Friday, January 17, 2020

Free Friday Short Story

Surprise! Okay, so this one definitely needs an explanation: I recently stumbled upon this new machine learning model that has digested a big portion of the internet and produces rather convincingly well-written text. And I thought: Well, what do you do if you encounter strong competition in your field? You make them collaborate with you! So I did. This is the result of me writing porn with the kind contribution of OpenAI’s language model GPT-2. How did it turn out? Well, the AI and I apparently didn’t always agree with each other on the genre we were writing. So while I was definitely aiming for porn, the AI may have dived into horror/gore/fantasy from time to time (it may or may not have been on purpose, I'm still debating that…). I think I may have managed to pull it back from there with great effort, though not always completely successful… But see for yourself. In any case, I find that the AI added quite some… unique layers, and created, what I wasn’t expecting, not only a few very cheesy moments but also showed a stunning knowledge of the intricate details of human relationships and was, at times, wonderfully poetic. My favorite line? I can only imagine how cold it feels with a body like mine and a body that isn't mine. Just… Wow? I mean, I have absolutely no idea what this means, but it’s absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? In its own, quizzical way :D With that, enjoy weird/hot:

Take care! Lovis

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