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The One Chapter 7



“So are you going to tell me what’s happening with you and John? Don’t say nothing is happening because I’m not stupid,” I asked Clare.
“Ok we’re hoping to give it another go. Don’t say anything to anyone because it’s early days,” Clare pleaded.
“Secreted Sade with me,” I replied and gave her a little shoulder barge. “I hope it works out for you Clare because you deserve some happiness.”
“John said he was hoping to get the lads here tonight. I wonder if they came.” quizzes Clare.
“I’ll give Ben a text and see if they are here,” I said.


I felt a buzzing around my nipple area so I reached inside my coat pocket and took out my phone. I instantly saw that there was a new message from Sophie. The message read: You at the Bonfire fair ground? Xx
I quickly replied: Yes. U? X
Sophie: Yes we’re over by the tea cups. Where r u? Xx
Ben: Near the ball throwing games x
Sophie: Wait there we are coming over to you xx


I looked ahead and immediately saw the black spokes of a wheelchair. I looked up and caught Ben’s eye. He gave me the warmest smile imaginable and started to roll towards us. He was wearing a pair of navy jeans and what looked like thermal boots. On the top half he was wearing a black bomber jacket, a black woolly hat and a black scarf. As we got closer I noticed he was wearing what looked like half a pair of gloves. I bend down to give him a kiss of the check and then decided to question the gloves. “I see that this year you can only afford half a pair of gloves. I think you need to ask for a pay rise.”
“Erm I wear them when I’m out and about they’re to protect my hands from the constant pushing and the fingers are out so I can still use my hands for other tasks,” explained Ben.
“See I did warn you. Number 1 ticked off my list for putting my foot in it,” I laughed alongside Ben.
We slowed walked with the others stopping to have a go on the teddy bear machines and hook a duck. When we reached the skittles John challenged the rest of the boys to a game of who can get the most down. Each boy placed £5 in the kitty and had a go. Sam went first. “Donna I’ll play for you but don’t get your hopes up, I’m useless.” Sam wasn’t wrong. He only managed to knock two skittles down. I’m sure I would have done better with my eyes closed. John was up next he stood there flexing his muscles whilst laughing. “Thanks for the money lads. This one is in the bag,” he boasted. True to form he threw the first one and knocked them all down apart from the bottom three. By the end of the three shots John had one left and was looking very smug with himself. “Right go on Beno wipe that smug look off his face and show him how it’s really done,” hackled Sam. Ben turned to me and said, “Wish me luck.” I faced him and gave him the thumbs up. Ben’s first shot was very similar to John’s, he knocked them all down apart from two at the bottom. Ben moved his chair slightly and threw his second ball. He was obviously slightly off balance because he suddenly leaned forward and held the counter and the ball totally missed the skittles. Ben seemed to refuse to look at anyone and regained his balance. He picked up the final ball and hit the middle skittle slightly to the left. The pin seemed to jump and collide with the one to the right. John stood there stunned as he realised there were no pins left and Ben had won him. Everyone cheered and high fived Ben. Even though John was trying his hardest to look pissed off, you could tell he was happy for Ben. “So then Sophie which teddy would you like? The decision is yours,” stated Ben.
I looked around and pointed to a very large cute dog with a love heart in his mouth. Ben handed me the teddy and I bent forward and kissed him firmly on the lips and said, “thank you.”
We carried on walking around the fair when we came to the waltzers. Donna got very excited and started jumping up and down like a giddy teenager. “Oh I love the waltzers. Let’s all go on them,” she screamed.
“I’m game,” said Sam and the rest seemed to follow pursuit. I looked at Ben and instantly realised he wouldn’t be able to go on them. “I think I’ll give them a miss tonight,” I stated.
“No you love the waltzers Sophie, you’ve got to come on.” demanded Donna.
“I not feeling it tonight. My stomach is doing somersaults,” I lied.


Everyone ventured on the waltzers and I was left sat there with Sophie to my side. I looked at her and said, “there’s nothing wrong with your stomach is there?” Sophie paused before she replied, “erm no but don’t totally get the wrong idea. I did it for selfish reasons. I wanted to spend some alone time with you.”
I looked around the fair and spotted a ramp up to the Ferris wheel. I turned to Sophie and said, “Come on I’m not having you miss out. Let’s go on the wheel.”
We got to the front of the line and I suddenly felt nervous. The cart didn’t look steady and I was going to have to transfer out of my chair. I looked at Sophie and in a joking way said, “let’s hope this isn’t going to be the first time you see me face plank.”
“I’ll make a deal if you do I’ll join you so we both look the same. You need any help at all?” she asked.
“No I should be fine but will you hold the cart still so it doesn’t move,” I replied.
“Sure of course,” Sophie said. The attendee opened the cart door wide and explained he would hold the cart still. Luckily the cart’s seat was level with my chair so it made the transfer easy. Once seated I let out a huge sigh and moved along the cart.


