Monday, November 26, 2018

The One

Hi, This is a first for me and I'm unsure if it's worth continuing with or not so I would be grateful for some feedback. It's a little story that I have had in my head for a while. 

Thanks in advance. 

The One 

Chapter 1

I raced through the door and saw Clare sitting on the sofa dressed to go out. Her hair was perfectly straight and she was wearing her favourite baby pink floaty shirt. “I know, I’m sorry before you start. There was an issue at work and I couldn’t get away,” sighed Sophie.
“Well you have 15 minutes before Donna gets here in the taxi,” replied Clare.
“No problem,” I panted as she started to strip off. “I’ll be ready in 10.”

“See ready with 2 minutes to spare. Told you it wouldn’t be an issue,” I smirked whilst putting on my lipstick in the mirror.
Clare smiled back and said, “I never doubted you. I’m sure I just heard the taxi beep, let’s go!” I carefully put on my mid calf boot and looked at her self in the mirror before I left. I thought to my self that I didn’t look too bad if my Prince Charming was to be in the pub tonight.


“Will this table do?” asked John to the other lads.
“Fine by me,” replied Sam. “Where do you want to sit Ben? I’ll move one of the chairs out of the way for you.”
I looked at the other lads and my shoulders sagged and eyes went down towards my legs. “For one night I just want to forget about this” I mumbled whilst banging my hands on the rims of my wheels. “I want to sit on the back rest and pretend I don’t need this to move around. I want to avoid the pity in any pretty girls eyes as her walks by me and avoids speaking to me”.
“No problem mate,” states John. “We’ll pull the table back first so it’s easier for you to transfer.”

The 2 men grabbed either side of the large table and pulled it out of the way to ensure it was as easy as possible for me to do the transfer. Everything was still new to me and I was only just coming to terms with how my life had changed. I knew the men didn’t want me to take a back step in my progress. “Ok, will you 2 hold the table whilst I use it to transfer. I don’t want it to move and end up on the floor and look more of a retard than normal” I moaned.
“Stop it with the derogatory terms.” snapped Sam.
“You look no more retarded than you did before the accident,” smirked John. 
I turned around and smiled at John. John was good at not letting me feel sorry for himself. He was a true friend and had been there for me since the moment I gained consciousness in the car and realised I could no longer feel my legs.

I quickly transferred and used the table to help myself sit up straight. Sam quickly pulled the chair out the way and pushed the table back into its usual position. I slowly pulled himself along to the edge of the table because I knew I’d need the side for support to sit up. My core wasn’t strong enough to sit up on its own for long yet. “Where do you want me to put your chair?” asked Sam.
“Anywhere out of sight is good enough for me,” I sarcastically replied.


We quickly entered the pub and I shivered. I thought to myself how it didn’t feel like 2 minutes ago since it was the summer and I was enjoying a summer romance in Asia. One of the best summers of my life. Plenty of memories to last a life time. My mind drifted to James my holiday romance but it didn’t last long because Donna elbowed me in her ribs and said, “I’ve not seen it this busy in here for years. We’ll be lucky to get a seat”.

We decided to go around the pub in search for somewhere to sit. Suddenly, I heard a wolf whistle followed by someone shouting Clare. We turned around a saw Clare running up to the source. She flung her arms around his neck and started screaming. He wrapped his large arms around her waist and started to spin her around. Slowly, I followed Clare until I was in front of the unknown person. He was way over 6 feet tall with short curly blonde hair. He’s what I’d class as a typical good looking man who obviously loved the gym. Not my type of man but definitely Clare’s.

“I didn’t know you were home,” shrieked Clare. “When did you get back? How long you home for? Is it for good?”
“Calm down, calm down,” he smirked at her. “Some things changed and I had to come home. I can’t say if it’s forever but it’s definitely indefinite. I finally moved 2 weeks ago and I’ve been hoping I’d bump into you”.

Clare suddenly realised we didn’t know who the man was and turned around and introduced us. “Girls this is John. We go way back and I’m sure you have heard a few stories.”
I smiled as I realised who John was. He was Clare’s first love, the one she never got over and the one she always hoped of rekindling their romance. I stuck out my hand and said, “I’m Sophie, nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard lots about you”. 
He shook my hand back and replied, “Nice to meet you too. Would you ladies like to join us?”.

At that point I turned around to see 2 other men sitting on the back rest of the table behind John. The one on the left had a military style hair cut which was jet black. He was cute but once I looked at the guy on the right I was transfixed. He had short brown hair which was slightly longer on top than at the sides. He had full lips that made me want to kiss them and the most striking blue eyes I’d ever seen. They were as blue as the ocean and I instantly found myself lost in them. This could potentially be the most attractive man I’d ever seen and from his body language, I don’t think he realised how beautiful he was. 

I felt a prod in my back and it quickly brought me back to reality. “Hi! Are we ok to sit down here?” I asked nervously whilst pointing to the chairs at the right of the back rest.
“Sure take a seat. I’m Ben and this is Sam,” blushed the most attractive man on Earth.


  1. Please keep going!!! :)

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    1. Hi, I have worked out the line breaks so the whole story isn't showing but you I change the date the next time I am wanting to add another chapter?

    2. When you are posting, use the schedule post tool on the right hand side and just pick a random date in the past. Most authors pick dates that are close together with a later date each time. If you tag all subsequent chapters with the title of the work only then readers can easily find all the chapters together and if you give consecutively older dates each new chapter it will all appear in order. You can easily see how others have done it. Please take care of this yourself; we are not going to adjust the dates for you.

  3. Interesting start to your story. Please continue, would love to see more

  4. Love it so far! Please keep going!

  5. Interesting start. I am sure you came to the right place to post this type of story. Different stories here add variety and there are readers here for all the stories. Good luck and have fun posting. Hope you can figure out the Blog, it's a tad bit confusing when you first come here.

  6. Great start, I want to hear about what happens next!

    I'm guessing from the few grammatical errors that you made that English isn't your first language? Well done for putting in the effort to write, and doing a better job of it than I can in my own language.
    If you'd like help with proofreading and grammar then I'm sure there will be people here (including myself) happy to help.

    1. Hi, how do I sent you the work to proof read?

  7. Wonderful new story! Thank you for sharing your words with us, and welcome.

  8. Definitely keep going! This is great start. I’m excited to see what happens next.

  9. Yeah, I guessed the same. Where do you come from? English is also not my mother tongu, but I can read and understand it quite good. Grammatical correct speach and writing is another thing... Doesn‘t matter! Like the start of the story. Maybe you should use Beth‘s offer to help with the grammatics. :-)

  10. Keep going. Few grammatical issues but interesting start. Welcome ..always excited for a new author

  11. Ohhh I like how they met! Excited for chapter 2.