Wednesday, March 20, 2019

In/Exhale Continues - Season 3 Finale

At long last, it's here. I apologize that it took so long to reach this conclusion, and I also apologize I wasn't able to post this early this morning as I had planned. I hope you all will enjoy it (and not hate me too much).

Previously On In/Exhale: Kai and Renee celebrate Valentine's Day together, in preparation for Kai admitting himself to Harbinger on Feb 14. Over the course of the day, the two of them grow closer as Kai finally begins allowing Renee to see into the depths of his fortress, culminating with an intense love making in which Kai finally finds release.

This Week On In/Exhale: Valentine's Day for Kai and Renee comes to a close. Renee meets Vicky for the first time, and Kai comes to an important realization. Jon's stress threatens to overwhelm him as he struggles to find the distance and clarity he needs to do his job. The calm and stillness of the night is interrupted by a phone call that brings earth shattering news.

February 13, 2001 - Part IV

The week after next (April 3), I will resume posting Love UnSeen, my story about a gay blind man who is a history professor living in New Orleans, told from his POV. For the time being, I will stick to the bimonthly updates on Wednesdays as much as possible. As before, I'm going to be writing it mostly off-the-cuff, although I do have the next 2-3 chapters lined up. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to tie all the different story threads together, but I hope you all will enjoy following along in the writing process as I try to complete this first draft. It really buoyed me to see how many were excited this story will be resuming. I hope you will all continue to give me feedback on it as I will do my best to use your words to inspire and shape the story as it goes along.

As for In/Exhale, I will be working on the ebook of the third season over the next few months, and its release will depend on whether or not I can get the cover done or not as my artist may have fallen through. Right now I would expect Season 4 to begin late 2019 at the earliest. I will do my best to work on it alongside Love UnSeen, but I honestly don't know where the story will go after the first few days, and haven't had time to work on it very much lately. But! The good news is it seems like the combination of getting my speciality medication more often and some adjustments to some of my other medications is helping me to feel relatively better and have a little more energy. It's one reason I've been so motivated with Love UnSeen over the past couple weeks.

Thank you so much to those of you who follow my work and have supported me over the last, gosh, seven years? (I think it's been that long!) I know my style isn't always to everyone's taste and my health has limited my productivity, so I especially am grateful to those of you who have stuck by me (and my poor characters) through thick and thin.


PS - If you need to brush up on any previous episodes, the Table of Contents has been updated.

PPS - If you would like to refresh on the first 15 chapters of Love UnSeen before the next one is posted, you'll find its Table of Contents here, and I'll be working to make sure there's easy links at the bottom of each chapter so you can flow from one to the next without having to flip back to the ToC.

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