Friday, June 14, 2019

Not Gay - Chapter 17

Despite the fact that it’s not convenient for either Jay to visit Darren nor the other way around, they find themselves spending more and more evenings and nights at the other’s place. Darren’s house mates don’t seem to mind if Jay crashes the one or other Friday on their couch, and they watch movies or play games in the evenings, and sometimes have breakfast all four of them on Saturday. While Aleksander seems pretty uninterested in Jay’s and Darren’s status, Nancy can’t help but pry and usually only stops when Darren barks at her to mind her own business. But even that abates eventually and Jay isn’t sure it’s a good sign because she has given up, or a bad one because he finally made it into a category Nancy can grasp. Though he is curious to know what she deduced about them he remains careful to keep his distance. As nice as they are, he feels only totally comfortable during the times he knows Nancy and Aleksander aren’t present in the house. Fortunately, this isn’t all too rare an occasion.

“If I had known you were practically naked in my kitchen I’d have joined you earlier,” Darren mumbles from behind Jay who is busy at Darren’s stove, preparing eggs. Nancy’s breakfast preparations have returned to a more normal level, toast and jam - another thing Jay isn’t altogether sure he should be glad about.

Jay turns slightly without stopping to stir and beams at Darren. “Why? Eager to prepare breakfast?” Having heard the door fall shut behind Aleksander and knowing Nancy is visiting her parents, Jay didn’t bother this morning to dress himself. He’s still in the boxer short he slept in after having missed yet another last train back into the city the night before.

Darren grunts something and the electric wheelchair jerks closer with a whirr. Jay can see Darren’s brows moving together as he concentrates to position himself behind Jay without running the wheelchair into Jay’s calves. Darren is clothed like every Saturday morning, in a comfortable plain shirt and simple pants. Aleksander trimmed his beard this morning, Jay could hear them talk before the exchange student left, and Jay can smell shampoo in Darren’s hair as Darren approaches.

“What’s this?” Darren asks.

“Most people call it scrambled eggs,” Jay says, grinning as Darren’s left hand shivers up his thigh, settling at waist height. “But we can call it whatever if it suits you.” Darren’s unsure fingers trail up Jay’s back and leave goosebumps in their wake. He chances a look down and notices his boxer shorts tenting already.

“Okay. Whatever.”

Jay rolls his eyes but chuckles, and then shrieks a little as Darren’s hand suddenly squeezes his butt. “Hey!” He playfully swats at Darren. “No sweets before eating.” His cock screams something else.

“Not fair,” Darren grumbles and the hand vanishes from Jay’s butt. He had sounded slightly constricted and glancing back Jay confirms that Darren’s retreat hasn’t been entirely voluntary. Mild spasms have forced him to slump against the backrest of the wheelchair again, his legs kicking out lazily. Darren notices Jay watching and waves his contracted hand curtly. “Come here,” he grunts. “This stove isn’t your height, anyway.”

He’s right, the lowered stove is awkward to use for Jay, even though he isn’t very tall. With a shrug, Jay slides into Darren’s lap. Though not before turning the heat down, mindfully.

“Mmmh...” Darren nuzzles Jay’s neck and Jay shudders at the sensation, closing his eyes. A breathy moan falls from his lips as Darren starts nipping at his earlobe playfully.

Because Jay knows the two of them to be alone he’s much more uninhibited than otherwise. But it still took him a while to melt into Darren’s touch just like that, letting himself go, without thinking it strange anymore. In fact, he doesn’t think at all, just revels in the sensation, following where his arousal leads him.

Jay protests as Darren sticks his tongue into his ear, but only feebly because it feels curiously good.
“I determined I’m old enough to have a little desert before eating,” Darren mumbles, breathing hotly against Jay’s neck. Jay hums in agreement, wiggling back against Darren. “I promise I’ll still be hungry afterward,” Darren goes on. Jay chuckles at that because that’s true as hell in all senses of the word but a moment later he is back to writhing in Darren’s lap, growing more desperate as Darren kisses and licks his way down the side of Jay’s naked neck and shoulder.

“Have you ever thought about what it would have been like if we’d been caught that time in the dancing hall?” Darren murmurs, the fingers of his left hand inching up Jay’s thigh. Jay opens his legs a little, invitingly, his cock aching. At Darren’s question he stiffens suddenly, with horror at the thought first, but then with the surprising stab of arousal it sends through him. He had tried not to think of it so far. It had been way too close for his liking. But then... It had also been exciting, he realizes. Not that he’d repeat anything the like if he can avoid it, but the heat of the moment, the rush they’d been in, the fear of detection... It had added something spicy. Jay moans louder thinking of it, waves of heat traveling through his body.

