Saturday, December 29, 2018

Mr. Perfect Update & Extra

Hi, everyone!

So, this week we get to see their date. Personally, this is my very favorite chapter, I hope you will like it too! Please, leave a review, it really motivates me. I had the first four chapters ready, now I'm writing the fifth and I'll hopefully try to have it ready till next Saturday.

I've also been writing something on the side that has taken a lot of my attention, and I'd like to hear your opinion on it, if it's worth continuing, what could be improved/changed... It's very experimental, I haven't even proofread it and I'm not even sure what the characters names are yet. I just want some feedback, so it's just a sample.

Without further ado, Here's Chapter IV to He's Not Mr. Perfect

Here's the preview of what I'll call Anita for now, because that's the girl's name and the only thing I have sorted out yet, haha


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  1. Oh a new story too! Liked Anita and Theo a lot. Hope you continue with it.