Wednesday, March 13, 2019

New Devo Diary

Hi everyone, thanks for reading along for so many months. I'm sorry to say Devo Diary is going on hiatus after this week. I've been writing this for so long but lately I've been feeling burned out, and I've run out of backlog chapters. This seems like a good stopping point for now as we've reached the end of the stories about Sean and Trip. There is still so much more to tell, more relationships with paras and blind guys, but I don't want to force it when I'm not feeling it. I'll be back in a few months.

So here it is, at long last, Devo Diary Chapter 57: Sean part 2

Sean is the hot para who does halfpipe stunts, the one who vanished after an amazing first date, went into the ER with a UTI then never contacted me for weeks and I thought he was dead until he reposted his personal ad on Craigslist. He apologized and over the months we slowly got to be friends again. Trip is the other hot para I met on Craigslist, the one cheating on his girlfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

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