Monday, January 1, 2018

Baby Crazy, Chapter 2


I could see Matt liked the 3-D pen I bought him, but between you and me, that wasn’t his real present.  His real present is something he’s been wanting for a very long time.  Something I’ve been resistant to give him.  Because it would have resulted in a complete disruption of our home.

But I’ve been on my medications for a long time now, and I’ve made great strides.  I’m finally ready.

When we get back to our house, I’m nearly shaking with excitement.  I can’t wait to see Matt’s face when he discovers what my real gift is.  He will be so thrilled.

Matt parks the car in our driveway, but doesn’t get out of the car immediately.  He stops for a moment, then turns to stare at me.  He reaches out and touches my chin gently with the back of his fingers.  “Can we go up to the bedroom now?”

I smile.  In the time I’ve been with Matt, he’s never made me feel like anything less than the world’s most desirable woman.  Considering I have been outright called a “cold fish” by at least one man in the past, it’s no trivial feat. 

And after all these years, I find him just as sexy as I did back when we were just coworkers who occupied adjacent cubicles—and I used to fantasize about the impossible dream of being something more to him. 

The truth is I still fantasize about him while I’m at work.

“Soon,” I say.  “I just want to show you something.”

He raises his eyebrows at me.  “Show me what?”

“Something you’ll like.”


I nod and shove him playfully in the direction of his driver’s side door.  “Yes, get out of the car!”

Of course, I have to get out first so Matt can push my seat forward and grab his wheelchair from the back.  I’m not one to be in a hurry usually, but right now, I wish he didn’t take quite so long to get out of the car.  Not to say he takes that long, but he can’t just hop out like I do.

I dart ahead to open the front door, but I let Matt enter the house first so he gets to see my surprise.  I watch his face, getting a thrill at the way his eyes widen.

“Holy shit…”

I beam at him.  “You like it?”

He’s gazing up at the seventy-five inch HD smart TV that is now mounted on our living room wall.  I’ve seen him ogling these televisions online and even brought up the possibility of getting one, but I resisted because I knew it would involve a major reorganization of the living room.  I have had the living room in the exact same configuration since I moved in here, save for moving the couch a few inches to allow more space for Matt to maneuver his chair.  I was not enthusiastic about changing anything else in the living room, but I knew how much he wanted this television. 

Matt is gaping at the rest of the living room.  “Everything is different…”

I nod eagerly.  “I had Jake over earlier while you were at work.  We took measurements to make sure your chair would still fit everywhere.  He helped me move everything and mount the television.”  I hesitate.  “But it’s not hooked up or anything.  He said you could handle that, right?”

Some of the shock has faded from my husband’s face and he grins at me.  “Hell yeah I can.”

I knew he could.  Matt loves fiddling with gadgets.  While I am an extremely proficient coder, he could take a computer apart and put it back together with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his back.  Hooking up the Smart TV will be a breeze for him. 

“So you like it, right?” I ask, because he hasn’t outright said so yet.

“Christ, I love it.”  Without warning, he grabs me and pulls me into his lap.  I laugh and cling to his neck so I don’t lose my balance.  “This is incredible, Anna.  I can’t believe you did this for me.”

I lean my head against his neck.  “Well, I got a very good deal on it, actually.”

“Not just the TV but…” He waves his hand around the room.  “The whole living room.  You changed everything.”


It was hard for me.  I’m not going to lie and say it wasn’t hard.  I had to throw out a bunch of my belongings because there was no longer room.  I moved an entire wall of photos.  After Jake and I shifted the sofa ninety degrees, I had to run upstairs and take a Xanax. Even now, looking at the room, I feel uneasy.  If I start thinking about it, I’m sure a cold sweat will break out in the back of my neck.  So instead, I cuddle closer to Matt.

“It was worth it,” I tell him.  “For you.”

He kisses me then, one of those long, luxurious kisses that would have been unthinkable a decade ago, but now makes me tingle delightfully all over my body.  I want him.  So, so much.

“Do you want to go upstairs now?” I breathe in his ear.

He hesitates for several seconds before grinning sheepishly.  “Uh… would you mind if I messed around with the TV for, like, half an hour?”

