Monday, January 8, 2018

New Devo Diary

Hey everyone, Devo Diary is back! I'm still not sure if I can keep up with the pace of posting every week, but I have a new chapter and I wanted to share it right away, before you all forget what was in the previous chapters.

In case you did forget, at this point I'm singing in an opera where I get to dress as a fairy, and getting more and more into the SM scene with my friends from the opera, Lulu and Marty. Sarah is my red-haired friend from grad school, kind of moody and insecure. The guys I'm seeing are Atom the Archaeologist (a sexy but pretentious hipster who likes to be pegged), Brenno the Baritone (a friend with benefits who's about to move to Italy for work), Warren (the IT nerd who's very active in the SM scene), and of course The Mantis, the sexy submissive para. 

In this chapter, yet another AB guy asks me out, but don't worry, there is still more of the Mantis. He's not going to disappear anytime soon :)

Devo Diary Chapter 38: William, part 1

So with this chapter I'm going to switch to posting every other week. There seem to be some other days free so if any authors want to jump in, please leave Monday to me for now. If the other days get filled up I'm willing to alternate but only if we work out the details in advance and the other days are taken. Thanks!

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