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What It Was - Chapter 5

 Chapter 5

I spent some time at the gym on Sunday and met up with my friend, Lisa, afterwards. We hung out at a cozy coffee shop in the middle of where we both lived. I didn’t tell her about Jordan but I did tell her that I had gone out with Matt and she wanted to know everything about the date. I left it at that we were taking it slow and were not together yet. She insisted I keep her updated though.

I also called my parents and talked with my mom for over an hour about work, life, my date with Matt, and about my brother Chad and his girlfriend Amber. My mom made sure I was updated on my parents’ life and we planned to meet up the next weekend.

Monday morning, I started with the daily rut of commuting to work and after I had stepped off the bus, I took a detour to pass by Rite Aid and see if there was a slight chance that Jordan would be there. It was early in the morning though and he wasn’t there.

He also wasn’t there during lunch when I used another errand to Rite Aid as an excuse to get out of lunch with some coworkers and Matt. Jordan wasn’t anywhere in sight and I was sad about that. I also didn’t see him when I got off from work and checked again on my way to the bus stop. He was not there.

The same was the case for Tuesday. It was a rainy and cold day; it was October now. Halloween was four weeks away. Jordan wasn’t there in the morning, he wasn’t there during lunch, and he wasn’t there in the evening.

On my way home as I sat in the bus, I remembered what the girl Jordyn had said how I needed to find him but I really had no idea where to even start looking for him. He could be anywhere in the city, he could be in any of the homeless camps, living in a tent or maybe sleeping in a shelter in the city. I didn’t even know where all the shelters were and actually googled them on my phone then. Shelters were located in various locations throughout Seattle. Jordan could be anywhere and I pondered if I could just go to the shelters and ask for him. He could even be living out of a car somewhere in the Sodo district or down by the port. I really didn’t know how to even start looking for Jordan and desperation tried to take over my motivation but I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

I looked out at the people on the sidewalks hurrying along in the rain and wind. It was comfortable warm on the bus I shared with other commuters. Usually I saw the same people on the bus in the morning and then on the bus in the evening, commuters working in downtown like I did and taking the public transportation instead of crowding even more cars into the city and paying high prices for parking garages. I could have been assigned a parking spot for employees of the bank but I had declined because driving in the city was a nightmare during rush hours in the morning and in the evening. There was construction everywhere. Seattle was a quickly growing city but with that also becoming more and more expensive to live in and homeless were drifting all through the city.  

Wednesday was the same; I went to work and looked for Jordan and again he wasn’t there. Matt was nice and friendly but I could feel a slight distance between us. He seemed to be giving me space and even though I understood, I also felt somewhat sad about it. I missed the closeness we had before.

I still had a tiny bit of hope that maybe all the sudden Jordan would just be there again but he wasn’t. The week was over and the weekend was here. I had not seen Jordan all week and I had a feeling that I would probably never see him again.

I drove out to my parent’s house on Sunday. We were all invited for dinner. Chad was there with Amber. He knew not to say anything about what we had talked about the week before and only in a moment when we were outside by ourselves, he asked me if I had found out anything else about the guy in the wheelchair. I told him that I had not seen him anymore and how I was slightly upset about this.

Chad still didn’t know that Jordan was homeless and not just a guy working in the same area I worked in. He tried to comfort me with statements that the guy may be on vacation, or on a business trip, or I maybe just missed him unfortunately being on different schedules. I nodded and pretended like those could be possibilities but I wanted so much to tell my brother who Jordan really was.

Another new week started, a few days passed and I never saw Jordan again. Day after day and week after week I looked for him but he was never there anymore. I was almost certain now that his disappearance was the result of my asking him out for dinner. I had debated driving to all the shelters and check if he was there or just drive around in the city and look for him, but I hadn’t taken that step yet. It felt desperate and actually strange why I would be looking for him in that way. He was gone and I think he had made it a point that we didn’t have anything to do with each other and that my idea of having dinner together had been dumb. I remembered Jordyn from the bar, but more and more I was convinced that it was just a coincidence that I had met her and it had meant nothing what she had said. There was no reason for me and Jordan to hang out or have anything to do with each other. I needed to get my head straight and forget about him.

It was a Thursday evening, the night before Halloween day, when I sat on the bus once again going home after a busy day at work. For some people owning businesses the fiscal year ending in October was a time when they completed property and real estate purchases so we had been busy at work.

