Tuesday, February 12, 2019

New post Forever First Love and input

Here is the next chapter of Forever First Love. I might not manage to get a chapter up next week because I'm out of the country but I will try.

I am looking to begin writing another story (If people think it's worthwhile) and wanted some opinions on what to write it about. Do I use a SCI again or a different disability? If people think a different disability which disability?  New of some of my previous character? Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Chapter 5


  1. SCI, maybe a para this time.

  2. Amputee ;)
    And yes please keep writing.
    So so sad to miss yours next week. I hope you can manage still.
    Safe trip.

  3. Yeah I’m a pretty consistently para girl so that’s my vote. Thanks for posting! ��

  4. I always enjoy a para story, but happy with pretty much any disability. Maybe amputee? Most importantly, write what you are interested in, your passion will come across to the reader.