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What It Was - Chapter 33

Chapter 33

I was lost in thoughts and Toby startled me when he came out of the bathroom.
“Sorry, just had to get in there real quick.”
I sat up, “Of course, I’ll actually do that as well.”
I hurried into the bathroom.

When I came out, Toby was still by the bed, but he had taken his shoes off. They were next to him on the floor. He sat in his wheelchair sock footed.

I sat back down on the bed and Toby pushed over. As he slowly rolled up, I spread my legs slightly so he could get all the way up close and he parked right in front of me. We looked at each other quietly for a few moments. I noticed a flicker in Toby’s eyes.

“You’re beautiful Shay.”

I held myself on the edge of the bed and Toby softly ran his hand over my knee and up my thigh. Merely his touch sent a shudder through me. I was wearing a sun dress and Toby gently slid it up my leg. I leaned forward and put my hands to his shirt.

“May I unbutton it?”

Toby smiled and nodded. I started with the top button, unfastening it and moving down to the next one. With each button undone, I exposed more of Toby’s chest. When I had all buttons undone, he slid his arms out of the short sleeves and tossed the shirt onto a chair nearby.

He was sitting there smiling at me with his naked upper body. I took a deep breath, admiring him.
He softly traced his fingers over my leg and brushed my dress up some more in the process.

“I would love to take your dress off.”
I smiled and said softly, “Why don’t you?”

I unzipped my dress in the back. Toby leaned over and pulled the dress over my head. I sat there in panties and a bra.

Toby scanned over my body and said dreamily, “I’m really a lucky guy.”

I laughed softly.

“Why don’t you take your jeans off?”

His expression was questioning. 

“Like this? In the chair?”
I nodded and added, “If you can. I would like to watch you take them off while you’re in your wheelchair. I think it would be hot.”

Toby laughed but nodded.

“You think?”
I nodded and lowered my eyes shyly, “Yes.”

Without any further questions, Toby let off the break on his wheelchair and backed up slightly. I moved up on the bed and watched. My heart beat speed up and my nipples were hard under my bra as a cool breeze brushed over my skin.

His hands were visibly trembling as he moved them to the fly of his jeans and unbuttoned and unzipped it. He kept his eyes on me as he started to wriggle his jeans with some difficulties over his butt. Everything about his taking the jeans off turned me on.

He was tugging and pulling the jeans over his shins and feet. Stiffly leaning forward and breathing heavily, he managed to wriggle the jeans over his feet, in the process dragging his feet off the foot rest. With his head down, he paused for a moment, pushed himself upright again, and pulled his feet up onto the foot rest. He sat there only in his boxers and in socks.

He met my eyes and we smiled at each other. Toby’s legs were skinny compared to his upper body; they were scrawny and didn’t have a lot of muscle left on them. Without the jeans it was much more obvious how his legs didn’t function; they kept falling to the side and Toby kept pulling them up and pushing his knees together. When he was wearing pants, it wasn’t so visible how the paraplegia affected his legs.

As Toby sat there, his small belly distended right above the waist band of his boxers; a sign of rolling through life in the sitting position for the past few years and not being able to gain any more abdominal muscles due to the paraplegia.
He wheeled over again and parked right in front of me, setting his break.

Obviously referring to my watching him closely, he asked with a grin, “Was it good for you?”
I laughed, “It was.”
He added, “Okay, now your turn; I would like to see you take your panties and bra off.”
I protested with a smile, “But you’re still wearing your boxers.”
“I’ll take my socks off, how about that?”
I laughed, “Socks are boring though.”
Toby laughed now, “Or are they?”

Without waiting for my reply, he pulled his right foot up onto his left knee and took his sock off, then did the same with his other foot.

He held the sock dangling over the floor and dropped it in humorous exaggeration, “Sock drop! Your turn!”
I laughed, unhooking my bra and did the same thing; dropping it on the floor, “Bra drop!”
I slid my panties off and dropped them on the floor, “Pantie drop! Your turn!”
Toby laughed and I looked at his boxers and repeated, “Your turn!”
He nodded, laughing, “Okay, you got me.”