“I like to think of it from time to time,” Darren goes on, almost musing. Jay wonders where he’s taking this and bites on his lips, shivering. “You know? If we’d been caught... you could have said that...” His fingers slip to the inside of Jay’s thigh, moving higher. Jay whimpers, his legs starting to tremble a little, and wills Darren’s hand to move faster, continuing to squirm back against the hardness he can feel in Darren’s pants in his back.

“You could have said you had to help the cripple. That I was horny and desperate and couldn’t finish myself off. You were just acting out of charity, so to say.” Darren chuckles a little at that, so Jay knows he’s only joking, but he knows about the true background in his words and it makes him dizzy with want.

“Darren, please...” Darren’s hand has finally settled on Jay’s cock, his palm squeezing down gently, quivering. Jay stares at the hand, licking his lips. “Darren, shit...”

“Right? No one would have dared to object.” Darren has a good day, his hand wiggles and slips under the waistband of Jay’s boxer shorts on its own, and his fingers flit along Jay’s rigid cock, making Jay gasp and groan. “Or...,” Darren continues, his voice rumbling, “you could have told them the truth.” His fingers close around Jay’s member, squeezing weakly and trembling, but more nimble than Jay has seen them in weeks. Jay almost doesn’t dare to breathe, shivering with anticipation in Darren’s lap.

“You could have told them how you enjoy this guy, that you can’t get enough of him.”

Jay whimpers and thrusts his hips up, his cock sliding through Darren’s lose fist, precome rolling from the tip and soaking into the boxer shorts. Jay shudders and arches into Darren’s touch, trying to intensify the sensation, panting.

“Isn’t that true?”

Jay blinks and nods through the haze, his cheeks hot. When Darren doesn’t continue he feels himself compelled to stammer: “Y-yes, that’s right. So true, can’t get enough. Right, yes.”

Darren chuckles behind him, the fist around Jay’s cock tightening until Jay gasps with pain. It’s not voluntary, a second later Darren’s hand is off, arm jerking away, and Darren swears under his breath. He manages to put his hand back in Jay’s lap after a few moments and Jay helps him fit it under his boxer shorts and around his cock again, marveling at Darren’s control today. Jay moans loudly as soon as he can feel Darren’s fingers around himself again.

“You could have told them that you’d prefer this guy’s hand over any girl’s, don’t you? That he turns you on, spasms and all.”

Jay can barely speak without screaming, Darren’s fingers squeezing just right around him. He nods his head vigorously, breath coming in more and more desperate gasps. “Oh yes, Darren, so good, so... God!”

Darren starts stroking Jay slowly, executing the movement from his shoulder, his legs tightening under Jay. His fist jerks along Jay’s cock, arrhythmically, punching high-pitched moans out of Jay’s chest. Jay’s hips jerk up to aid Darren’s movements while his hands clutch at the armrest of the wheelchair, bracing himself.

“God, look at you,” Darren’s breath has grown heavy, too, his speech starts slurring. Jay notices his fist slowing down as the muscles in his arm seize up. “Mmmh... Beautiful, Jay.”

Suddenly Darren’s hand tightens up again and it’s what Jay needed to push him over the edge. His hips stutter into Darren’s almost frozen fist as his cock pulses, darkening the front of his boxers with come. He jerks and gasps, watching Darren’s hand tremble around his cock, muscles fighting to stay on task.

Jay’s vision is cloudy as he comes off the high, his softening cock aching slightly with Darren still clasping it tightly. “Darren... Uh... Darren?” The fingers of Darren’s hand open slowly, his hand dropping away suddenly.

“Sorry,” Darren rasps, slumped back in the chair again, breathing irregularly.

“Huh... Wow, don’t worry, that was...” Jay isn’t altogether there yet. “Hot,” he mumbles. Already Darren squirms under him, still hard. Jay scoots forward a little, giving Darren room.

Darren fumbles with his pants, Jay can hear the zipper being pulled down. “Can you get up, slowly?” Darren’s hoarse voice asks in Jay’s back.

Jay wonders what Darren is up to but does as Darren wishes, leans forward and begins to rise. Darren grabs his shoulder, sets his feet on the ground with some difficulty and, using Jay as a guide and for balance, gets up with him.

“Woah, Darren...” Jay can feel Darren stagger against him and he grabs the counter to the right of the stove in front of him, bracing himself. But Darren manages to gain his bearings and supports most of his weight on his own two feet, though not standing entirely erect. Jay knows it’s as tall as the other gets and he dares not to move lest he’ll disturb Darren’s precarious equilibrium, the other’s hand still on his shoulder.