It was raining again and over the last couple of days it had been getting colder. Halloween was going to fall right on a Friday, the perfect day for all the parties and kid’s activities and of course Trick or Treating. At my apartment complex I wasn’t going to get any kids knocking or ringing at my door. Trick or Treating mostly took place in single home neighborhoods. After all there were no kids in my apartment building anyways. I was invited to a party on Halloween night at a friend’s house and on Saturday after Halloween there was going to be a party at my cousin’s house.

I watched the world zoom by outside the bus window as we made it through the city. At the traffic lights, I watched people on the sidewalks hurrying through the rain and wind to wherever they needed to go. I sat on the warm bus, my purse on my lap, and my cell phone in my hand. I had six more stops before I would arrive at the bus stop one block from my apartment.

We stopped at the red light of a large intersection. I looked out and the rain drops were running down the window, letting the pedestrians appear distorted and blurry. The rain was coming down hard. Absentminded, I gazed out the window at the blurs of color and light, and the movements of pedestrians but not able to make out actual people. Suddenly I saw the outline of a wheelchair and I sat up some in my seat, moved my face closer to the window and tried to get a better look. It was difficult with the heavy rain hitting the window.

Even through the rain though I suspected the figure in the wheelchair was a man, and I saw a hoodie over a head. He was dodging people on the sidewalk, swiftly pushing his wheelchair through the crowds. My eyes darted at the traffic light ahead, it was still red. My mind started racing at what to do. If this was Jordan I needed to get out and it needed to be done very quickly. Just as I looked out again and saw the person in the wheelchair make their way along the sidewalk and further down the way, the light changed to green and the bus driver pushed the gas pedal and the bus took off.

I felt panic and as the bus drove off, we passed the person in the wheelchair and I was almost certain it was Jordan who I had seen.

The bus drove on along its regular route and I quickly calculated in my head where the next bus stop would be. I couldn’t get out and as we drove along, I saw the person in the wheelchair disappear behind us in the crowds on the sidewalk. I felt my heart beat fast and we drove two more blocks before the bus pulled over at the next stop and a few people got up and I did too. I needed to get out and see if I could go back and find him.

I made my way to the door with the other patrons and my bus driver actually asked me as I passed by him, “Are you not going all the way this evening, Shay?”

I smiled at him, “Actually I’m going to meet a friend for dinner tonight. I’ll take the next one.”
My bus driver smiled at me, “Oh okay, well, have a good dinner then. See you tomorrow.”
“See you tomorrow, thanks.”

I stepped down the two steps onto the sidewalk and hurried under the canopy of the closest building. It rained heavy.

Everyone scattered into different directions and I headed back toward where we had come from. It had been two blocks since I had seen the person that looked like Jordan. I hurried along right next to the building to protect myself from the rain somewhat. I walked so fast I almost ran. My heart was beating fast and my breathing came quick and my whole body trembled. While I was rushing along, my mind was racing at what I would even do if this was really Jordan. I had no clue what I would say to him and I was worried about how he would react. I really didn’t know any more if I was just crazy to be doing this. I thought of Jordyn from the bar almost four weeks earlier and what she had said. I knew that I just had to go for it and the worst that could happen was that the person I had seen wasn’t even Jordan or if it was Jordan, he may not want anything to do with me.

If that would be the case, I would leave him alone and would just have to forget about him.

I crossed the intersection at the first block and my eyes wandered along the sidewalk and also to the other side of the street. Except for a few bikes whizzing by, I didn’t see anything with wheels anywhere on the sidewalk, not even a stroller.

I crossed at the green light for the pedestrians and just when I arrived at the other side and looked down the side street to the left, I caught a glimpse of a wheel. It was noisy with the traffic driving in the rain. I turned to the left instead of going straight like I had been planning. I ran faster now and in this side street the pedestrians thinned out and I saw him ahead of me now. It was indeed a wheelchair and I recognized the shabby hoodie with the hood pulled over his head. He had his hands on the push rims and he was rolling along quickly.

I ran faster and now there were only two people in between me and him, and I called out his name, “Jordan!”

He didn’t stop and I ran even faster, which wasn’t all the way easy in high heeled boots. I was getting out of breath and the heavy rain hit my face and soaked my clothes. The street lights reflected off the wet sidewalk and the cars that drove by were loud and I had to dodge some splatters. I heard myself breathe as I rushed after him.  

There was no one between us now and I called louder, “Jordan!”

The person now slowed from pushing the wheelchair rims and eventually came to a stop, whipping his wheelchair around and looking into my direction up the sidewalk. I slowed my pace to walking and I finally reached him. It was indeed Jordan. His eyes were hidden under his bangs with the hoodie pulled into his face but I knew he looked at me. I stopped in front of him.

