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Chapter 5 - Forever First Love

Chapter 5

2 years later


I’d finally got into the swing of reality as I returned from my world trip. After I’d returned I couldn’t face returning to live in my own town, because the likelihood would be that I’d bump into Matt on a daily basis and I still wasn’t quite ready for that. The last thing I had heard about Matt was from my mum around 11 months ago when he had been discharged from rehab and had moved home with his mum and dad around the corner from my parents. My mum felt the need to fill me in with way too many details and at that point I told her I no longer wanted to hear about Matt until it was something serious to do with his health. So now I was living around 30 minutes away just outside Leeds city centre with my good friend Carly.

It was my 2nd month of working as a nurse in A&E at Leeds General infirmary and the 2nd month they had managed to mess my pay up. I had spoken on the phone to a woman called Charlotte who had fobbed me off saying that the pay would be rectified and be in my bank within 24 hours. Here I was, 48 hours later and nothing had happened. I refused to be fobbed off on the phone once again, so after my shift had finished I was going to go to the payroll department in person.

I opened up the door to the payroll to be greeted by a young girl who looked like she was about to leave. “Excuse
me, but I need to speak to someone about my pay,” I explained.
“Sorry I’m only here on works experience and everyone else have left for the day,” she stated. “There’s a man in the room over there but I’m not sure if he actually works in payroll. I’d say he’s your only option though.”
“Thanks I’ll give him a try,” I replied and started walking towards the room she had pointed out. I quietly knocked on the door until I heard a bumbled, “come in.” I carefully pushed the door open and walked inside the room. I looked up at the man behind the desk and
froze. Matt!

Matt sat behind a desk and was wearing a long sleeved navy blue shirt with a light blue tie. His hair was cut slightly shorter than it used to be and his eyes held slight dark rims underneath that never used to be there. His arms were under the desk so I was unable to see any other part of him.

“Erm.. I.. hey,” I stuttered. “I’ve just come down to see if anyone is here that can help me out with a payroll issue?”
“Sorry no, I’m HR but if you tell me what’s wrong I will leave them a message,” replied Matt.
“Erm thanks,” I
replied, but didn’t say anything else.
“Wow who would have ever thought it would ever be this awkward between me and you?” laughed Matt. “It’s really good to see you Chloe. I heard you were working here and was wondering when our paths would cross.”
“Sorry. I didn’t expect to see you here, it took me my surprise,” I began to explain. “Plus I didn’t know how you’d react because we didn’t really end things on good terms.”
“Yes sorry about the past. No grudges I hope?” Matt quizzed.
“No, none at all. I didn’t know you worked here. How long have you worked here?” I asked. “Last I heard you had moved home with your mum and dad.”
“I’ve worked here for around seven months now. I only lived with my parents for three
months before I moved locally. I live about two miles away with Gemma Sneap from school, you can remember Gemma can’t you?” explained Matt, the tone he used was used to make me feel jealous, I was sure off. “Gemma will be here in ten minutes if you are still around. I’m sure she would love to see you.”
“Erm sorry but I’m meeting someone in five minutes so I better fill you in about the payroll issue and then shoot off,” I lied through my gritted teeth.


When Chloe left the office I spent the next few minutes in a daze reminiscing about the past. It was so good to see her and I’d tried to switch off how much I missed her. She looked as attractive as ever. Her hair was cut shorter and she wore it down in a long bob. She had obviously just taken off her work smock and was wearing a white vest top that showed off her impressive cleavage, black trousers and a pair of grey sketcher trainers.

“Matt? You ok?” asked Gemma. “You ready to go? I’ve been saying your name for ages.”
“Sorry I was in a daze,” I replied. “I’ve to just get my things together and then write a note. Sorry it won’t take me long.”
Ok, you sort your things out and tell me what to write. It will be quicker that way,” stated Gemma.
k, will you write that there has been an under payment on Chloe Smith’s wage again and can it be sorted ASAP,” I said, but refused to look up at Gemma.
Oh, now I understand why you were in your own little world. How did it go?” Gemma asked.
“It was one of the most awkward conversations I’ve ever had to start
with, but she doesn’t hate me so that’s a good thing,” sighed Matt. “Oh god Gemma it’s made me realise how much I miss her. I thought the feelings were long buried but as soon as I saw her they all came rushing back.”


I rushed through the door, threw my things on the floor and dropped loudly into the arm chair. “OMG you are never going to believe who I’ve seen today,” I gibbered.
“Well by that reaction I think I’m going to go with Matt,” smirked Carly.
“What? How on earth did you guess that?” I quizzed feeling very confused.
“Well I kind of knew he lived and worked around here so I surmised it would only be a matter of time before you ran into him,” explained Carly. “You said you didn’t want to know
anything about him, so I didn’t tell you.”
“Ok, fair enough but I kind of wished I did know to prepare myself for it. It was the most awkward conversation ever to start with,” I moaned and laid back in the chair. “You know what made it even worse? He lives with a woman. Happy relationship by the sounds of it, with Gemma Sneap from school. Now that hurt.” I sat up properly and looked Carly in the face. “Once I saw him, all the feelings came rushing back. I’ve worked so hard over the last two years to forget about him but it’s impossible, I’ll always love him. It’s killed me knowing he’s happy with another woman and I wasn’t good enough for him.”
“Oh Chloe I’m so sorry it can’t have been easy for you to find that out,” Carly sympathised. “I tell
you what, tomorrow after the football we’ll go straight out. Well invite Jay and Callum to come and meet us after and we’ll have a blow out.”


It was 20 minutes until kick off and we had just got out of my van and were racing to get to the ground on time. Without
warning, Zack let out a loud wolf whistle and two girls slightly ahead of us turned around and gave him daggers until recognition appeared on their faces. There in front of me was Chloe and her best friend Carly. Both girls turned to Zack and with a beaming smile walked up to him and flung their arms around him.