I could feel the tension evaporate from Ben and he relaxed. He turned to face me and smiled. The Ferris wheel quickly arrived at the top and we had an amazing view of the city lights in the background and the park was lit up below. “It’s beautiful up here.” I said whilst my lips chatted from the cold. “God you are freezing,” exclaimed Ben. “Move as close as you can to me so we can share body heat.” I carefully slid along, trying my hardest to make sure our cart didn’t rock. Once I was as close as I could, Ben wrapped his arm around me and I felt myself nuzzle into his neck. Ben Instantly froze and I pulled away. “Sorry,” I said. “I never should have done that.”
“No don’t be sorry,” Ben replied. He turned my face towards him and cupped my chin with his strong calloused hands. “God I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I saw you but you deserve so much more than the likes of me.” With that last sentence I moved forward until our lips were touching. Immediately he responded and his warm lips caressed mine. He tasted tentatively with his tongue as it traced around my bottom lip. The chemistry was intense and I hoped it would last forever. Eventually we both pulled back and Ben wrapped his arm around me again. For the rest of the ride we both sat there in comfortable silence.





The night was just getting going, it was happy hour in the bar and we had just got our drinks for half price on the wheel of fortune. “Next time I hope it lands on the free round button,” Clare stated.

“We’ve no chance! It’s more likely going to land on pay double,” I replied laughing. Just then the music changed to classic old 80s song. Clare grabbed hold of my arm and shouted, “come on we used to love dancing to this.”


We danced away for what felt like hours. Showing each other our best moves. Clare had a quick glance at her watch and said, “gets get another drink and then I want the low down”.


I sat down on the chair and felt the blood in my feet continue to pump. I knew I should have gone for comfort but alcohol would have to do to numb the pain. Clare arrived back with four cocktails and said, “What? I stopped it on buy one get one free.” I laughed, “If I’m sick at home it’s not my fault! You have been warned. Ok so spill. What’s happening with your and John?”

“Oh Sophie I can’t believe my luck. I’ve never been so happy in my life,” explained Clare. She looked down at her straw and started to spin it around in her glass. Suddenly she looked up at me and continued, “I don’t want to tempt fate but I think he might be the one. I can already feel myself falling for him and I’m constantly thinking about him. He’s in my head first thing on a morning and he’s still there when I go to sleep. Oh and I’ve had the most amazing sex with him.”

“I’m really happy for you Clare and I want to be the first to know when he pops the question,” we both laugh and take a long swing of our drinks. “Anyway enough about me. What’s going on with you and Ben?” asked Clare.

“I honestly don’t know. We had a moment on the Ferris wheel you know. We had the most amazing kiss ever but when we got off and went back to you lot it’s like nothing happened. I’ve hinted and flirted since but he’s not giving me anything back. I’m so confused! I’ve spoken to him loads and we even met for coffee the other day but still nothing,” I cried.

“Oh Sophie I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say. I really want it to work out for both of you but you need to think of when you going to give up on the idea if it doesn’t work.” Clare said in a sympathetic tone.

“I know; I just don’t think I’m ready to give it up just yet.” I reply suddenly feeling down.





I take out my phone and see I’ve got three notifications from John. I quickly type in my passcode to view them. I opened the message and it read: missing you xxxx

John: we’ve decided to go into town. Can we come meet you? Xxxx

John: let me know where you are sexy lady. I can’t wait to see you xxxx


I turned to see Sophie giving me a face that says I know what you are doing. “So I’m taking it from your face the message is from John?” she asks.

“God am I that obvious?” I question. “Yes it was him. He’s in town with a work mate and he wants to know if we wanted to meet him. I was just going to text him back and say no because we are having a girly night.”

“Don’t be stupid, get him to meet us. What kind of best friend would I be if I stopped you from seeing your one true love?” Sophie replied.

I squeezed and ran up to Sophie and placed a sloppy kiss on her cheek. “Thank you Soph. You really are the best,” I giggled.


I quickly took out my phone and messaged John back.

Clare: Yes, come and meet us. We are in Osborne’s xxxxxxxxx

Clare: Can’t wait to see you too xxxxxxx

John: Ok babes be there in 15 mins xxxxxxx





Around 20 minutes later John arrived with a lad I’d not met before. He was around 6 feet tall with short dark brown hair. The closer I got I noticed that John’s friend was a decent looking lad. He had a dark complexion with perfectly clear skin apart from a small mole on the right of his lip. “Ladies this fine specimen of a man here is Chris. Chris this is Sophie and my beautiful other half Clare,” explained John. Chris shook my hand and gave me a kiss of both cheeks. “Ladies what would you like to drink,” asked Chris in a sexy Irish accent. “Same again please,” I replied and John butted in a shouted,” jaguar bombs all around as well.”


The night was spent with plenty giggles and dancing. Chris was good company and I was having a good time but he was no Ben. With that thought I decided to question John. “So then I need some truths. No beating around the bush, I just need the honest truth,” I explained to John.

“Ok sounds serious. How can I help you?” John questioned.

“Ben! You know him better than anyone, am I wasting my time?” I asked but dreading the answer.

