Sunday, March 31, 2019

New book: Love is Blind

I want to announce that the book version of Love is Blind is now available for purchase on Amazon!  This has TONS of devvy scenes that are not available in the online version and the full conclusion with a happy ending.

“Why don’t you date a blind guy?”

Ever since a childhood accident left her with severe facial deformities, Sophie Pasternak has been hearing that incredibly insulting suggestion from friends and busybodies. After all, who else but a blind man could love someone who looks like she does? But as the lonely years go by working in the library, living vicariously through the romances in her favorite books, Sophie wonders if there’s any truth in this hurtful piece of advice.

Then she meets Colin Kelly, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, who lost his vision in combat. Colin is the sexiest man Sophie has ever met, from his taut muscles covered in tattoos to his alluring grin. He’s also the only man who has shared her deep passion for reading, which is why he enlists Sophie’s help to learn braille. Sophie finds herself falling hard for Colin… and she suspects he feels the same way.

The only problem?

Colin Kelly has no idea what Sophie Pasternak really looks like.

And she’s terrified for him to find out the truth.

Get it now on Amazon for only $2.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited


  1. The book is amazing... Will there be part 2? :-)

    1. Probably not. But the next book is a story about Natalie.