As much as I wanted to show Matt the other surprise I’ve got waiting for him in the bedroom, I can only laugh.  I’m really glad he likes my present.



I end up messing around with the new TV for about an hour and a half.  I know—I’m the biggest loser on the planet.  Why the hell was I fiddling with a TV set when I had a gorgeous wife who wanted to get me into the bedroom? 

In my defense, it’s an HD Smart TV.  With over eight million pixels.  And a spatial scaling engine.  I mean, I couldn’t go to bed without at least hooking it up to my Xbox and seeing what it was like to play a game on it.

Anyway, I eventually came to my senses and now Anna is in the bathroom, preparing some sort of other surprise for me.  I’m simultaneously blown away by how awesome she is and also guilty I didn’t get her a present that took her breath away. 

Before Anna gets out of the bathroom, I open the drawer on the bedside dresser where I keep my medications.  I don’t keep my meds in the medicine cabinet like a normal person, because it’s just a little high for me to reach, and I figure I’ll end up knocking one of the bottles into the sink at some point. 

I have six bottles of pills in the drawer.  One is the muscle relaxant that’s supposed to help with the spasms I get in my legs, although it barely helps.  Another prevents bladder spasms, so when I have to go to the bathroom, it isn’t quite so urgent.  I swallow both of those pills with the glass of water I keep on the dresser. 

 The next two bottles are Tylenol and Percocet.  So here’s the deal: I sit basically all day.  I also spend more than half my waking hours hunched over a computer screen.  And I use my hands and wrists to both push my chair and to type.  All that means the chance of not being in some kind of pain at the end of the day is virtually nil.  Right now, the pain sits between my shoulder blades—a dull ache that turns into a sharp jab when I use my arms to shift my position in my chair.  It’s not great, but it’s tolerable, which means I don’t need the Percocet.  I opt for the Tylenol, like most nights.

The next bottle is a medication I don’t take anymore.  It’s an antidepressant.  I started taking it about a month after I started using my wheelchair full time.  I was ashamed to be on it, but I really needed it back then.  Badly.  But after moving in with Anna and then getting married, any residual depression I’d been feeling vanished completely, so I got myself off it.  One less medication to have to worry about.  Sure, I have bad days here and there.  But not anything I can’t handle. 

The last bottle is Viagra.

That one I need.  And will always need.  Yeah, I feel like a loser being thirty-four years old and needing to pop a pill to get it up, but there it is.  And that’s not to say I can’t get it up without Viagra, because I can sometimes, but it’s not reliable.  Without it, there’s a fifty-fifty chance I’ll have trouble, and nothing is un-sexier than failing to get hard enough to penetrate your wife.  And even with the Viagra, there’s some chance I’ll have trouble, but it’s not too common.  Usually, I’m okay with the Viagra.

So I take one now.  It’s our anniversary, after all.  I want to be ready for whatever surprise Anna’s got for me.

After taking my pills, I transfer from my wheelchair into our bed.  I pull my undershirt off over my head and drape it on the back of my chair to wear it later, so now I’m wearing nothing but my boxers.  I’m propped up against the pillows, and I glance down at my chest, trying to see it as Anna will when she comes into the room.  Yes, we’re married so it’s a done deal, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good for her.  I mean, she’s really hot, so I want to look at least decent.

My chest is good.  Maybe even better than good.  I don’t manage to make time to work out much anymore, but I do everything with my upper body now, so I have muscles I never had before.  Objectively, I think I’m okay in that department.  And from the neck up, I’m also okay.  Women have mostly liked the way I look. 

From the waist down, there’s nothing too terrible either.  My legs aren’t muscular, obviously, but they’re not stick-thin either.  Even though I can’t move them, I’ve still got some muscle tone.  Only problem is since I don’t have any strength in my legs, when they’re lying out in front of me like they are right now, my ankles turn in and my feet hang down and knock against each other.  I don’t like the way it looks, considering I’m attempting to be sexy for Anna.

I move my legs so they’re lined up next to each other, my knees and ankles now touching.  But somehow that looks worse.  Artificial.

I sigh and just throw the blanket over my legs so they’re completely covered. 


