Saturday, February 1, 2020

No update to Not Gay today

I’m really sorry! I was sick this week and there’s a lot going on in the moment (only good stuff though), so I just didn’t find the time. But I promise an update next Saturday!



  1. Hello... Hope you are feeling better and doing well. Just wanted to say that I am REALLY missing this story! I keep checking back for an update because I need my Darren and Jay fix! ☺ Will you be updating soon?

  2. Really missing this story. Cant wait for the next update

  3. Really missing my updates to this story, hope all is ok with you?

  4. Sorry guys! I feel terrible for leaving you hanging. Your concern moves me deeply. I’m all good, please don’t worry. There will be more updates, I just can’t tell in the moment when exactly that will be.

    1. Honestly and as someone who loves this story to bits and pieces, don't feel bad for prioritizing real life! I wish you all the best and that things are going well for you!