Monday, December 3, 2018

New Chapter "Will Love Prevail"

Hi friends,
here is another Monday and it's time for some more of Chiara and Mark.
I have to admit though that I am feeling unsure about posting anymore for this story.
I was really hoping to get a bit more support/feedback last week after I had felt so anxious about the story and basically had decided to rewrite it. The story was up to almost 200 pages and to start basically at zero again was a big deal for me. But I wanted you guys to see Mark and Chiara meet up now already instead of 100 more pages down the road.
Unfortunately I didn't get but two people give me any feedback and I have to say it's a bit discouraging. Maybe you're not really feeling the story. I know it has language and the theme may not be everyone's cup of tea.
But before I decided to rewrite so Mark and Chiara could be together I lay awake for hours thinking about this and felt very anxious. So I guess I was hoping for a bit more feedback if you like the way the story was developing.
I'm willing to open up another channel of communication with me for people who don't have Google and can't comment. My email is:
Now here is the chapter for this week Chapter 6
I really hope you are enjoying the story and I would really like to hear if you do.
Thanks for reading,
Hugs, Dani
Here is also the TOC


  1. Please continue with it.

  2. please continue !!!

  3. Thanks everyone here, I will continue to post. Please continue to check in. I appreciate your comments so much