Darren shifts and gives a low, urgent grunt. He hooks his left arm over Jay’s shoulder, fingers splayed over Jay’s naked chest and his front presses against Jay from behind. His erect cock suddenly pokes into Jay’s back and Jay notices that Darren’s hips seem to move more easily in this position, standing up instead of sitting down. His hips cant slowly, humping Jay almost imperceptibly.

“Holy shit...” Jay’s cock does a little weak twitch in his still wet boxer shorts. It’s unbelievably hot feeling Darren move like that against him, and if Darren keeps this up a little while longer, Jay thinks he could get hard again.

As he works himself up, Darren groans and pants into Jay’s neck. With every passing second Jay can feel Darren’s weight settle into him more, the other’s legs beginning to tremble. Darren’s right fist presses against Jay’s right upper arm, quivering a little with every thrust. His breathing soon becomes erratic, his movements urgent as he nears orgasm.

“Jay... Fuck, can you-?”

Darren’s voice is rough and Jay quickly slides his right hand behind his own back and into the tight space between them. Darren’s pants are open but are still clinging slightly to his hips. Jay manages to pull Darren’s underpants down a little in the front and wraps his fingers around Darren’s hard hot member. It’s a weird angle with Jay’s hand behind his back, but Darren doesn’t seem to mind. He elicits a hoarse groan upon the contact, teeth grazing Jay’s left shoulder.

“Oh yes, yes.... Close.” Darren’s hips thrust forward more forcefully, driving his cock into Jay’s fist. Darren is groaning gutturally with every thrust, from effort or pleasure Jay can’t tell. His body shakes with spasms from his legs, making it clear that time is running out. Finally, with a shudder and another deep groan, Darren comes, his body twitching and jerking through orgasm, his arm wrapped tightly around Jay’s chest, keeping himself upright.

Once Darren stills and slumps against Jay entirely, breathing heavily, Jay cranes his neck to look at the wheelchair behind them, the weight on his shoulders becoming unbearable. He slowly lets Darren down into his wheelchair by taking one step back, knees almost buckling, and stoops low, until Darren slides into the seat.

“Geez...” Jay rubs his shoulder and stretches his back. His boxer shorts have started drying and hardening slightly, but he hardly notices.

Darren peers at him, a dopey smile on his face. “Sorry. Am I heavy?” he asks, head jerking back a little with spasms, his words still slow like wading through mud.

“Eh...” Jay says, waving one hand dismissively. “Think we’ll have to put you on a diet.” He turns and pokes the remains of the eggs in the pan, frowning. “These are ruined anyway.”

Darren looks appropriately sheepish. “Hmmm... Can’t we make new ones?” His hand spasms, which makes the wheelchair drive into the back of Jay’s legs this time, effectively making Jay fall into Darren’s lap again, and Darren sneaks a lazy kiss somewhere between Jay’s shoulder blades before sinking back against the backrest with an exhausted sigh.

Jay takes his time considering this, then leans into Darren, snuggling up against his chest and drawing his legs up into Darren’s lap. “We could.”

A few minutes nothing happens except for Darren’s feet tapping the footrest lightly as spasms rattle through his legs.

“Wouldn’t you have to do something? Like crack the eggs and cook them?” Darren mumbles into Jay’s hair, tiredly. His left hand slowly creeps up to pat Jay’s back irregularly.

Jay doesn’t move his cheek from where it rests comfortably on Darren’s chest, but at least opens one eye. “Upon further thought, I think these eggs appear still somewhat edible. What do you think?” He fishes for the pan on the stove and holds it under Darren’s nose. The egg is brown and dry, but is still some way from becoming charcoal.

Darren gives a grunt and a shrug. “Okay.”

“Cool.” Jay closes his eyes again, entirely exhausted but happy his empty stomach will soon be filled.
“To the table then.”

The wheelchair hums a little louder, carrying them both away from the kitchen.


  1. Thank you for posting. I love Darren and Jay and their growing domesticity.

    1. Thanks! Ah yes, they are starting to get really cozy with each other.

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    1. Thank you, ano! Makes me happy you like the story :)

  3. Aw, the boys are finally getting some (a tiny bit) of emotional intimacy to go with all that physical intimacy. Jay, it's ok to be a dev! But dudes, overcooked eggs are yuck.

    1. Totally! In my opinion even slightly cooled egg is yuck, and this is overcooked and cold...
      Thanks, Devo Girl!

  4. Hi Lovis, I hope everything is okay and you are safe! Is there any chance of a new update? It would make me so happpy!

    1. Sorry, sorry, sorry for the long wait. I feel awful about that. But I'm fine! It's so sweet of you to ask. The next chapter is already up if you would like to take a peek. The update post will be online on Friday.

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    1. That's so sweet, thanks for checking in! We are all fine, just kinda stressed out with organizing our return journey.

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