Wednesday, February 20, 2019

In/Exhale's Valentine's Day Continues

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! I hope you will enjoy the sweetness in this episode as Kai and Renee share some tender moments together.

Previously on In/Exhale: Valentine's Day for Kai and Renee begins early, since Kai can't sleep due to his pain, anger and frustration. David forces Kai to meet with Dr. Miller, and Kai finally admits why dinner at Frankie's has upset him so much. After, Kai is determined to make the day special for Renee, beginning with a home-cooked breakfast, but, as always, things don't go how he planned. Despite this, he and Renee grow closer. 

This Week on In/Exhale: Valentine's Day continues as Kai reveals his plans: a scavenger hunt that will take them through key memories and places from their relationship, beginning with Hamlet and a trip to Nancy's Cafe, where they shared their first kiss. Despite some tender moments, their day continues to hit major hurdles that threaten to derail everything.

Next Time on In/Exhale: Renee and Kai's Valentine festivities wind down as Kai risks further intimacy with Renee in more ways than one.

February 13, 2001 - Part II

I'll confess that this day is STILL not complete. . . . BUT what will be the final installment of the season is coming along better than I had anticipated. Just have to wrap up about 1.5 scenes and do a quick revision/proof and it'll be done. So I *think* we should make it till the end without any interruptions.

I've been obsessed with Black Butler lately, perhaps because I see some of Kai (and thus myself) in Ciel (for good or ill) and was actually inspired to write an extended fanfic with my own unique spin. I most likely will only post that on, but it's no where near done so that's in the future. But, as a result of being inspired to write that, it may mean a bit of a (hopefully) short break before I pick up here again with Love UnSeen. But you never know. Just a head's up.

As always, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read, and especially those who bother to comment. It means a lot especially after all the blood, sweat and tears I've poured into this little saga.


As always, be sure to check out the updated Table of Contents if you need to catch up with any episode.

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