Monday, August 19, 2019

New chapter "What It Was"

Hi friends,💚
how is everyone? I had such a busy week and then went away for the weekend on a motorcycle ride along the beautiful Coast. Off the grid, off line for a while...
But I edited and rewrote a little bit last week and managed to get a chapter ready for you today.
After last week's awesome reception of Chapter 5, I just didn't want to make you wait for more of Shay and Jordan.💓 💑
I had a comment about the difficult parts in my stories...I know I tend to write about the less bright side of life sometimes and my stories are probably lined with imperfect characters and sometimes on the darker side of life. I do hope that love and emotion causing hope shines through though and that it makes up for the less "joyful" moments.
Your comments were so wonderful and I appreciated them so much. I think last week were the most comments I have ever had on a story. Thank you so, so much.
Now I give you Chapter 6 of "What It Was".
Hope you enjoy,💛
Hugs, Dani

TOC What It Was

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