I nearly doze off waiting for Anna to get out of the bathroom.  Christ, she takes forever in there.  I don’t even know what she’s doing, aside from brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, washing her face, and swallowing her own pills.  I get a sudden urge to yell at Anna to ditch the birth control pills.  Tell her let’s make a baby tonight. 

But I get the feeling saying that would kill the mood.

It turns out it’s worth the wait when I see what she’s wearing. Anna peeks her head out of the bathroom door and gives me a nervous smile before coming out into the bedroom. She’s got on nothing but a lacy red bra, and instead of panties, she’s wearing…

What the hell is that?

“What are you wearing?” I ask her as I struggle to sit up straight in bed and get a closer look.

Anna grins at me.  “They’re edible panties.”


She’s wearing what is essentially a G-string made out of rainbow-colored hard candies.  I stare at her in those edible panties, and feel myself getting hard, even though it’s too soon for the Viagra to have kicked in.

“I have the coolest wife in the world,” I manage.

She laughs and shakes her head.

“What?” I say.

“I think,” she says, “this is the first time ever that anyone has ever called me the coolest anything in the world.”

“C’mere,” I say.

She climbs into bed beside me, but all I can think about is eating those candy panties off her.  Maybe I didn’t buy her an enormous TV or drape myself in edible boxers, but I can sure as hell make her scream tonight.  I’m determined.

After we make out for a few minutes, I transfer back into my chair to have more leverage to eat these panties off her.  She lies on the bed, spreads her legs, and I take a minute just to look at her.  Sometimes it floors me this woman is my wife.  She’s so freaking sexy.  I know she wishes she had more curves or bigger tits, but she’s wrong—she’s perfect.

I lower my head to examine the edible panties.  The candies are the same kind that are on those string bracelets they give out during Halloween.  I remember liking those as a kid.  These edible panties are bringing back memories.

I choose a pink candy and dig my teeth into it.  I bite down, except to my dismay, the candy doesn’t give.  I bite a little harder, but no luck.  I roll the candy back in my mouth to try to bite it with my molars, but the candy is holding fast.  I try a second candy—a blue one this time, but it’s equally rigid.


“Anna.” I lift my head.  “These candies are too hard.  I’m going to break my teeth on these things.”

“Really?” She props herself up on her elbows.  “You can’t bite through them?”

I shake my head regretfully.

My heart skips a beat as she removes the panties entirely.  She tries to chomp on one of the candies, her brow creased in a frown.  I can tell she’s not having any better luck than I did.

“Well,” she finally says, “they were only seven dollars on Amazon.”

“That’s okay.” I tug them out of her hand and toss them on the floor.  “As long as they’re off, right?”

Anna grins at me.  “I love you, Matt.”

I place my hand on her knee.  “I love you too, Anna.”

I may not have bought Anna an expensive TV, but I make her very, very happy tonight.

To be continued...
Note: This story is meant to stand alone, but it is technically a sequel to my book, Crazy in Love.  You don't have to purchase Crazy in Love to enjoy this story, but several devs have told me it's one of the devviest things they've ever read, so, you know... :)


  1. Too cute. This couple also make me laugh so hard.

    1. Thanks! I like to make people laugh :)

  2. Love it. Candy undies a great bit. Matt. Is such a sweetie and so patient with Anna.

    1. Thanks! I am a little bit worried about lack of comment love on only chapter 2. Should I take that to mean it’s a busy weekend, or that people are more interested in boy meets girl stories than a story about a married couple trying for a baby? I want the feedback…

    2. I think that when I like a story, I don't "have" to comment everytime even though the chapters are great. I think most people are the same. But one tends to comment if there is sthg unusual.
      Anyhow your chapters are always so intetesting.
      Write her comments people ������

  3. Love it! I had edible undies as a kid... Is that weird? Obviously not to wear them, just to eat them :D Didn't like the taste of the candies, though.
    I want to add something to the list from chapter 1: To get a child you need to be pregnant. And that sucks. There's a person growing in your womb (I mean... Aaaah?!). Your body changes in rapid ways you've thought you had left behind a long time ago. And not only will your child puke once it's born but you will before it's born (probably). And then there's the entire messy affair of birth itself... So yeah, not appealing at all.

