Sunday, July 7, 2019

New Book! Cabin Fever!

Cabin Fever is going to be available for download TOMORROW!

Buy a copy of Cabin Fever on Amazon now for only $2.99 or free if you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited! For those of you who have been reading since the beginning, you should start this one over at the beginning because there's quite a few chapters I cut out for posting here.
I was a damsel in distress.

Trapped in a car. Slowly being buried by the unrelenting snow. No cell service. No way out.

And then when all hope felt lost, he appeared—a shadowy figure emerging from the depths of the blizzard. Except my dashing hero on a mighty steed was instead a hulking beast of a man with an eyepatch and a beard, driving a pickup truck. He offered his small cabin as shelter until the storm blew over.

He saved my life.

But this mysterious, rugged stranger is no prince. He’s not even the simple woodsman he pretends to be. I don’t know exactly what he wants from me.

But I’m beginning to think I want the same damn thing.


  1. Another great story from you Annabelle! I really liked how you drew it together with the happy ending too. There was a moment where I couldn't see how that was going to be possible.