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Chapter 1 - Forever First Love

Forever First Love

Chapter 1


I remember the first time that I met Matthew Hopkins so clearly. My parents had decided to have a BBQ in the garden, and Ben’s mum had recently started working with my mum at the bank. The Hopkins were new to the area so mum thought it would be nice to invite them. Mr and Mrs Hopkins arrived with 3 children behind them, twins Sarah and Emma and their younger brother Matthew. My sister Nicola was playing in the Wendy house at the bottom of the garden so the twins quickly vanished into there. I was practising my kick ups in the middle of the lawn and Matt confidently approached me and asked, “fancy a game of heads and volleys?”

For the rest of the night I played football with Matt. We practiced penalties, kick ups and had a game of cuppy. followed by playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo for what felt like hours. When it was finally time for the Hopkins to leave, I was gutted. I had found a new friend and was hoping that it wouldn’t be the last time that I saw him however, our mums promised we would do something the following weekend which both myself and Matt were very happy about.

Over the next few years me and Matt were inseparable and became solid best friends. Nearly every weekend, and a couple of nights after school, we would go to each other’s houses where we would chill and listen to music or most frequently go and play football outside. Matt even joined my football team. Our parent’s friendship seemed to grow as well and we spent many summer holidays all together camping in different locations around the UK.

When we both started High School, as luck would have it, we ended up in the same form and had the majority of our classes together. This meant that I could keep Matt organised, one of my many skills, and one that Matt sure lacked and he could help me with my Maths, I was doing fantastic in all my other subjects, but Maths was one area I couldn’t get my head around.  Matt found it natural, his brain was made from a calculator I’m sure.

One night, when we were in year 9, we were sat in my bedroom going through trigonometry yet again. “That’s it, I’ve had enough,” I moaned. “No more is going to go in tonight. Let’s go for a kick around.” I stood up and walked across the room to my wardrobe and took out my white zip up sports bra and a blue vest top. Without thinking about it I took off my bra and started zipping up my sports bra. I looked across at Matt who was sat staring at me. “Earth to Matt! What’s wrong?” I quizzed.

Instantly Matt’s cheeks went red and he looked down at the bed. I picked up the pillar and threw it at his head. “OMG Matt! You were looking at my tits weren’t you?” I accused. Matt looked at me with rosy red cheeks and replied, “Come on Chloe what do you expect, I’m no longer a child. I’m a red blooded man.”

From that day I was a little more conservative whilst getting changed in front of Matt.


Chloe bent over in front of me and placed the last box underneath the bed. Even in her casual clothes whilst moving houses, she still looked perfect. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail and she wore a baggy T-shirt and a pair of leggings.

What I loved about Chloe was that she wasn’t like the typical girls, she was massively into her sports and was happy to go out not dressed up to the nines. Not that she needed to get dressed up because her was truly beautiful when she looked natural. She was my number one drinking partner and she wasn’t one of these girls who only ate lettuce. Her legs were solid from all the sports she played and she had curves in all the right places.

Chloe turned around and gave me the biggest smile ever. “So then Mr Hopkins, what do you want to do for our first night at university?”

“Well, we are only fresher’s once let’s make the most of it,” I replied. “Let’s get changed and see what the union is all about.”

I couldn’t believe we had both managed to get to University together. It had taken some hard work and many tears and tantrums, but we were there, a huge step in our futures. It didn’t seem 2 minutes ago since me and Chloe won the county cup together or when we went on our first camping trip to Cornwall, but nearly 10 years had flown by and I couldn’t wait to see what the next 10 had in store.

In record time we were both dressed and headed towards the union. Feeling a little bit nervous, I stood at the union door and took a deep breath. Instantly Chloe squeezed my hand and said, “come on you’ve got this. I’m with you every step of the way remember. These next few years are going to be the best. Ones we will always remember. Now come on let’s go have some fun.”

“Thanks Chloe. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Let’s hope some of your confidence rubs off on me,” I replied with a smirk on my face. No matter what happened Chloe always seemed to know what to say to reassure me. I could never be down with Chloe around.

The night was a blast, we met loads of new people and had way too much to drink. By the time the union had closed, Chloe was a little bit worse for wear and was unsteady on her feet. I linked arms with her and slowly set off walking back to the halls of residence. Suddenly, Chloe froze and placed her arms around my neck, “You know I love you don’t you?” she slurred.

“Off course I do. I love you too. You are my best friend and always will be,” I replied back.

“No silly, I’m not talking about friends. I fancy the pants off you. I have for the last few years and I’d love to be more than just friends,” she continued slurring. Immediately, I felt my heart begin to pound in my chest as Chloe leaned forward to kiss me. She let go of my neck and instantly lost her footing and fell to the floor. She burst out laughing and then laid her head on the floor. “I think I’ll just sleep here tonight,” she said in a drunken state.

I knew I had no chance of getting her to walk the rest of the way home so I picked her up carefully and began to walk back to the halls.

By the time I got back to the halls I was absolutely knackered. Chloe had not moved and it felt like I was carrying a dead weight. I opened the door to her bedroom and gently placed her on top of the bed on her side. I then went into the kitchen and got a glass of water and a bucket. I carefully placed the bucket on floor near the top of the bed for in case she was sick and the glass of water on her bedside cabinet. Gently, I placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered, “we’ll carry that conversation on in the morning.” And with that, I left the room whilst still watching her sleep feeling quite excited that my feelings for Chloe might be reciprocated.


I woke up the next morning and my head was pounding. I struggled to open my eyes because the light was too bright. Quickly, I reached for my glass of water and noticed a note was underneath it and 2 tablets were at the side. I picked up the note and it read: Drink the water and tablets. Gone for bacon sarnies. Back soon. We need to talk!

Quickly, I took the tablets and drank the water. I then carefully placed my head on the pillow and closed my eyes, whilst thinking what on Earth Matt needed to talk about. Oh god, what did I do last night? Did I do something to offend him? Please tell me I behaved? I racked my brains thinking what I could have done last night, when suddenly, a vague memory came back to me. I cringed as a remembered telling Matt how I felt about him. OMG what was I going to do now? Matt thought of me as a little sister, he would be mortified if he thought I was looking at him any more than friends.

Just then there was a quiet knock on the door and Matt carefully kicked the door open. In his hands he was carrying 2 coffee pots and had a small carrier bag over his hand which I presumed had the bacon sandwiches in. Matt placed one of the coffees and sandwiches down on my bedside cabinet and then said, “move over.” Without saying a word, I moved across the bed towards the wall to give Matt enough space to lay next to me against the pillows.

“So then do you remember anything about last night?” Matt questioned, with an expression on his face that I just couldn’t read.

“OMG Matt I was so drunk, please ignore anything I said and did last night,” I replied avoiding eye contact with him.

“Do you remember what you said on the way home?” he asked.

I nodded my head, still avoiding looking at him.

“And?” he quizzed.

“And what?” I replied, knowing full well what he was getting at.

“What you said, was it true or just alcohol talking?” Matt Asked. “And don’t lie to me Chloe, I need to know either way.” I sat up quickly, forgetting about my headache and started to stutter, “I’m sorry Matt! I ... I... don’t know how I let myself feel this way. I.. I’ll try my best to stop them...”

“Shut up Chloe,” he buttered in. “I feel the same way. God I have done since that day you noticed me looking at your breasts in your bedroom.” He pulled me towards him and embraced me in his arms whilst he tentatively placed his soft lips on mine. I felt like this is the place I should have always been and will be forever.

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