I felt my heart beat into my neck now, my knees were like Jell-O from running and from being nervous. I was out of breath and was gasping for air producing fog in front of my face.

For a moment I wasn’t able to say anything because I was still catching my breath.

The rain was drumming onto the hood of my coat. My hair was falling out on the side and was getting wet, my hands were wet, and around us heavy rain hit the pavement leaving puddles and running down the side of the street and into the drains. I saw that Jordan’s hoodie was soaked. It was dark and only the street lights shed light onto us as we stood there looking at each other.

Jordan spoke first, “Shay?”
He sounded sincerely surprised.
My breathing had slowed, “Jordan, hi.”
He now looked around and then suggested, “Come under here.”

There was a canopy on the side of the building providing some cover. Jordan pushed his rims and rolled under it; I followed his lead. There was at least some protection from the rain. Jordan now put his hand to his hood and pushed it down and shook his bangs from his eyes. He looked at me questioning. I saw clearly how he shivered and his hands trembled as he ran them through his wet dark hair. His hair seemed longer than when I had seen him weeks ago. It was wavy and wet around his head.  I could now see his dark eyes. I pushed down the hood of my coat and did the same thing, running my hand through my hair nervously.

I tried to come up with an explanation of my running after him.

His eyes flickered restless when he asked nervously, “What are you…why are you here Shay?”

I clutched my purse tighter and lowered my eyes, trying to come up with something.

I stammered, “I…I actually…I was on the bus on my way home from work and…and I spotted you on the sidewalk.”

His eyes were drilling into me and I sensed he was waiting for more. His hands were on the push rims of his wheelchair like he was going to roll away again any moment.

I explained further, “I got out at the next best bus stop and came back to find you.”
Jordan’s eyes were still on me, “Why did you want to find me?”
My heart beat fast and I couldn’t look at him.
I was nervous and instead of answering I asked bluntly, “Why did you disappear from your spot in downtown?”

He shifted in his wheelchair, swallowed nervously and looked away.

I asked courageously, “Was it because I had asked you to go to dinner with me?”

He didn’t say anything and I just stood there waiting.

I took his silence for a Yes. Jordan took a deep breath but still didn’t say anything.

I now repeated stern, “Was that why you disappeared from your spot, Jordan? Because I asked you to go to dinner with me?”
He looked up again and replied, “Yes, that is exactly why I disappeared. What do you want from me?”

Even though his question was direct, his voice sounded frail. I stood there thinking about my answer and clutched my purse even tighter, shrugging my shoulders trying to buy time.

I didn’t have to answer yet because Jordan now said tense, “You need to leave me alone Shay. Go back to your life and forget that we ever met.”

Now his voice was stronger. I had a feeling he tried to deter me.

Instead of deterring me though, he made me even more determined and I answered with a steady voice, “I don’t want to leave you alone though. I want to get to know you.”
He countered, “There is no reason for you to know me.”

My heart raced in my chest and I swallowed the lump in my throat.

Under the layers of my clothing I was trembling, my knees were weak, and my hands were freezing cold as I stood there. I glanced at Jordan’s hands, cold and blotchy with no gloves and no protection, hands that were exposed to the elements all day and hands that were constantly pushing the rims of his wheelchair through the city, day and night from one place to the next. His hands probably didn’t get much rest at all and in my mind, I saw myself touching his hands, caressing them, warming them, and massaging them.

Jordan just looked at me now and his eyes had turned from a nervous flicker to a subtle sadness when he replied softly, “There’s nothing about me that you need to know.”

He pulled his hood up on his head again and put his hands to his rims. He was getting ready to leave me again. He didn’t say anything else but just pushed his rims and rolled out from under the canopy and back onto the center of the sidewalk. I had to do something. I couldn’t just let him get away again.

He mumbled as he was spinning his wheelchair around, “Just leave me alone Shay. You’ve no reason to know me.”
I hurried after him, watching him slowly roll away, “Jordan, wait please!”
He stopped and I saw he hung his head and from the lift of his upper body I knew he had taken a deep breath.
I stood behind him, “Why are you afraid of me?”

He now sat upright but didn’t turn around. I saw him take another breath.

