Sunday, July 21, 2019

Free Audiobook

 Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of Cabin Fever! You know I am always trying to get more reviews, so I’m hoping you’ll write one if you have read and enjoyed the book. As a bonus, if you email me a link to your review at,  I will enter you for a chance to win a FREE audiobook copy of My Perfect Ex-Boyfriend.  It was recently published by Tantor as an audiobook by an excellent voice actor and they gave me a few codes for free download. Review and buy Cabin Fever here:
Cabin Fever
Send me an email!
Also, I have another idea that I’d like to discuss with all of you next week. So stay tuned!

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  1. I loved the story, it has your characteristic stamp, I found it a bit short,I would have liked it to be longer, your narrative is extraordinary ... I just sent my comment about Cabin Fever on Amazon, the account is in my husband's name (everybody most think he is a very romantic guy hahaha) and in maximum 48 hours I'll send you my email with the link;) ... By the way my review is in Spanish because it is difficult for me to translate to English properly and I'm a little embarrassed about it, I usually don't post anything because of it, but hey, an audiobook it's a very good incentive!!
    Greetings from México!