    1. Yes, I always hated those kinds of candies too!

  4. Love this story! I've been having trouble commenting on the site the last few days, it seems to take but never posts. Hmm

    1. I'm having some weird trouble replying to comments too! But glad you're enjoying!

  5. Being a married woman, I'm thoroughly enjoying this married couple story. Matt and Anna are the cutest. Also, my actual name is Anna Belle... So by default I have to love this!!

    1. So glad! I did want to do something different!

  6. I love this story, Anna and Matt are an adorable couple, in fact I've always wanted to see what happens next, how a couple with disabilities handles a pregnancy, and then deal with a baby ... I'm sorry I do not write frequently, but it's very difficult for me because I speak Spanish and although I read well in English it is difficult for me to write it correctly, can be a little bit embarrassing ��

    1. I hope you enjoy it. Matt and Anna were one of my favorite couples and I just wanted to keep writing about them...

    2. I can't wait for the book!! March 30th is way yo far..
      I just read for the third time "The Best Man" and I wish you can write a second part, I love all the references you do about 80's pop culture, my favourite is the one about "Serial Mom" hahahah... and Plan Nine!!! Hahaha... You are the best!!

  7. This is truly great, Annabelle! I really like Anna and Matt from Crazy in Love, and they don't disappoint now. I like especially how Anna's OCD is approached, we can see you really thought it through! The baby thing might sound frightening, but it really isn't! It was all very natural to me, and it still makes me amazed of how I managed to cook another perfect little human being inside me <3 it's great to see the perspective of a couple with greater differences trying for one, or at least wanting to! :D thanks for the story!

    1. Thanks! I have some Anna scenes that don't involve Matt and I've been debating whether or not to post them, or to save all that for the book version....

  8. Aw, I'm enjoying it so much! Interestingly, Anna's ocd is incredibly devy to me as well! Keep 'em coming! ;D

    1. It's funny cuz I also like writing about women with disabilities, but I avoid it because I know it's not what you guys are interested in.

  9. Getting pregnant didn't suck for me... I loved every minute of it. I felt glowing the entire time, and I got morning sickness from the second month to the very last (it was psychological, because I loved the feeling of being pregnant lol.) I was the happiest woman on earth during the entire thing! Even the baby's birth wasn't unpleasant. And it was totally worth it.
    Thanks for giving us their view on it. I have a huge crush on Matt since Crazy in Love, and Anna is a very fascinating character, I love to read her POVs! The married life a lot of times is much more interesting than the boy-meets-girl phase to me. I like how relationships work from inside. Again, thank you for posting!

    1. It's going to be very tumultuous... I hope you hang in there!

  10. It's really fascinating seeing all the commenters sharing their experiences with pregnancy above - you've provoked some great discussion, Annabelle. I'm stoked to see how Matt and Anna work through this new relationship phase, and I'm enjoying the offbeat, slightly biting humor.

    1. Lol, do you like it enough to draw me a picture? ;)

    2. I totally would have a go at the candy panties scene :D but I confess I haven't read Crazy in Love yet, so I don't know what Matt and Anna actually look like!

  11. Love this couple! Thanks for continuing the story.

  12. Babymaking! That will be so fun :D I love your writing so much, Annabelle. It's so entertaining, and my sundays are always a little brighter. Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I feel so spoiled by all these supportive comments!!!

  13. Once they have a baby . . . Anna can teach their child to read one day, by sounding out the words . . . on CANS. I'm sure she must still have a couple laying around in the house. I love the two of them -- they are so great together. Super chapter, by the way.

    1. I hope my poor attempt at humor did not offend anyone! I did not mean any harm by my silly comment which, in retrospect, somehow came out all wrong.
      I feel close to Anna's character and love who she is -- that is why I somehow felt comfortable enough to inject a bit of 'humor.' Unfortunately, I now wish I hadn't said it and cannot edit it away.
      Again, I am awfully sorry if anyone took it in a bad light, and I meant no ill will, as I love this story and the characters in it. I especially wish to apologize to Annabelle, as this is her story and her delightful and lovable characters.

    2. Not at all, Pepper! I always love your comments... I thought I had responded, but apparently I didn’t :(. It’s difficult to comment on here using my phone and I haven’t been at my computer lately much. But I loved your comments and wasn’t at all offended :)