enough to jump right in and try something different. Different readers may appreciate this from different perspectives, but none of them are wrong. Interpretation is always personal. Thanks for sharing.