Sunday, December 27, 2020

Santa Crush is FREE

 In case you missed my Grinch freebie, my Christmas novella Santa Crush is now FREE for a very limited time!

Callie Quinn has a crush.

The bad news: Callie has a crush on Santa. Or at least, she has a crush on the hot guy wearing the Santa costume at the mall.

The worse news: Callie is currently wearing The Ugliest Elf Costume on the Planet. (Complete with The Ugliest Hat on the Planet.)

The good news: The guy in the Santa suit thinks Callie’s the most beautiful elf he’s ever seen.

The worst news of all: It doesn’t matter. Because Santa’s got a secret. And he’ll hop a sleigh or hitchhike back to the North Pole before he’ll let Callie know what it is.

Get it now on Amazon!


  1. Merry Christmas.
    For a second I thought it is Sunday..maybe Anabelle will post sthg new ;)

    Sweet Angel

  2. Loved it. Keeping it around for yearly holiday reading.

  3. Thank you, one of my favorites I read on kindle