I moved up onto the bed and watched as Toby wriggled his boxers over his butt and down his legs. He was focused and I was so excited, I could barely watch as he did this. My heart was beating fast, my hands were trembling and my breath felt restricted. I reminded myself to take regular breaths.

Toby pushed himself upright again and repositioned himself on the seat of his wheelchair.

He met my eyes and I smiled at him. He sat there in his TiLite wheelchair, completely naked and he was beautiful. His legs were skinny in comparison to his strong upper body.  As I looked at him sitting there, I wondered how tall Toby actually was.

My eyes travelled to his penis which lay flaccid between his skinny thighs. Pubic hair was visible around his manhood and extended in a trail up to his belly button. The same shade of dark blonde hair covered his legs and a slight fluff of hair was on his chest and arms.

He rolled even closer and parked between my legs. My pussy had become moist and was pulsating with lust and longing. Toby set his break and with his alert, green eyes, he scanned over my naked body. My eyes wandered over Toby and I rested my gaze on his lifeless manhood. It was circumcised and fairly large even in its flaccid form.

At the touch of his warm hands, a tingling sensation ran through my loins and I spread my legs wider. His hair hung into his face as he had his eyes down, watching his own hand on my legs, exploring my thighs and edging closer to my pussy. 

Toby softly demanded, “Put your legs up over the side of my chair.”

I was surprised at his request, but it excited me. Toby assisted as I pushed up to the edge of the bed and moved my legs up on either side of him over his shoulders, bracing my feet on the backrest of the wheelchair. Toby rolled all the way up and his knees were touching the edge of bed now. He set his break again. My feet were steadied on the back of the wheelchair, my knees slightly bent.

He ran his hands along my legs as I held myself there on the bed, resting on my elbows. He gently kissed my knee and caressed my leg. My eyes were all over Toby’s body, his wheelchair, his protruding knees and skinny legs, his feet still and side by side on the footrest, his muscular arms and strong hands caressing my legs, strands of hair falling into his face as his lips touched the spots on my legs he could easily reach from his seated position.

I didn’t speak and silently enjoyed the attention he paid to my legs. Toby flicked his tongue over my skin and when he reached the inside of my thighs, a tingling sensation raced through my lower body. I took some quick breaths as my arousal increased at Toby’s kissing and licking my legs.

Toby sensed my twitching and looked up for a moment, asking softly, “Are you all right, Shay?”
I nodded, “Yes, it feels good.”

Toby smiled and glanced directly at my pussy, wide open for him right there in his line of view.

He hushed over my skin, “I would love to taste you, Shay.”

I was nervous at his direct request. Even though I had already imagined Toby and me in this way, I now was slightly self-conscious. I hadn’t had oral sex in a long time. Jordan had not been able to give me oral pleasure even though I had longed for it so much. His being sick had prevented him to take our love making to that level and with that, I had never felt Jordan’s mouth on my most intimate areas.

My ex-boyfriend Justin before I had met Jordan, had not been a fan of oral sex and so it had been years since a guy had shown my pussy some oral attention.

Looking at Toby right there in front of me, scanning my most intimate parts with his green eyes and sensing his hunger for it, made my heart beat quicken and sent chills up my arms.

I wanted his mouth there, I wanted him to taste me, and I longed for it just the same.

I met Toby’s eyes on me as he just sat there looking at me and licking his lips unconsciously. My eyes travelled over my beautiful boyfriend in his wheelchair.
Toby kept stroking his fingers along the inside of my thighs and gently grazed over my longing pussy.

He said softly, “Why don’t you pull the pillow over and lay on it and get comfortable?”

I leaned over to Toby and we looked at each other.

“Your body is amazing, Shay!”
I smiled at him, “You’re amazing.”

I brought my legs down from the wheelchair and sat up, leaning over to Toby. We fell into a kiss.

