Friday, July 12, 2019

Free Friday - Dani here

Hi friends,

I miss coming here and posting a story. So I have a bunch of stories in the making and some are longer than others already. As you know I do this on the side of work, family, friends and life in general. It's my hobby.
Since it's "free Friday" and nothing else is going on here on the Blog I figured I will post something.
I have been thinking of which story I want to focus on and keep writing and working on.

Here is another one I have in the making and I wanted to let you guys see the first chapter and get your feedback about it.

You know my disability is always Paraplegia, I won't even attempt to write about any other disabilities I know nothing about. As a dev I feel most deeply drawn to Paraplegics so that is what I write about.

I can't really decide if I want to keep working on "Caoimhe's Hands" or this one called "What it Was".  If you don't know yet about "Caoimhe's Hands" I am also posting a link to the first chapter.
In addition I will give you a chapter of "What It Was" and looking forward to read how you like the beginning of it.

What It Was - Chapter 1
Caoimhe's Hands - Chapter 1

Thanks my friends, miss you,


  1. I like Caoimhe's Hands! Is there more?

  2. Oh Dani I love your new story about the wheelchair man. todas Its friday I'm waiting for chapter 2!!!

    1. Oh, sorry Nat...I will try to start posting soon, I have to work on it a little still. But I am so happy you like the start of it.

  3. Thanks Dani I Love your stories I live in Argentina my english isn't good but I can read your stories and Really enjoyed very much