Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New Chapter The One

Hi everyone,

Here is the 4th Chapter of The One. I have finally worked out how to Lovis. Thank you and fingers crossed they work.

Chapter 4

I have also done a link to last weeks chapter in case people couldn't get it to work.

Chapter 3



  1. I was able to get into the first three chapters just fine, but now, with the link provided for chapter 4, blogger won't let me access the story. Can you include a link like you did for chapter 3? That worked okay for me.

    1. Hi, how did you get to Chapter 3? For me a message appears saying that i'm not allowed to access.

  2. Hi, I'm unable to open chapter 4, but the link for chapter 3 worked for me

  3. Hello! I really like your story, I enjoyed the previous chapters but I can't enter to chapter 4, blogger sends me a message telling me that I have no authorization to enter ... I was looking forward to this chapter! : '(