Saturday, November 21, 2020

UPDATE to He's Not Mr. Perfect + news

 Hello, PD stories! 

I realize it's been a crazy amount of time since I last posted, and I want to apologize for that. It took me over a year to finish this chapter. 

[skip life update]

Just a quick update: some of you already knew why I stopped writing over a year ago, over mental health related to fertility issues, but I am really, really happy to announce to those friends I ghosted around 2 years ago, that I am now mother to an amazing baby girl. Even though we tried for many years, IVF and all, it came out of nowhere, months after we decided not to go for another round. The universe is strange, friends. And I'm not complaining.

Thank you to those who encouraged me to write and post again. It's been a great outlet for all this energy I have to give, now. 

[end life update]

I can't promise I'll have another chapter next week, but I'll try. I do have some other stuff cooking; remember B-L-I-N-D? I've been writing a LOT of that recently, and I really wanna share it with you.

Without further ado, HERE'S the update to He's Not Mr. Perfect.

If you wanna refresh your memory, here's the previous chapter, and here's the Table of Contents for all chapters, in case you're new or just wanna read it from the start.

Also, check my short story, B-L-I-N-D, featuring a CODA introducing her Blind fiancé to her Deaf family, which should be getting some extended content soon.

Please let me hear your feedback! Have a great week :D


  1. Congratulations on your little girl! Glad to have you back. Love the update on He's not Mr. Perfect and looking forward to updates on B-L-I-N-D. :-)

  2. Congrats, wonderful news! So good to have you back. Enjoy the challenging and precious time with your baby <3 I’m so stoked about B-L-I-N-D, can’t wait to read what you have for us. And I’m off to refresh my memory on He’s not Mr. Perfect...

  3. So happy for you, congrats on your baby girl.

  4. Congratulations, Johanna, that's so wonderful to hear! I was thinking a lot about you and now I am happy for you and wish you and your family all the best! Also, I am very much looking forward to reading again from you, I really loved both stories!

  5. Congratulations on the baby :) being a mom of 2 I can tell you that its amazing you had anytime to write keep it up please.

    I sooooo excited about B-L-I-N-D, it brings out my blindness devo like nothing else, can't wait for the next update

  6. Omg so glad you're back! And amazing to hear your news. Esp cause we will be going for ivf too once covid stuff is over. Looking forward to all the story updates too ☺️

  7. So glad you’re posting. I hadn’t read your work before, but I just finished B.L.I.N.D. And I loved it. I really like stories that don’t have the typical formula: girl meets boy, they fall in love, there’s a problem, they break up, they reconcile, they live happily ever after. (I don’t have anything against the formula, I like those stories too) I just think stories that don’t follow that structure resemble real life more accurately and therefore they reach a deeper place inside me. Thanks so much for writing and now I’m off to read He’s not Mr. Perfect!

  8. Welcome back! I'm so glad your posting again. Looking forward to reading more B-L-I-N-D. I love that story so much!

    I also had a lot of struggles with fertility, and I totally get how it saps your energy to do anything else. I'm impressed you're back already. It took me until my kids were 4 until was able to get back to writing. Congrats!