Wednesday, October 14, 2020

"What It Was" available on Kindle now

 Hi friends,

I hope everyone is somewhat well during these uncertain times. 2020 has been a rough year for many of us, we are feeling a lot of emotions. This world is in turmoil, I see a lot of darkness. Personally, it has been very difficult for me on many different levels. 

The only good thing has been the publishing of three of my novels for Kindle, "Will Love Prevail", "New Beginnings" and now "What It Was". It has kept me from falling in the hole completely. 

For those of you who have liked my stories here, please check out my publications for Kindle. As you know I'm not native in English, but with every publication, I am learning a lot about writing and editing.  

I have now published "What It Was", completely reworked and edited to my best abilities. I hope you will enjoy reading it and I would love to get your feedback, reviews or ratings. 

You may contact me via email at "" or follow me on IG, Twitter, Goodreads or Deviantart. 

What It Was by Dani Deveaux

New Beginnings by Dani Deveaux

Will Love Prevail by Dani Deveaux

Thank you for reading my stories. I miss coming here, but I will probably start working on "Three's A Crowd" for publishing next. 

Sending my love, Dani


  1. Awww, I am rooting like crazy for "There's a crowd" to also become a part of my personal "Kindle Dani Collection" :) !

    1. Damn, I did call it "Three's a crowd" ... It is my all time favorite story, so I do know the title !

    2. Hi Sonja, thanks for your comment. "Three's a Crowd" is definitely a big one. I think it is also my longest story so it will take some time to rework and edit. Something to look forward to for 2021. Thanks again, I am glad you like my stories. Best wishes, Dani