Monday, September 2, 2019

New Chapter "What It Was"

Hi friends,
I hope everyone had a wonderful week and that it didn't take too long for Monday to come around. It seems always to come quick for me when I have to edit a chapter and be ready to post for you.
I am thankful for everyone reading this story and I loved your comments so much. On all the chapters you have made me so happy with your numerous heartfelt comments.
I know this is another rough one but that is just the way I like to write. Shay and Jordan have definitely connected way too much than to be without each other anymore and it won't be easy. I will reveal more on Jordan and his struggles and also on Shay and how Jordan unlocks a side in her she has tried to ignore all her life.
I give you another chapter of "What It Was" Chapter 8
Enjoy and as always I welcome your feedback. Have a wonderful first week of September.
Hugs, Dani


  1. I'm new to the site and this was the first fiction I read - the first 7 chapters over 2 days. I got up this holiday Monday wondering if another installment would appear and was happy to see that was the case. It's a great story and I had a tear in my eye by the end. Can't wait to see where it goes. Best regards, Timm

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment Timm. I hope you will find lots of great stories here that touch you. I am glad you like this story and I hope you will keep coming back.

  2. First off, my English skills are quite low, but I finally have to tell Dani, how much I love her stories and how hard it is, to wait for a new chapter, although time usually goes by quickly ... !

    Thank you so much Dani, for all the time, work and love you put into your stories to entertain us !

    My favourite are still Shane and Jessy an their story, but I am hoping Jordan will get and accept a lot of help and love from Shay ... !

    I am looking so forward to read more !

    All the best and lots of Love !

    PS. Do you sell copies of your stories, too ?
    I never copy them here, out of respect, but I recently made the experience, that another site like Paradevo closed, and now I lost an ongoing story, I also liked a lot ...
    Since I do not know any authors name or mail-address, unfortunately I have no chance to reach out to one of them, if I can't find/read a story anymore ...

    1. Hi Sonja, nice to meet you. I am so happy to read your wonderful feedback. Thank you so, so much. I am also happy that you like "Three's a Crowd" so much.
      I am sorry you lost a story on another site. I have not published any of my stories yet, I unfortunately don't know anything about self publishing. I will try to find time to maybe look at self publishing. Or maybe I will start my own Blog. But for now you will always find me and my stories here. Thank you so much for reading.

  3. Oh, I just realized, I mixed up Shawn and Shane, because I like both guys a whole lot ;) !

    1. That's okay 😁, I also like them both 😉

    2. ...and I also liked Jesse, Shawn's brother a lot...😉

  4. Awww, I shouldn't talk about guys "here", without looking back at the story ... :) !

    But I really like Shawn, Jesse (und Trish) a lot !

    I don't know if amazon is "a fair partner" for an author, but I like to buy the stories there, even if I have already read them here, to have the chance to keep them, like other e-books, and to pay the little amount of money, so the author also gets a little "present" !

    And I saw, the author of the story I miss, was/is also a member of the paradevo message board, I have no access to and do not even know peoples first name.

    So I guessed, you might be "this author", too - but I also realized too late, that you already said, you have published all of your stories here, so this can not be the case !

    1. Sonja, if you want to email me, here is my email

      If you are not a member on PD, I can possibly contact the "author" if you want. I am on PD and use the same name "Dani"
      I will definitely try to look at self publishing so my readers can have the stories. Thank you so much

    2. Oh, Dani, that's really kind of you, that you are even offering to help me !
      I will message you. Thank you in advance.
      After reading your mail-address, I "assume", we might speak the same native language, so maybe there is a chance, that you don't have to deal with my (unfortunately) bad English anymore ;) !