Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Update: Shadowboxing, Chapter 14, pt. 1

Hi all, 

And here we go again! As promised, Shadowboxing is back; I'll be posting weekly on Wednesdays. 

Quick recap: in the last few chapters, Asher and Roy deepened their relationship in several ways - Asher visited Roy's boxing gym for the first time and reflected on their differences, with perspective from Roy's philosophizing friend Allan (chap. 11). Roy unexpectedly met Asher's parents (chap. 12 pt. 1, pt. 2). And in chapter 13, Roy finally met Asher's tough-love best friend Amy - while Asher struggled with nightmares about the assault.

Chapter 14 is quite long, so I'll be posting it in two parts:

Table of Contents

I hope you enjoy! This chapter was really tough to write.

- R

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