Monday, September 7, 2020

New Story : ' Enemy, Mine' - a sequel to 'The Tortured Billionaire'. Book 2 in the Billionaire series by S. Miller

          Hi there lovely people,

   I hope you enjoyed the snippet from "The Tortured Billioanire" I shared with you in my last post. 

   Some people were curious about the validity of the story and how much from what I had experienced in my own personal life had been included in the book.

   So I realized I have to make the following disclaimer: 

  For the purposes of keeping the identities of the characters involved in the first book private, I deliberately altered names, locations and some circumstances. 

  I had to do this as some friends were trying to discover the identities of the real people who I used to base the story on, and of course I wouldn't want to reveal those. However, I would like to say that most of the information included in the series comes from my own personal experience, and I will just leave it at that. 

Now , for the fun part. There is a sequel to the first book and I am happy to share part of it with you here :

This is a sequel to the first book, and Book 2 in the Billionaire series. If you enjoy the sample, you can find the whole book here:

I will also be posting more from these two stories for those of you who enjoy it, every Monday on this blog. The way I write is similar to therapy, as it helps me battle my own demons. 

Here is the continuation to "The Tortured Billionaire" story:

I am so grateful for you guys who are showing support and allowing me the platform to speak up and voice my thoughts and experiences. The writing helps me deal with what I have gone through in my past and is indeed like therapy. I would recommend anyone who has gone though abuse or trauma in their own life to keep a journal or something to record their experience. 

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  1. Any way this can be made available in the UK?

  2. Any way this can be made available in the UK?

    1. They are now. I’ve just bought the first one.

  3. Hi there lovelies, yes the ebook should be available in the UK, thank you so very much for commenting, your feedback really means a lot!

    Sophie x