Monday, October 21, 2019

No "What It Was" today - sorry

Hi friends of "What It Was", 💖
I'm sorry but as I had already "warned" last week, I don't have the next chapter ready for this week.
I have been on a road trip for the past few days and on top of it have actually been dealing with some health issues for the past two weeks, it's been very exhausting. 😢
I was at the urgent care clinic last week before the road trip to get checked out and was put on some meds but it was just a temporary fix. Something else is going on and I need to get checked out some more.
I tried to edit the next chapter but just haven't been able to really focus on it. I'm so sorry.
Thank you for reading and commenting, I had some wonderful feedback last week.
I hope to be able to get a chapter ready for next week,
Hugs and hope everyone has a good week,
Dani 🎔🎔🎔

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