Instantly, I felt very self-conscious as I realised this was the first time Chloe had seen me with my disability on full view. Quickly, I placed my hands on the side of my wheels so my curled fingers were prised open and looked less impaired. I had a quick glance down and luckily my gut was hidden by my jacket and my legs were straight on the footplate.

“Hey Matt it’s good to see you again,” Chloe stated.
“Do you come to many games?” questioned Carly.
Yeah, season ticket holder, I’m here for every game,” I replied.
“Wow! How strange that you are here every game and this is the first time we’ve seen you,” Carly continued.
“I tell you what we need
to do, otherwise it might be another two years before I see you again, we need to go for a drink,” said Zack. “What do you say? Billy’s Bar straight after the game?”
“Sounds like a plan,” Carly replied before I even had a chance to register what had been said.

Throughout the game I struggled to concentrate on what was happening and I was a lot more fidgety than normal due to thinking about the impromptu drinks with Chloe and Carly.
“Are you even watching the game?” questioned Zack. “I’ve no idea what’s going on in that head of yours but it sure isn’t this game. I’d be surprised if you actually know what the score is.”
“Sorry, I’ll try and concentrate,” I replied back but doubting very much that I was going to succeed.
“You want to tell me what’s bothering you?” quizzed Zack. “Remember what the doctor said. Things don’t seem half as bad when you share them with someone.”
I turned to face Zack and with a serious expression on my face said, “answer this truthfully with no beating around the bush, ok?” Zack nodded so I continued. “How disabled do I look? I mean when you first lay eyes on me do I ring alarm bells saying crip alert?”
“Well the chair is kind of a giveaway to be honest,” replied Zack.
“Yes but if you can’t see the chair or I’m not using my hands is it obvious how impaired I am then?” I continued to try and quiz Zack.
“Honestly no, when you can’t see the chair or if your hands are on your knees or somewhere where you can’t see them then you would never guess the extent of your disability. Where’s this all coming from mate?” Zack asked with a confused expression on his face. “It’s a bit deep for a Saturday afternoon football match.”
“Sorry but my heads all over. It’s this pissing drink with Chloe and Carly that’s done it to me,” I stated. “
Yes, they have seen me in my chair but like you said, I look quite normal there. That won’t be the case when they see me trying to hold a drink.”
“Hey if it’s worrying you that
much, we just won’t go,” said Zack looking quite concerned. “I would never have suggested it if I knew you would feel like this. However, just for the record I don’t think the girls would bat an eyelid at you holding a drink or whatever else you need help with.”
“Ok we’ll go,” I bluntly replied and turned back to the game pretending I was instantly engaged.


Leeds comfortably won the game three nil and it had near enough secured us a place in the playoffs. As we approached Billy’s Bar I began to feel a little bit nervous about spending some social time with Matt.

We slowly walked to the bar to order a drink, whilst Carly ordered I scanned the room looking for Matt and Zack. Within seconds I spotted them sat in the corner of the bar, I gave them a little wave and Zack gave me one back.

Once we had the drinks we carefully walked across the room trying to avoid banging into anyone and spilling any of the contents. As I sat down and began to take my coat off to get comfortable I noticed Matt lift up his drink. I quickly realised this was the first time I’d ever seen Matt use his hands since his accident. He placed the palms of both hands at the side of the pint and lifted it up towards his face. His fingers stayed motionless and I noticed they were slightly curled inwards at each joint.

Matt caught my eye and instantly I saw the colour in his cheeks change as he realised I was looking at his hands. To try and avert the situation I made a joking statement about his drinking. “See you still like a pint,” I stated and gave him a smile. “Bet I can still drink you under the table though.”
Matt looked up at me with a fake confused expression on his face, “drink me under the table Smith? When did that ever happen?”
“Your 18th birthday for one if I remember right Hopkins. You decided to compete against me in a drinking game of who could drink ten drinks the
quickest, but I don’t think you got past number six if I remember right,” I stated in a very smug expression. “I’d still hammer you now.”
“Yes but I’m at a disadvantage you see. My fingers don’t work,” he joked whilst waving his hands in front of himself.
“Excuses, excuses,” I replied with a big grin on my face knowing we’d just crossed over a massive hurdle by joking about his disability.

One drink led to another and before we knew it I was as pissed as a fart. I’d had an amazing time and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed both Matt’s and Zack’s company. Matt was the same guy I’d fallen in love with all those years before but with just a few physical differences. Obviously there was the chair and his fingers that were different but he also had a gut. Matt had a body to die for before and a solid six pack but that wasn’t the case now. His stomach juttered out slightly and I guessed that was from the lack of muscles in his stomach.

My enjoyment was soon cut short when Gemma appeared inside the doorway. She slowly walked across the bar and made a bee line for me straight away. “OMG Chloe! It’s so good to see you after all these years,” Gemma said whilst leaning in and giving me a huge hug. “Where has Tom Boy Chloe gone? You are all woman
now and wow a gorgeous one as well.”
I could feel my cheeks blush and then I replied, “Thanks Gemma, you look good too.”
“I’m gutted I can’t stay and talk but I’ve to get this one home and sort a few things out,” she looked at Matt and winked. “Anyone want a lift?” I looked up at Matt and he was looking down at his legs with ashen red cheeks. 
“No we’re fine thank you we are meeting Callum and Jay soon in town,” I said deliberately to try advert the jealously I had of Matt going home with Gemma.
“See you later,” Matt said and quickly rolled towards the exits. Once Matt was out of head shot I turned to Carly and said, “see, he couldn’t get away quick enough when Gemma arrived. Obviously he couldn’t wait to get her home in private.”


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