Sunday, July 29, 2018

Update to Love Bites

Hi all!  I'm back with another chapter of Love Bites to conclude the cliffhanger in the last chapter.  This one is quite a bit longer than the others, and pretty devvy, in my humble opinion.  Also, we finally meet Hunter:

Chapter 3

Entire story

Also, some of you mentioned you'd like to see me write some historical fiction.  The book version of this story will go back and forth between Brooke's story and one that takes place in 1905.  I wasn't going to post the 1905 part because it wasn't vital to the other story.... they do eventually intersect, but not till near the end.  But I figured I'd try posting it and if it's something you guys enjoy, I can just post those parts in the TOC, so people who aren't reading that storyline aren't thrown off by it.  But if you don't care either way, I probably won't post because it's harder than not posting.  Obviously.

OK, now that I've babbled on about this for a whole paragraph, here it is:

Tom Blake, October of 1905

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