Monday, May 27, 2019

New Chapter - Will Love Prevail

Hi friends,
how is everyone? I am hoping everyone is having a peaceful Memorial Day remembering our fallen from wars past and present.
I am actually away this weekend and am spending time with my son who is active duty in the Coast Guard and lives a four hour flight away from me. I had a wonderful time seeing him and I am so proud of him.
So I'm sitting here in a hotel room (he only has a tiny Studio apartment 😊😊😊😊  ) and it is after midnight in this time zone but not yet midnight in my home time zone.
I didn't want to leave you guys hanging and looked over this chapter, editing quickly and hopefully made it good to go. It is also a very long chapter this time and now I'm pretty tired but here I give you Chapter 31 of Will Love Prevail. I hope I didn't miss any mistakes or anything.
I also wanted to thank you so much for your feedback on my "Story in the making-Caoimhe's Hands". It looks as that there is interest so I will see what I can do here in the near future.
Your comments made me very happy.
Of course also your comments on WLP. I appreciate you so much.
Now I wish you a wonderful week, thanks for reading and let me know how you liked the chapter.


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