Wednesday, April 29, 2020

More Devo Diary!

Hi again, it's time for more Devo Diary! I hope everyone is doing ok. We're in it for the long haul with quarantines and isolation. I love the little community that has sprung up around this blog but it can be hard to keep in touch just through comments. I encourage any devs of disabled men to also join the PD message board if you want more interaction. Just be sure to fill out the questions at the end of the membership sign up so we know who you are.

Here is the next chapter. Last time, Birk dumped me over email in the most insulting way possible. Fuck that guy! I did not spend one minute pining over him. Find out what happened next:
Devo Diary Chapter 70

Table of Contents

Huge thanks to everyone who has left a comment! Blogger has been super buggy about comments; it's not just us. I'm sorry if you tried to leave a comment and it got deleted. I adjusted the settings but it might not help. Please do leave comments if you can, thanks!

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