Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Love UnSeen Continues

Hey, everyone! I hope you all are ready for a bit of angst and fluff in this week's episode! One of my biggest pet peeves are romance stories where miscommunication is the primary conflict (especially if it goes on to long), which is why I wanted to have Jack & Dan talk in this chapter. Hope you guys don't think it's too saccharine!

Don't forget to comment, especially if there's anything you want to see happen as I'm always open to suggestions. Even if I don't use your exact idea, it may inspire me of how to direct the story when I'm stuck.

Previously on Love UnSeen: Worried and hurt that despite having sex, Dan is still choosing his fiancee over him, Jackson rushes to his appointment with Harold. Unfortunately, it reminds Jackson of his guilt over his father's suicide, which Jackson blames himself for causing.

This Week on Love UnSeen: Lyn, Jackson's overprotective sister, swoops in, and Jackson is able to talk to her about his conflicted feelings for Dan. Encouraged by their talk, Jackson sits down with Dan in an attempt to determine whether or not he can be trusted.

Next Time on Love UnSeen: Dan and Jackson's first real date doesn't go as planned. Jackson is forced to recall a painful memory from his past, but Dan consoles him and invites Jackson to join him in the darkroom as a token of his sincerity.

Love UnSeen - 17

So a few things I've realized as I've been working on Love UnSeen over the past few weeks:

  1. This story is going to have a LOT more sex than anything I've ever written before. (Ironically, no actual sex in this week's episode.)
  2. This story has sooo many plot threads and tbh I'm scared about how the heck I'm going to tie them all together (nervous laughter)
  3. I know a lot of you would like to see Dan's POV, but I kind of want to stay in Jackson's for the entire book. It'll be difficult, but part of why I started this story was because you almost NEVER get the blind guy's POV in romances like this. I'll have to see where the story goes, though.

As always, the Table of Contents has been updated, in case you want to catch up or re-read any previous chapters.

Thank you again for your support and for reading! I appreciate it!


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