I kissed his neck and nibbled on his ear lobe, “I want to make you happy though. I feel like I’m not doing anything right now.”
Toby whispered, “Right now, I really just want a dose of your sweetness for dessert. I want to taste you so badly, Shay. You don’t have to worry about me at the moment. I want you to lay back and relax and enjoy.”
I looked at him and he smiled warmly, “If you’re excited, I’m excited. I get my kick through you, Shay. If I can get you excited, it’s awesome for me too. Let me get a taste of you.”
He pulled me closer and I wrapped my arms around him, whispering into his ear, “I haven’t had oral in a long time, years ago maybe.”
He smiled next to me and nodded, “Even better for me my beautiful Shay. It’ll be good if you let me. I promise. Don’t worry about a thing.”
I laughed softly and Toby kissed my shoulder, hushing over my skin, “I’m so hungry for you.”
I took a deep breath, “I don’t want you to be hungry.”
Toby laughed, “Good.”

We kissed again and soon I lay back on two pillows under my head, able to see Toby right in front of me, my legs braced against the backrest of his wheelchair again.

I had turned on some music on my phone and relaxed into Toby’s caress of my legs, my belly and my breasts. He was right next to the bed with his wheelchair. I had pushed my butt to the edge of the bed for Toby to be able to reach me.

Toby ran his fingers along the inside of my thighs, over my belly and tracing circles around my belly button. I saw him swallow a few times, but he was fully focused on exploring the areas of my body he could reach from his position.

He kissed the inside of my thighs and let his fingers run along my swollen pussy lips. I watched as he explored with his fingers first. He was fixated on my pussy and didn’t look up. His lips and tongue flicked up the inside of my thighs and he shifted some when he leaned forward, basically folding in his hips. I adjusted my position forward some, so he had full access to my most intimate parts.

His fingers ran along my labia and with his gentle touches, moisture was accumulating inside my opening. I lay there and my breathing came quicker at watching and feeling Toby so close. I heard his finger inside of me. He pushed in another finger and for a few moments he let them slide in and out a few times. He was fully focused and soon he filled me out more and I knew he was pushing in three fingers and explored me from the inside. My heart was racing and my breaths quickened as my loins were tingling and quivering at his assertive touches, sending chills down my legs and making my thighs tremble.

Toby knew exactly how to use his fingers inside of me and he had accomplished a lot with his fingers over the last few weeks since we had been together. There had been numerous times when just his fingers brought me to climax. He knew exactly how to wriggle them inside of me and which areas to touch to bring me to heights of excitement.

He pulled his fingers out again and I watched as he now neared his face to my longing pussy. He had me going already. I was taking quick breaths and was moaning softly, saying his name and praising him. His lips touched my pussy and he kissed it gently, sliding his tongue along my swollen parts. He was grabbing on to my ass cheeks, holding himself there and completely focusing on my pussy. 

I couldn’t control my breathing and moaned louder as I bucked my loins toward his face.

I felt Toby’s quick, hot breaths on my girl parts. He grabbed my thighs roughly and even reached up to my breasts, kneading them, then moving his hand down to my legs again. I enjoyed his assertiveness and taking control in this way.

His tongue flicked softly on the hood of my clit. He sealed his lips around it and gently pulled my clit out of its nest, making my legs tremble and my breaths come out in gasps. As my clit was exposed, he loosened his lips around it and softly licked over it, causing my legs to jerk.

He moved his mouth downward to my soaking wet opening. With his hands he pressed gently onto my swollen clit. His tongue lapped up my moisture and he then pushed his tongue into my warm and welcoming opening. It felt amazing and the thought of his connection to me in this way turned me on.

Toby was completely immersed in this task of stroking over my legs and orally pleasing me in the most exciting way. I saw his chest rise and fall quickly, I felt his hot breaths and moist lips around my pussy. He suckled and he pushed, he lapped and he gently bit, and I was losing control and taking gasping breaths.

While his tongue explored my insides, his thumb gently flicked my clit in the right way, just enough to send a charge through my legs and into my lower back.

