Wednesday, March 7, 2018

No Shadowboxing this week

Hello all,

Apologies, but I got flooded with work at the beginning of this week, so I haven't had time to revise this week's chapter like I'd wanted to. (I'm a compulsive reviser.)

Retroactive spoiler: if you ever wanted to skip straight to the sex scene, last week was your chance. :)

Last chapter: Chapter 9
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Thank you to all who've been reading and leaving enthusiastic feedback - I'm so happy that folks are enjoying the story. To make up for this week's gap, I have two Asher + Roy doodles beneath the cut -

Confession: When I first started drawing Asher and Roy, I was terrified of people finding devvy stuff in my sketchbooks (friends sometimes flip through them), so in early sketches like these, I avoided showing Asher's disability explicitly. If you couldn't tell from Chapter 9's illustration, I'm mostly over it now. :P


  1. I have to say, i was so bitterly disappointed there was no chapter today, but that's just testament to how much I am seriously enjoying your story. I've even started compiling it into a book for my kindle.

    I love the two new pictures you posted, would love to see more if you had them.

    All in all, i'm totally obsessed with this story!!!

  2. Well darn! Your lovely doodles will have to sustain me through another week of daydreaming about Asher and Roy ;)

  3. Sorry to hear it, but love the pics!

  4. Super pictures. See you next week.

  5. Love the pics. Really missed your story. Cant wait for next week

  6. Beautiful pictures! And ahhh... how much I miss those two!