Saturday, November 24, 2018

The One Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Four days later and there was still no message from Ben. Why? I thought to myself. We had got on so well. Maybe he didn’t see me as girlfriend material and just as a bit of fun on a night out. Well I’d show him, we were off to a Halloween party at the local and I planned to dress to impress. I didn’t know if Ben would be there but I sure wanted him to regret not messaging me if he was.

Slowly, I walked down the stairs and smiled at Clare. “Wow you look stunning!” she stated never taking her eyes off me. “If I was that way inclined I’d make a hit on you right now sexy lady.” Immediately, we both started to laugh. I knew I looked pretty decent because I’d never seen Clare react like that. I was wearing a red wrap around lace dress, a pair of thick black tights and a load of eye make up. I had spent ages curling my hair and to finish off my outfit I placed my devil ears headband on my head and got Clare to safety pin my tail. Just then the taxi beeped out side so I put on my knee length boots and carefully walked to the taxi.


“No I’m not coming,” I screamed back at John.
“Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get a move on. Sam and Dan will be waiting for us. Dan said how it will be like old times the four of us together.” Said John.
“No go without me. You’ll have more fun without little ole cripple me,” I replied sounding like a petulant teenager. John laughed at me and stamped his feet saying,”It’s so unfair”. Whilst flicking his bottom lip. “You sound just like Kevin from Kevin and Perry. If you don’t get your wallet and coat I’m going to push you out of the house and drag you to the pub with my bare hands.
“Ok I’ll come but I’m only stopping for an hour and I’m driving,” I stated.
“Ok deal!” John replied looking smug with himself.

We arrived at the pub within 10 minutes. John quickly came round to my side of the car and placed my wheelchair on the floor. I carefully lifted each leg up and placed them on the floor. Slowly I moved to the edge of the drivers seat and leaned forward to grab hold of my chair. In one swift motion I lifted myself off the drivers seat and into my chair. I quickly picked up each of my useless legs and placed them in the centre of my leg rest. John looked up at me and said, “shit it looks like it’s going to be busy. It’s Halloween, I totally forgot.”
“Well when we get in. Get me into a corner  and out of my chair because there’s nothing worse than getting constantly banged into,” I explained. I knew John knew the real reason was Sophie but he wasn’t going to say anything because it had been difficult enough to persuade me to come at all.


I quickly scanned the room and immediately I saw him. Sat with a lad I didn’t know and two other girls. John spotted us and followed us to the bar. He gave Clare a peck on the cheek, whispered something in her ear to make her smile which is something I’d have to ask her about later. He then came and said hello to the rest of us.

 The bar man approached us and then John made a beeline for me. “Soph I know you must be mad at Ben but please give him some slack. He’s been through a lot recently and he’s nervous around women. Especially beautiful ones like yourself.”
“What I load of rubbish,” I snapped back.”How can anyone as attractive as Ben be nervous around women? I’m not stupid, I know he only wanted a bit of fun that night. I can take the hint. I’ll be civil tonight but that’s it with us two.”
“Sophie you have this totally wrong. There’s been a lot of changes in Ben’s life over the last 10 months. I’m not going to explain what they are but they knocked his confidence. Yes before he knew he was a good looking lad who could have his pick but he no longer sees himself as that person. Please just give him a second chance,” pleased John.
“Like I said I’ll be civil but I don’t believe half of what you’ve said. He’s not even got off his arse to come and apologise. He could have at least done that, “ I replied angrily.

I slowly stepped out of the bathroom. I had said I needed to go visit the ladies but it was more so I could compose myself before seeing Ben. As expected John had asked us to sit with them and the others had said yes. Donna had looked at me with eyes that said sorry. I’d given her a secret nod so she knew I was ok about things. As I reached the table I realised I did know one of the girls, it was Nicola who worked at the local dentist and her colleague Lisa.

Nicola turned to face me and said, “Hi Sophie, it’s nice to see you. I haven’t seen you in ages. Let me move over so you can get in.” I looked up from where she was moving from and saw Ben. “No it’s ok I’ll sit on the end,” I replied.
“No nonsense we’ll move down,” she said. She then put she hand up to shield her face and said, “plus Lisa is hoping to get lucky with Dan over there.” I quickly scooted along the bench, not once making eye contact until I was sat to the left of Ben.


Wow! I don’t think I’d ever seen anything as beautiful in my life. Her hair glistened in the light and her cleavage showed enough  to make me want to rip her clothes off there and then. I shook my head, what was I thinking? If she knew the real me, she’d never want half a man. God she doesn’t probably want me after last time anyway. I looked at her sad eyes and knew I was responsible for them. “Sorry,” I said. God how pathetic am I? Sorry is the best I could do?
“Sorry? What for? You don’t have to be sorry for not wanting me but you could have at least told me,” she said with a disappointing tone. “I get I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.”
“No Sophie, stop there! You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I’m just not in a good place right now to drag someone into my life. I’m sorry I was a coward and never told you,” he pleaded with puppy dog eyes. “Truce?”.
“Ok truce but never lie to me again. The truth is always better!” Sophie replied.


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