Friday, May 29, 2020

Update to Not Gay

I swear I planned to update last week, and then I went swimming instead (In a completely socially-distanced fashion of course. The lake was ice cold and no one else was stupid enough to get into it. I spent the rest of the day shivering in the RV, wearing three layers of clothing, while outside kids were playing in shorts). Now, with some delay, dev-geared dirty talk and still a little damp: Chapter 17!



  1. Thanks for posting, Lovis! I hope you didn't catch a cold! Take care!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, ano! Oh don't worry, I was only frozen to the bones and it took me a while to get warm again, but I didn't catch a cold. Thanks for the concern! I've been wondering about this though. If you do strict social distancing, can you catch a cold? Probably not, not from another person at least... But then... Where do viruses come from, originally? And how likely is it to get one that did not hitchhike from another living being?