Friday, March 9, 2018

An Encounter

Hi everyone, we have a special treat for one-shot Friday! PD member Tykes has contributed some steaming hot erotica from the point of view of a para. I'm posting it on his behalf. If you enjoy it, let him know in the comments or over on the message board and maybe we can persuade him to post here on a regular basis 😘
An Encounter 

The hotel door closes behind you, you look round nervously, no words have been said, and there is a sexual tension in the air you had long forgotten could exist.  You turn to see me approach, a steely glint in my eyes, and you back away as I wheel towards you, until your back is pressed against the wall with my frame pressing against you, pinning you against the wall.

Without a word, my hands reach up, fingers searching for the buttons and unbuttoning your blouse, pulling it open, my hands stroking then squeezing your breasts, falling to your thighs, running up and down your thighs then slipping under the hem, my hands outstretched sliding up your thighs, fingers hooking the waist of your panties. 

Pausing ... Looking you in the eyes ... 

slowly sliding your panties down, allowing you to step out of them, then moving back, telling you to sit on the dressing table and wheeling in close again, this time my hands sliding up your skirt, pushing it over your thighs, my hands easing your legs apart, my head turning and kissing a thigh as I absorb the way you have surrendered yourself to me.  I lift one leg and rest it on a wheel, lower my head and with the tip of my tongue explore you, pressing hard against your clit I circle it, the sane time a finger pushes inside you and starts to move in and out, matching the rhythm of my tongue.  I'm tasting all of you, my sweet lover, rocking to and fro in my chair as I hungrily lick and taste you, one finger joined by a second, in and out, faster and harder, I can hear you whimper with pleasure, hear you moan my name, my tongue faster, pressed hard against your clit, fingers so wet in and out forcefully, you know I won't stop until I've tasted you cumming ... You know I'm taking you .... I'm having you ... 

I can feel you shudder, you moan loudly with animalistic pleasure. I push my tongue inside you, my thumb brushing your clit, your thighs tighten against my neck, I can feel you tremble, I can taste you flooding my mouth, I hold you there, kissing your pussy ... Then look up at you and smile ... Now it's time for bed 

I look up at you & smile you’re unable to express your feelings to me; words are simply not enough. You return your smile & we both look to the bed. I can see that your legs are weak & trembling & know that your pussy is throbbing & pulsing as if my fingers & tongue were still inside you.

As you climb down from the dressing table you watch me wheel slowly to the bed & transfer across, my feet resting on the floor. While I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, you approach & standing between my legs you silently unzip your skirt, pushing it down over your thighs & letting it fall. I raise my arms to address the only clothing that still remains; your bra. 

Gently I finger the lace edging, my finger tips brushing against your breasts. Your arousal continues & you close your eyes enjoying the moment, your mouth becomes dry with anticipation. My hands reach around you to unhook your bra & as I do so your eyes open, pupils dilated & you lean forward, my left hand caressing your right breast whilst my mouth envelops your left breast. As my lips suckle you, drawing a nipple into my mouth your hands move to my head & downwards to my neck. Your fingers graze my hairline your touch firms & moves to my shoulders, flexing into my muscles.As your fingernails begin to dig into my flesh my teeth simultaneously nibble & then bite your nipple. You gasp with pleasure and pull back from my grasp & kneel in front of me. For the first time you are able to physically look up to me. You take my face in your hands & lean upwards to kiss me; I lean downwards to you & our mouths collide with an exchange of tongues. As our kisses become stronger & our lips wetter, I signal with my eyes that we should move to the next level.

I manoeuvre on the bed so I am sitting before you, legs outstretched; now it is me who is submitting to you. You reach for my jeans, undoing the button & lowering the zip behind the fly. Using my arms to support myself, this gives you the chance to pull down not only my jeans but also my boxers. Placing the items on my chair you return to me, gently pushing me down onto the bed. I am are yielding to your every wish; You can see it in my eyes.

Putting my hands under my head enables me to watch your ministrations. you begin with my feet. Examining them closely you lift each one in turn, the flesh cool in your hands. Stroking gently, I may not be able to feel but I can see. Your fingers circle the base of each foot, moving to my instep & up to my ankle. As your hand moves further upwards you feel the hairs on your legs & seek permission with your eyes to kiss me. I acquiesce to your desire. Desire becomes intent. You smile then wet your lips with your tongue & begin to kiss my legs, slowly teasing the hairs between your teeth. As you reach my knees you swing your right leg across me kneeling over me. Placing your hands on my thighs you lean forward so I can kiss my penis; he may not respond but he too is part of my body & as such deserves your attention. Your breasts have fallen onto my thighs & you move so they move too; circling against my body.

I continue to watch, anticipating what is to come next. While your breasts brush against my legs You sidle slowly along my body, your hands pushing upwards along the outside of my torso; your fingers splayed & searching carefully for that line of sensation. For the first time since we entered the room you speak. One word. 'Yes'. As your fingers draw across the line you reach down so your mouth can administer light kisses to me. My nipples must wait; their turn will come. Starting at my left side your tongue follows the pattern made by your fingers & mouth. Feather like touches that swirl across my chest from one side to the other, stopping only to intensify the pressure against me. You begin to suck & nip my flesh, nibbling my skin as I go. I am no longer silent; sounds of pleasure escape my lips. At first almost whispering I murmur platitudes of delight; I am enjoying being the object of your desire.

When you’ve exhausted the trail across my line of demarcation you turn my attention to the main event; your nipples. My chest shows traces of sweat our actions have caused. Licking each index finger in turn you place one on each nipple & circle it, widening around the aureola. You start with your fingertips but slowly your fingernails begin grazing my flesh. Your thumb joins your left hand on your right nipple & you begin to rub it slowly between the two, backwards & forwards. My left nipple is not to be ignored; your mouth covers it, your lips enclosed around it. you suckle it. The colour of my skin flushes as you tease the nub in your mouth. Your tongue flicks across it's tip, quickening in intensity. Both my nipples are being toyed with simultaneously but by different methods, both of which I savour.

My breathing quickens as your attention to my nipples peaks. My hands search for you, groping blindly as my eyes are closed against the pleasure I feel. My fingers grasp your hair, clenching it tightly. You feel my chest beneath you. Great movements as I inhale & exhale. The pressure intensifies & builds. My voice increases in volume. My arousal has been nurtured & climax is upon me. Your name is shouted from my lips as a feeling of release overwhelms me.

As I release your hair you relinquish my hold on my nipples, by both hand & mouth. you rest your head on my chest, it rises with each breath. For a while we are as one. There is no line between us. There are no words ….. just lovers together. 


  1. Very hot!! Loved it.

  2. It reads almost like a poem. I especially liked,
    "as I absorb the way you have surrendered yourself to me." and
    "There is no line between us. "
    Very nice, and, WELCOME !

  3. Totally HOT Tykes! THE BEST DEV read ever. How did you get into my daydreams?

  4. It's Yorkshire air, gives me special powers ;-)

    Glad you enjoyed the read

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  6. Jesus Christ... Tykes, again... I love you!! ��


  7. AHHH!!! I can't get over how perfect!!!

  8. When are you putting pen to paper again Tykes?