Thursday, February 23, 2023

LITT - Love in Troubled Times - Dani

 Hi Blog readers, 

So I posted the first chapter of my current WIP last week. Thanks to the few people who commented; it means a lot. 

I posted the second chapter today and realized it is so long. I almost made it into two parts. I hope that's okay. Just know, I'm still working on this story a lot, and due to its nature, topics, storyline, and taking place in another country, it has been keeping me very occupied for a long time, like probably about two years or so. The topic itself has been an interest of mine for many, many years. 

I've spent much time trying to put a story down that is as close to authenticity as possible. I'm trying to have a balance between explaining and not using terms that are too unfamiliar to you, my readers. I did add some footnotes, and unfortunately, you find them at the very bottom of the chapter, but they are there. If you have any other questions, please let me know. 

I know this story is different in a way, but then also still written in my "ways" and with types of characters that you are familiar with. I really hope you enjoy it, and I would love to know what you think, just to get an idea if what I'm doing here is not too weird. 

So, thank you for reading and giving me feedback. Again, this is still a work in progress and it's a challenge, but I hope it's still a story you enjoy. 

Here is 

Love In Troubled Times - Chapter 2



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