At every breath I took, I moaned softly. My eyes were closed and I fully enjoyed Toby’s attention to my girl parts. I dug my fingernails into his strong shoulders and Toby flinched.

His tongue filled me out and when he pulled it out, he suckled on my clit, just to replace the pressure with his fingers and pushing his tongue into me again.

I was close to climax and hushed under gasping breaths, “Toby, I’m about to come.”
He seemed to slow down for a moment and in between my thighs, he hushed, “Good, come for me then my beautiful Shay.”

In all of this though, his penis lay without any life and without even the slightest sign of arousal. I could feel though how Toby’s body was charged all the way with the tensions that were inside him, but how he couldn’t get the full release.

Working me over with his fingers and his mouth though, he seemed to process the tensions he harbored. He skillfully used his fingers and his mouth, letting his tongue slide in and out while his thumb was flicking my clit causing what seemed like an electrical charge. The pleasure I felt come over me increased and my loins were aching and tingling for release as he pushed in a few more times. I couldn’t hold back anymore and hushed over Toby, as he worked my pussy with full focus.

“Oh God Toby, I can’t wait anymore.”
I heard a smile in his voice when he replied, “Then don’t wait anymore.”

I smiled at his comment and I watched as Toby kept working my flooded pussy with his tongue a few more times, gently rolling my clit between his fingers. My orgasm came on with full force, racing through me as I moaned Toby’s name a few times and bit my own arm in excitement, trying to keep from moaning too loud.

Toby was taking quick breaths, blowing at my skin, working my pussy and finishing me off with full focus. I held my gaze at him, moaning and gasping, eventually just whimpering and throwing my head back onto the pillow in exhaustion.

Toby was quiet and gently ran his hands over the inside of my thighs, kissing my skin softly and with his hand softly stroking over my pussy, rubbing out the aftermath of my orgasm.

I stared at the ceiling and enjoyed the sensations of my subsiding orgasm. I heard some shuffling and the wheelchair squeak softly. Before I was able to collect myself, Toby tumbled onto the bed next to me.

He pulled himself up and lay his head on the pillow next to mine. I turned my head and we looked at each other, smiling in silence.

Toby stroked over my hair and leaned over kissing me on my lips. I smelled my scents of arousal and excitement on his face. He was flushed, his hair slightly moist and ruffled on his head. He held his head on his hand next to me and just looked at me.

I was still processing the previous moments and how Toby had done everything right once again.
He kept running his fingers over my face and hair and our eyes were fixed on each other.

I moved my hand up to his face and ran my fingers over his cheek, “I think I’m falling in love with you, Toby.”
Toby smiled and nodded, saying softly, “I’m done falling…I’m already there – in love with you.”

I felt tears come up in my eyes, but I kept looking at Toby’s emerald green eyes, even more prominent than usually, in his flushed face.

Toby played with my hair, “I love you, Shay.”

I pressed my lips together and tried to keep my emotions in check.

I swallowed the seemingly huge lump in my throat and said softly, “I love you too.”

I nestled myself against Toby and he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close as I processed the words that we had spoken.

Toby mumbled, “You make me so happy Shay. We’ll be so good together.”

I smelled his skin and let his warmth radiate into me as he held me there.

“I know we will.”
I looked at Toby and tears slowly ran out of my eye when I said, ”Do you think Romy and Jordan are happy for us?”
Toby’s expression was sad, but he managed a weak smile, “I think so. I think they planned for us to meet. It’s probably all their doing.”
I wiped over my face and smiled at Toby. He gently pushed a few tears away and said, “I’m certain they’re happy for us and I hope these are tears of happiness?”

I nodded and we kissed again.   

We lay there in an embrace on Toby’s bed, relaxing into the moment and feeling each other close in the knowledge that we were going to be like this for a long time and we would be sharing many more moments like this in our life.

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  1. Holy smokes, so intense and intimate. I'm so glad Shay and Toby found each other.