I added, “You’re afraid to connect with me because I live a different life than you. Is that what it is?”
He still didn’t say anything and my voice was weak but I kept trying, “Why are you afraid Jordan? I want to get to know you and I want to let you into my life.”
He sounded angry, “I don’t want to be in your life. And maybe you need to think about what you’re asking. You don’t need to know me. We have nothing to do with each other. I’m not afraid of you, maybe you need to reconsider talking to me.”

I felt defiant, “Why don’t you try me?”
I slightly jumped as he spun his wheelchair around sudden and his dark eyes were hostile when they darted up scanning my face and he said in an agitated tone, “Try you? Maybe I need to elaborate...I don’t need to be in your life, I don’t want to be in your life and I sure as hell won’t let you into my life because I’m not going to put your life in danger. It’s that simple. Now leave me the fuck alone.”

And again, he spun his wheelchair around, aggressively pushed his rims, and rolled away. I just couldn’t let him go. I knew if I would let him go this would forever occupy my mind. I had seen the look in his eyes when they were on me and scanned my face. I had sensed his interest from his heart but then his head kicked in and stopped him and I knew he was rude to deter me.

He rolled along and I ran after him. I had not pulled the hood of my coat back up. My hair was dripping wet now and my coat was soaked. My boots were shiny from the rain and the sidewalk was slick. I was sure my make-up was slowly smearing around my eyes. I didn’t care.

I couldn’t let him get away and I pulled all my courage together when I purposely called out several questions to him, “Jordan, I want to get to know you. How long have you been in a wheelchair? Why are you in a wheelchair? Why do you live on the street? What happened to you? I want to know and I wish you would give me a chance.”

Without stopping he kept rolling along the sidewalk. I knew he had heard every word and he had slowed in his pace. Just as I was about to call him again while jogging after him, I was caught completely unexpected as I slipped on the sidewalk. I had no time to react and brace myself nor stop myself from tumbling to the ground full on with my head and my leg twisting oddly as I crashed onto the wet sidewalk. My purse flew off my shoulder and I heard my coat tear. A sudden intense pain shot through my head and my ankle as I hit my head on the asphalt and felt dazed for a few moments. I barely made out how Jordan came to a sudden halt and he quickly spun his wheelchair around, pushed his rims very hard and quickly rolled back over toward me. I saw the wheels of his Quickie right in my line of view as I lay on the ground and took gasping breaths.  

In his approach he tensely and frustrated hissed through his teeth, “God damned, Shay…what the hell? What are you doing?”

He had reached me and I saw his wheels right next to my face as I tried to collect myself from the shock of falling. My whole body was shaking, my face felt hot, and a lot wetter than just from the rain. I saw red streaks run over my hand and now I also felt an incredible pain in my foot and my head seemed to be overcome with a severe migraine. I took gasping breaths and felt my eyes fill with water at the painful sensations. I started crying.

Jordan sounded panicky and nervous over me, “Shay, are you okay?”

I saw his worn sneakers on the foot rest next to my head and I heard his wheelchair frame squeak and rustle. I was stunned when all the sudden Jordan basically let himself drop onto the ground next to me. He was out of the wheelchair and next to me on the sidewalk.

His face appeared by my face as he leaned over me, “Shay, talk to me.”
He cursed, “Holy Fuck…you’re bleeding…shit…”

I saw him look around frantically and I heard him call for Help. His strong hands were planted on the ground next to me as he held himself up. I tried to lift my head up some but the pain was excruciating as I tried to move. I moaned as blood was running over my face from the head injury.

I wanted to say something to Jordan but I couldn’t find my voice. I was choking on my tears and tried to swallow the lump in my throat and also the metallic taste of blood on my lips.  

Jordan asked more to himself than to me, “Do you have a cell phone?”
All I could get out was, “Purse.”

I was shaking and the blood was running over my face and dripping onto the ground next to me, leaving streaks mixed with the rain water. I was terrified.

I saw Jordan twist his body on the ground and with his hands and arms he pulled his body over the wet sidewalk to where my purse had landed in the fall. I was able to watch with teary eyes as his legs were dragging behind him on the ground, not moving and not helping him. They just dragged along as he quickly hauled himself over to my purse. And in the process, he cursed and hissed through his teeth.

All the sudden I heard quick footsteps and loud voices come closer. People were saying things in an alarmed and tense tone.

“What happened – she’s hurt – she’s bleeding.”
“Oh my God.”
“Hold him down - hold the guy down.”
“He’s attacked her- don’t touch that purse!”

People were shouting over me and then a woman appeared next to me, squatting, “Hello, can you hear me?”

