Wednesday, January 23, 2019

In/Exhale Continues

I'll keep this short and sweet today!

Previously on In/Exhale: David goes to his job interview with the Deafie he met at the Jonesville Deaf Club meeting, and it doesn't go the way he'd expected. Kai has some time with Renee in which they seem to be getting closer, only for the bubble to burst, breaking her heart. David discovers keeping Kai safe is a lot harder than he anticipated.

This Week on In/Exhale: David catches up with Kai, who's struggling with everything that's going on in his life. Kai apologizes to Renee, but lashes out at Jon as the day concludes.

Coming Up on In/Exhale: Kai and Renee finally get to celebrate Valentine's Day together. Although Kai's day gets off to a rough start, he's determined to make the day as special for Renee as possible. The two grow closer, but a late-night phone call threatens to derail everything. . . .

February 12, 2001 - Part III

Unfortunately, the past few weeks have been pretty rough for me and I haven't been able to be as productive as I would have liked. As a result, as of this writing, February 13, 2001 isn't finished. However, I'd say it's about 90% complete, and since I was able to get my last dose of specialized medication on time this past Saturday, I'm hoping I'll be feeling well enough to post the first episode of the likely four-part season finale starting February 6, 2019. I'm very excited that the first couple episodes will actually happen around Valentine's Day, which I think is the first time that I've ever been able to coincide what's happening in In/Exhale with real-life holidays.

I'm slowly catching up with posting full days/chapters on my site,, so if you prefer to read them that way instead of in episode form, they post every Sunday. Once the season concludes, I will format the entire season into an ebook as I have in the past, and offer it for free download on my site. Additionally, I will take a break before Season 4 begins to re-start (and hopefully) finish my story Love UnSeen. If I'm lucky, I'll try to work on both that and S4 at the same time.

Thank you again for your support and feedback despite my long absence from the site. It really means a lot!


PS - As always, you can catch up with In/Exhale at any time via the Table of Contents - you can even find summaries of major story arcs at the bottom of the page.

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