Monday, April 15, 2019

New Chapter - Will Love Prevail

Good Morning friends,🙋

hope this finds everyone starting their week off right and in good spirits.
I have been so busy with working a lot and so much stuff going on. 😵 Been working evening shifts until midnight for the past couple of days but at least I got the chapter in on time this week, phew.

I was a bit worried last week because somehow I had to change my user from Google to Blogger (I wonder what this was about and if the other authors had to do this?).

When I didn't have any comments I thought something had gotten messed up but then I threw out a plea 😉 and I saw that you can still comment, thanks for that and also thanks to everyone still reading this.
Anyways, here is Chapter 25 of Will Love Prevail. Hope you enjoy and thanks again,
Hugs, Dani

Table of Contents TOC

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