Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Devo Diary Chapter 64

Hi there! It's time for more Devo Diary! It feels a little weird to be posting in the middle of a global crisis but maybe you need some distraction during your self-quarantine or while "working" from home. I hope everyone is staying healthy!

So I know some of you were disappointed by the sudden disappearance of Hot Wheels in the last chapter. Don't mourn for that relationship; it was never going to work out. Sorry there are no wheelers in this week's chapter. I had a hard time coming up with a chapter title because for once it's not about any one relationship. I could have called it "a bunch of random shit happens also I hang out with a lot of friends." And I try internet dating again, with spectacularly terrible results. But there is some important scene-setting for what will come later. There will be more devvy content in the following weeks, I promise.

Devo Diary Chapter 64: Internet Dating

Table of Contents

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