Monday, July 29, 2019

What It Was - Chapter 3 posted now

Hi friends,
sorry for the delay today.
Thank you for your patience and your sweet comments earlier. It is "later" now 😊 and I give you another chapter of "What It Was".
I am so happy and excited that you guys are taking to the story so well. I know it has similarities to my type of stories and writing but that's just me and so I'm happy to share this with you.
Your comments are the best, they make me so very happy.
Here is the next chapter and I hope you enjoy.
Hugs and thank you, Dani

What It Was - Chapter 3

TOC What It Was


  1. Uiuiui.... I can't wait. Constantly updating the website..... Haha

  2. Thank you, looking forward to that very much!