Saturday, March 23, 2019

UPDATE to He's Not Mr. Perfect!

Hey, everyone! First of all, I'm sorry for leaving you hanging for so long. I'd been feeling really down the past two weeks, not at all in the mood to write the scenes I'd been wanting to write for this chapter. My husband and I took some take some time off work and we went to the countryside for a few days to work things out and the trip really... ignited? me again. In every sense. Thank God.

So here I leave you with Elliot and Alex. I really hope you enjoy it. Since English is not my first language, it's hard sometimes to tell if I'm using the appropriate words, especially in sex scenes. I hope it's devvy, because that's what I was trying to go for, haha I'd reeeeaaally appreciate the feedback so I can improve them for your enjoyment!

Chapter VIII - Baise-Moi


P.S. Fear not, next week I'll bring a new chapter for B-L-I-N-D too. It's almost ready, just needs some editing.


  1. Glad you’re back! Happy to hear you were able to take some time to recharge.

  2. Glad you are feeling renewed, she says selfishly. 😉

  3. Happy u r feeling refreshed :)

  4. So happy your feeling better