“Ok you said you wanted the truth so here we go. No you aren’t wasting your time but it could take months if not years to get him to come around. Once you have him though there’s no one better than Ben. He’s worth the effort,” answered John.

“Wow that easy is it,” I laughed.

“You know what might turn him around quicker. The thought of another man taking you and him losing his chance. I can’t say it will work but it’s worth a try,” said John.


Thinking about what John had just said I got the four of us together for a photo. Chris has his arm around me and I put it straight on Instagram with the caption ‘feeling the love today. Whilst I was stood at the bar I checked my phone and saw that Ben had viewed it. Chris then joined me at the bar and offered to buy me another drink. I took out my phone and held it up for another snap. I passed it to Chris to hold out and just a he clicked the snap I turned my head and gave him a peck on the cheek. Again I placed it on social media with the caption ‘fun with this one’.





I look at my phone for around the 20th time and throw it on my bed. I can’t expect her to wait around forever for me. I’ve hinted enough times that I’m not interested. But seeing her happy with another man doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve just been spiting myself by constantly rejecting her. Just then I heard my phone vibrate on the bed. I slowly roll over to the bed and pick up my phone. I see it’s from John and by the looks of it he’s drunk.

John: come johns us mamas 

John: Come join us man. 

John: So drunk and love u xxx

I take one look at the messages and decide to call it a night. Last thing I want is to see her with another man in the flesh.


I’m startled when I hear a loud bang and noises from the kitchen. I recognised some of the mumbled voices in the kitchen as Sophie and John. I was going to kill John in the morning. It was one thing me seeing her with another lad on Instagram but to bring them back to our home was another matter.


I lay in bed pretending to be a sleep when the next thing I know my bedroom door flies open and hits the wall. Sophie staggers through the room and seems to hit ever cabinet until she’s next to my bed. She drops into my chair like a sack of potatoes and slurred, “wake up sleepy head”. I turned on the bedroom light on turned into my back. “What you doing here?” I asked.

“We came back to carry on the party and to see your face,” Sophie slurred again. Her eyes were rolling around in the back of her head and she smelt like a brewery. She stood up and grabbed hold of his hands. “Come on up you get, I need another drink,” Sophie said whilst pulling my hands. Even though she was extremely drunk she swung my legs around onto the floor and slowly let go of each hand one at a time so I could control my balance. “Ok go into the living room, I’ll be out in a couple of minutes,” I replied.





Ben rolled into the living room and came to a holt next to the sofa I was sat on. I knew I was slurring my words but I was feeling confident and had so much to say. “I know you aren’t interested in me sexually but that doesn’t mean I don’t think you are hot. God you are so attractive you make me feel. Oh god I’m going to be sick. I knew it was too late. Pieces of unthawed meat appeared in the back of my throat and instantly I knew I was going to be sick. I opened my mouth and I knew tonight’s food was going to make a reappearance. Large chunks of chicken appeared whilst the partially digested chicken spewed out of my mouth. My stomach kept on contracting violently and forcing everything up and out. My face was white and was dripping with bile, sweat, and tears. I lurched forward and sunk to my knees. The pungent stench invaded my nostrils and I heaved even though there was nothing left to go. I knew there was only one option left and it was to go to bed.





I silently called out to John by giving him the eye. He came towards me and on the count of three he lifted Sophie onto my lap. I carried her along the corridor towards my bed. I carefully placed her on my bed and pulled the covers over her shoulders. I gave her a long peck on the cheek and wished I could lay next to her and hold her tight. I sat and viewed her for ages. Her eye lids kept fluttering and every couple of minutes she’d make a cute little snorting sound. I laughed to myself thinking how she would be feeling in the morning. I thought about going to sleep on the sofa but didn’t want to leave Sophie on her own in case she vomited again. I leaned on the desk keeping my eye on her at all time. I knew I’d pay for it in the morning and have a sore back but it would be worth it.





Oh god what time is it? Where on earth am I? I thought as I felt across the bed. My heart started to pound as I realised I was in Ben’s bed.

My mind struggled to make a clear picture and I couldn’t work out what had happened. I looked up and saw Ben asleep at his desk. What had happened last night? Then it hit me! Drinks followed by drunken conversations and vomiting in Ben’s living room. Oh god how was I ever going to live this down. I must have moaned out loud because instantly Ben sat up in his chair. He looked at me and smiled, “morning sleepy head. How you feeling this morning?” he said.

“Shocking! That’s it I’m never drinking again,” I stated. “I’m sorry for everything I did last night.”

“Haha yes you were a tad drunk I think it’s safe to say,” smirked Ben.

“Please don’t tell me. I can’t cope with the embarrassment just yet,” I sighed. I looked at Ben’s legs and they were bouncing up and down rapidly. “You didn’t sleep there all night did you? Come on it’s still early get in here otherwise you’ll be in agony later.” I moved across the bed so there was plenty of room for Ben to transfer. Once he was in bed I pulled the covers up around my neck and seemed to instantly fall back to sleep.

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