Sunday, November 25, 2018

The One, Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I hit it off with Sophie straight away, there were no awkward silences and we seemed to be into a lot of similar things. Well at least the things I used to love. Sophie told me all about her passion for travelling and her beloved football club. There was nothing more I loved doing than jetting off to a different country every time I had a break or playing football on a weekly basis. Even if it was just 5 a side. I’d not taken a step out of my country since the accident or should I say roll. And as for football, I struggle to watch the game on telly now never mind play or visit a stadium.

At that moment I realised my glass was empty, my heart started to race as I thought about Sophie realising I had to use a wheelchair so soon. I gave John a look and he instantly seemed to understand what I was going to say. “Drink anyone?” I asked.
“Pass me your card mate and I’ll go. Saves these beautiful ladies from moving,” replied John.
I silently mouthed “cheers” to John who in turn winked at me. Immediately, my heart started to slow down and I turned back to Sophie to continue our chat.


I couldn’t believe my luck. After the initial shyness Ben did some serious flirting with me and we seemed to like all the same things. Could this be it? Could he be my Prince Charming?

Suddenly, Clare shouted, “drink up ladies, the taxi is here.” My heard sank, I didn’t want this to be the end of my night. I don’t think I’d ever had this connection with anyone. The girls stood up to put their coats on and John got up to say goodbye. I knew it was now or never. I’d never done anything like what I was about to do before. “Pass me your phone Ben,” I demanded sounding so confident. Without saying a word Ben passed it to me. I opened it up and typed in my number. I handed it back to him now shaking and said, “Hope to hear from you soon”. I leaned in and slowly placed my lips of his rosy red ones and cupped his jaw with my hand. “Goodnight sexy,” I said as I turned around and left the pub.


I couldn’t stop smiling, this had been the best night out since... God since I can’t remember when. Just then John came back from the door after saying goodbye to the girls. Sam has stayed with me otherwise I would have looked like the ignorant one. John looked at me with a serious face and I knew what was coming next. “Why man? Why didn’t you tell her?” he asked.
“You know why!” I snapped loosing all excitement about the situation.
“Ben you do know this can’t go anywhere if she doesn’t know the truth,” said John in a sympathetic tone.
“I know it does but I just wanted one night. One night where I was normal again. One night where I wasn’t pitied.” I cried.
“Ok you have had your one night now. when you message her you can tell her the truth,” demanded John.
“No, I’m not messaging her. My fun is over so let’s just leave it at that.” I replied in such a serious tone I knew the boys wouldn’t question it anymore tonight.


  1. I love the way the history is happening. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Super cool story! I am really enjoying your characters.

  3. Keep up the good work ..enjoying it.

  4. I can't wait to see how Sophie finds out about Ben!!