And I opened my eyes all the way and I looked for Jordan. 
He was by my purse but I was shocked to see that two men were hovering over him and they shoved him to the side of the building, yelling, “He was in her purse. Get the purse away from him. Hold him down.”

I was breathing quickly, and I wanted to explain to them that Jordan was just helping me, but I choked from the tears that wanted to flow. The pain was overwhelming, I held my head with my hands at the screams and the chaos.

I now saw the two men pushing Jordan down, one had his arm pressed against Jordan’s throat with his knee on his chest and shoving him against the wall. I heard Jordan moan and gasp for air. He was trying to talk to them but they didn’t even give him a chance.  

“Call 911, we need the cops here for this scumbag and an ambulance for the woman.”

And then I met Jordan’s eyes and I tried to push myself up, but the pain that shot through my head and my foot were almost unbearable. The woman was constantly talking to me, telling me that help was on the way and to try to relax and that she was here for me. She was fiddling in her own purse and brought out a tissue and tried to press it against my head wound.

I didn’t care about anything she said and did, but instead my eyes travelled over to Jordan and in the choke hold of the one guy his dark eyes met mine. I saw how Jordan tried to pull the guy’s arm away from his throat but he had no chance, the other guy assisted in keeping Jordan down and they pressed him against the wall, a forearm on his throat and a knee pressed into his belly. Jordan had both his hands on the guy’s arm, trying to pull it away from his throat and in the struggle, he gasped for air and his eyes kept finding me.

I was terrified and as the woman was trying to hold me back, I managed to yell at the men, “Leave him alone…He can’t breathe…leave him alone…he was trying to…”
I could barely breathe but called out on under tears, “Trying to get…my…my cellphone…so…”
I winced with the pain I felt and I begged, “Please leave him alone. He didn’t…he didn’t do anything.”

Jordan’s eyes were still on me. I saw how he tried with his hands to keep the guy’s arm from pushing all the way against his throat. Tears were streaming out of my eyes.

I shouted, “Stop it. You’re hurting him…you’re choking him…he’s my friend.”
The guy who had his arm against Jordan’s throat now let off from him but I had no more strength to do anything else. Blood was dripping from my head.
The woman appeared next to me again and she now said, “It’s all right. Don’t move. You’re hurt.”

I was crying and I looked over to Jordan again. His head hung and he was holding himself up with his hands by his sides. His hood had fallen off his head in the scuffle and I saw his sneaker was almost coming off his foot. I could see that he was breathing fast as his chest was rising and falling quickly. He was leaning against the wall of the building.

I wanted to get to him and I called out to him as good as I could, “Jordan, are you okay?”

He didn’t make a sound. The two guys stood over him, keeping watch on Jordan, and the woman was somewhat supporting me with her arms behind me. I heard sirens now.

The ambulance arrived and parked on the street next to us. Within moments the EMT’s were next to me with their first aid items. The woman stepped back and got out of the way.

They were talking to me calmly, getting my name and trying to get a report of what had happened. One was already pressing gauze against my head wound. I explained as good as I could what had happened, not mentioning that I had been running after Jordan but simply that I was with him and had fallen on the wet sidewalk.

I tried to look at Jordan and I saw one of the EMT’s was by his side.

I saw that he was now helping Jordan lay down on the ground and he hovered over him talking to him words I couldn’t make out.

The EMT then called over to his colleagues, “We need another ambulance. Call for back up. This guy is seizing.”
When I heard this, I tried to get a glimpse of Jordan again. I was scared now and the EMT realized I was not very focused. I cried and I was in pain but I was worried about Jordan.
The second EMT who was at my side now hurried over to Jordan and I was left with only one EMT.

I had somewhat been able to pull myself together and I asked, “What is happening to my friend?”

I saw Jordan on the ground and I saw the EMT’s hold his head and I saw his whole body shake and contract. Just at that moment a police car pulled up and an officer rushed over to us.

The EMT pointed over to Jordan, “He’s over there but he’s having a seizure. Not sure what the deal is with the guy and there’s a wheelchair. Most likely user.”
I managed to explain under tears, “It’s his wheelchair. He can’t walk. Please help him. He didn’t do anything. He’s my friend.”
The EMT was tending to my wound but looked at me in disbelief, “Your friend?”
“Yes. He didn’t do anything.”

I cried because I felt I was losing control of the situation and also possibly losing Jordan once and for all.

I heard them talk over him anxiously trying to help, “Keep his airway open!”
“Blood pressure is 86/54, still dropping.”
“Lift his head up.”
“Try to breathe Jordan.”
“His eyes are rolling back. Hold his head so he doesn’t bang it on the ground.”

I tried to look over to Jordan again and all I saw was the two EMT’s sitting on the ground next to him, and the cop squatting at Jordan’s feet apparently calling for back up. 
Another ambulance arrived with sirens and I saw more EMT’s hurry and everyone was talking.

The EMT tending to my head injury asked me, “Do you know anything else about your friend’s health?”

I didn’t know anything about Jordan but by telling them he was my friend I wanted them to keep me in the loop.

I answered, “No, I don’t know about his health."
And now I lied, “He hasn’t had a seizure in a while. He doesn't talk about it much.”

I don’t know why I had said this but I had the biggest fear that this situation would forever separate Jordan and me and I tried to do everything even in midst of my own pain and fear to keep him close. I had no idea about seizures or really anything concerning Jordan’s health.

After a moment the EMT asked, “Do you know when Jordan shot up the last time today? Do you know what he’s on?”
It took me a moment to comprehend and I was shocked to hear this question.
I felt I couldn’t keep up the charade but I pulled it together and answered, “I don’t know, maybe this morning.”

It was a guess, an assumption, an attempt to try to keep connected to Jordan. And I definitely couldn’t answer the second question. My mind was racing at the situation.

I now saw them push a gurney over to him, they let it down on the ground next to him and I saw them lift him onto the gurney. They were holding his head up some and now placed a type of pillow under his head. I also saw them talk to him calmly.

The cop stood up and walked away talking into a radio attached to his shoulder.

I looked at the EMT next to me, “Where are they taking him?”
“We are taking you both to Swedish.”
“Please let me talk to him before they take him.”

The EMT called over to his colleagues, “She wants to talk to him before you guys take him.”

They pushed the gurney toward me and they lowered it again and one of them said, “Make it quick. He’s not doing well.”

With the EMT’s assistance I was able to move over some and now saw Jordan. They were holding his head between their hands and his whole body was shaking violently under the straps that held him down on the gurney.

His eyes were rolling back into his head, he was breathing very fast and with difficulties. He seemed to struggle tremendously. I was so scared for him.

I leaned over him and a tear dripped onto his face, “Jordan, can you hear me?”

He swallowed hard and his eyes seemed to focus trying to find me.

He was struggling to breathe and as he didn’t answer I said again, “Jordan, I will be there for you.”

Now for a moment his eyes seemed to meet mine but quickly rolled away again, his mouth opened and foamy saliva came out of the corners but he couldn’t speak, instead he swallowed air and the EMT said, “We need to get him into the ambulance.”

Just as they were about to let the gurney up Jordan gasped, “Shay…”
I looked at him, “Yes.”
He could barely speak but managed, “My…” He took gasping breaths, his chest rising up and down quickly, “Need…my…” He stopped again and as the EMT’s were about to let him up he managed to say, “Wheelchair.” His belly moved like there was a living thing inside it.
My head hurt as I nodded quickly, “I will make sure you have it.”

Tears ran out of my eyes and they let the gurney up and quickly pushed him into the ambulance and closed the doors.

The  two remaining EMT's tended to me. I had a deep laceration in my forehead that would need stitches. When they had me in the ambulance, they carefully pulled my boots off. It hurt very much and I was hoping my ankle wasn’t broken.

The police officer also talked to me and I explained to him that Jordan had not done anything to me. He also handed me my purse and cleared me from anything. He had also interviewed the helpers and I had thanked them. They apologized several times for assuming Jordan had done anything wrong. Everyone seemed to be surprised that somehow Jordan and I knew each other.

Right before I was about to get taken away, I told the EMT, “We need to bring Jordan’s wheelchair.”
“Oh yeah, sure. Wow, almost forgot.”

He brought the wheelchair over and stashed it into the ambulance with us.  

I looked at Jordan’s empty wheelchair. It looked worn and like he had been using it for a long time. On the back rest I made out the faded Quickie Logo. I scanned over it, the mid high backrest, the single foot rest and the dark green frame with lots of scratches, grooves and dents in it. I knew he needed it and I would make sure he would have it. 


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    1. Thanks so much Pepper, I appreciate your comment

  11. Thanks for sharing! Love your story. However, with you, we never know whether it will be a HEA ;-) The difficult parts would be easier to endure knowing it ends well for them... Hope your week will be ok. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    1. Yeah, I like to delve into darkness at times but hope and love is always part of the darkness too. Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it so much.